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It’s True, Red Staters Are Actually LESS Likely To Produce Bastards! – The Mike Church Show: EPSIODE 487

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Mandeville, LA – The Media Industrial Complex Gift To Their Liberal Vanguard: Guilty! Till proven Innocent – The basis of western, common law is “innocent until proven guilty” whether that be by a court, tribunal or council. Note that the “western” part of that common law came about through centuries of pagans being converted to Christianity (Joan de Arc notwithstanding). Now the Media Industrial Complex has a problem: those they have elevated as gods and saviors of humanity, fascism peddling liberals, turn out to be lustful abominations against that Christian order that is still valid in the minds of a majority of the population. A Scooby-Doo sized “ruh-roh, Raggy” moan is now being heard all across the MIC’s halls of justice with the never-ending list of boors, rapists and pederast sodomites becoming an Atlas-Shrugged sized shoulder monkey. Stella Morabito has a nice summary of this tragic-comedy unfolding in front of us including this:

“When we deceive ourselves into believing that moral standards are a pick-and-choose proposition, we end up in a tangled dystopia in which there soon will be no due process or rule of law for anyone.”

Of course, some of us were never deluded into thinking that acting all pagan-y would produce anything other than the pederasts and lately, transgenderMamy’s now rising to their zombified rule.

Red State Blitz. It’s True, Red Staters Are Less Likely To Sacrifice Children To Fake Gods! – Mark Twain is mistakenly quoted as having once said: “There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics”. Sometimes the statistic part is used as proof of something that cannot be proven in nature, like the natural occurrence of children who are the progeny of the transgenderMammy. Now comes some interesting research on the makeup of ‘Murican families when Red State vs Blue State and political party affiliation is considered. Lo and behold, those who live in Red States and are registered Republicans ARE less likely to become the parents of bastards or houses of sodomite worship. Here’s just one chart from the study.

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