It's Not About Socialism or Marxism, It's About Money – Mike Church Show Exclusive Audio and Transcript

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  [mocking] Medicaid was created in 1965 as a cooperative federal-state partnership.  No, it was created as a way to fleece the productive, steal their money, and redistribute it to those that dont have it.  You see how I could just, and anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together, could just restate these acts of Congress for what they really are?  They arent intended to help the poor.  These are intended to implement full-scale Marxism. 

When the Marxism project lost its steam, the libtards figured, [mocking] Wait a minute, this is big business, dude.  All we got to do is go to a school thats located on the East Coast, preferably above the Mason-Dixon Line, one thats got some ivy growing around the bricks outside of it.  All we have to do is go to one of these schools, well have our kids go to these schools, and well raise them to become these people that the hoi polloi will call elites.  They will rule roughshod over the hoi polloi, but the hoi polloi wont be able to figure out its not really about power and its not really about Marx anymore, its about money.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is where youre missing the boat.  This is where the conservative project got off the rails.  This is not about socialism any longer.  This is not about Marxism any longer.  This is about money.  There are trillions of dollars at stake here.  The citizens of libtardia, they are quite happy and comfortable with their very wealthy stations in life, which have not been earned through any productive measures.  They have been earned, or rather they have been coerced, or they have coerced the funding for their stations of life, by using the power of government.  Thats the racket. 

This is the biggest crime family and the biggest crime ring in planet Earths history, the U.S. Congress, the entire federal edifice.  All the associated think tanks, all the 501(c)(3) organizations that claim to be non-profit, non-partisan.  If theyre so non-profit, how come their directors make millions?  If theyre so non-profit, how come contracts total into the tens of millions?  How come a consultant that works for one of these think tanks can live in some of the swankiest neighborhoods man ever devised, drive the finest cars man ever designed, eat the finest foods man ever cooked?  And they do it all without producing a g-damn thing, other than misery for those of us that actually do produce things.  You want to explain that one to me?  Its because its a racket.

You can throw this garbage that is constantly regurgitated, and there may be socialists in the current leftist movement, as Governor Palin so eloquently informed us of yesterday.  [mocking] Ya know, we have to be on guard with the Obamacare, ya know.  When the leftist media is going to serve all this stuff up to us, ya know, voters have got to get out there and act all votery because thats what voters do, ya know.  As long as the voters are acting all votery and paying attention to votery things, ya know, we can defeat these socialist leftists.

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    It's Not About Socialism or Marxism, It's About Money – Mike Church Show Exclusive Audio and Transcript TheKingDude

Sarah Palin:  The leftist media, which is the dominant media in our society today because they protect President Obama, they will try to just dismiss the whole issue of it being deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, if thats the way this ends up.  Theyll try to just kind of divert attention from voters and theyll move onto other issues.  So its very important that voters stay focused on the fact that, if it is deemed unconstitutional, that President Obama, who claims to be some constitutional scholar, would try to cram down Americas throat this idea that big, centralized government would be able to usurp not only the will of the people, but constitutional, enumerated, limited powers of federal government.  So the voters need to be very careful in watching what the media, the leftist media, will try to play them, no matter which way the ruling goes.

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Mike:  Seriously.  Again, this is another one of these projects of the conservative movement here.  Were going to get rid of or were going to out all these evil actors in the leftist liberal media.  How is that working out for us?  Lets see here, 40 years, probably a couple hundred — well, its more than a couple hundred.  Probably tens of billions of dollars donated and sent to this cause and well keep track of them here, have statistics on all the things that they do.  How has it worked out?  To me, thats setting the wrong targets again.  [mocking]  But, ya know, you voters have got to act all votery, ya know, and get out there and voterize.  As long as youre voterating and youre acting all votery, well, youre voterating and you can voterifify.  If you voterifify, ya know, then the leftist media cant control you.

If you actually had universal suffrage — just imagine this.  Whats suffrage?  Its an 18th-Century word for voting.  The reason it was called suffrage was because not everyone could do it.  There were qualifications.  There are no qualifications anymore.  You cant even ask for an identification when you go vote.  Imagine if you actually had — why doesnt the Congress and the geniuses in the state legislature, why dont they mandate voter participation?  That way when we have [mocking] Ya know, voters acting all voterifiky, ya know, and voterifying, then 100 percent of the votes are always in.  Voter turnout is not left up to the individual.  Why not have a voter mandate?  Then you may actually get to the bottom of all this and find out that your neighbors, friends, family, coworkers arent very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. 

As a matter of fact, theyre probably very happy with it.  Again, as long as the iPhones work, as long as the EBTs can be used to pay for them, as long as someone else can foot the bill for this, as long as the government schools — they say Mussolini famously made the trains run on time — as long as the school bells still ring at 8 a.m. every morning, as long as the public streets are still public and can still be traversed, as long as there are sporting events on television in all manner, insulting and defamatory garbage served up as entertainment, I wager to you that your average American person out there is not very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. 

Again, and I talked about this in the first hour, here we are watching these nine guys in black robes ostensibly deciding the fate of all of our liberties and what have you.  During the American Revolution in 1776, there wasnt a court hearing on whether or not there would be mass acts of secession, universal acts of secession.  [mocking]  Mike, dont say the s word.  Youre not allowed to say that.  Well, I just did because thats what it was, mass acts of secession from the British Empire.  During ratification of the Constitution, there were no court battles over this.  There were ratification debates, conventions.  People met. 

Then Pendleton, the famous founder, godfather to many like Jefferson and young Jimmy Madison, famously began the Virginia ratification convention by saying something to the effect, We are assembled here on behalf of a great people, the people of Virginia.  If you lived in a state, you lived in a country.  Its not like that anymore, unless youre talking sports team, as I pointed out three weeks ago on this show.  The only affinity that people have left to thei
r states, the only loyalty they have left to their states, are in the colors that make up the state university.  That may sound harsh, but when you stop to ponder it, you will concur, or at least youll partially concur. 

So it seems to me that putting the eggs in the basket — [mocking]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – The 20-year resistance against the "liberal media" isn’t working.What has it gotten us? More debt, race relations haven’t improved, warshaven’t stopped, and they’re still here in about the same quantity asthey were 20 years ago. The point is, instead of making enemies of themand giving them validation by watching them or quoting them, just stop.Stop watching them, pretend as if they do not exist because they have no real power over your life.

It all comes down to Obama.  No, it doesnt.  It all comes down to being able to convince enough people to become sovereign.  If you had an effort once upon a time to have a revolution and to break free of one tyrannical power, it seems to me its about high time there was another revolution to break free of this one.  That seems to me, from where I sit, from my study of history, where the future lies.

Trying to fix this thing is, to me, a waste of time now.  Ill still participate in it with you as long as youll have me, but I think were wasting and squandering our energy by not planning ulterior action.  Whether that be through your state legislatures, whether that be through individuals that want to congregate together and in unison, from many different states, ask state legislatures to do something on their behalf, I dont know. 

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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