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Jefferson Isn’t Just For Liberty Anymore: Bourbon Advice From Mike Church

todayAugust 12, 2012 3 8

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A listener, Andrew Moore writes:

Hello Mike,
As I consider you my political guru and responsible for my unplugging from the matrix I seek further guidance from you.
Which of the Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbons would you recommend? In what manner would you suggest to properly imbibe your recommendation? Thank you for your sage advice.

Prithee peace,
Andrew Moore

Response: Andrew, Jefferson’s Reserve is one of the best bourbon whiskeys there is so you’ve made a good choice. Jefferson’s comes in 3 varieties with the Presidential Select being the most rare.  I never had the pleasure of experiencing the Presidential Select but I have notched no less than a few dozen bottles of the other two styles the “Jefferson’s” and the “Jefferson’s Select”. Of course the first cardinal rule of bourbon drinking is to recognize that you are about to sip what took 12-20 years to produce so you do NOT want to mix it with something that took 8 seconds in a factory outside Atlanta. Proper sipping for gentlemen therefore requires nothing more than an elegant “rocks glass”. I prefer to sip mine straight up, sample and smell the blend, then proceed with 4-6 cubes of of ice, rinse and repeat. For Scotch whiskeys I NEVER use ice because ice dilutes that peat aroma and finish too much. If you’re wondering, I don’t dwell on a glass of Bourbon so the ice doesn’t have a chance to melt.

Find Jefferson’s Reserve near you.

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

Written by: TheKingDude

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El Jefe

While the Jefferson series of Bourbons are very good indeed, I tend to prefer anything produced from Buffalo Trace (to me, there ain’t a bad one). I particularly enjoy the William Larue Weller that is part of their ‘antique’ line that is released once a year. A lot of friends prefer the George T. Stagg, of which both are ‘barrel proof’, I find the Weller more to my liking.

Now, if we’re talking rye whiskey, then there’s Hirsch, Rittenhouse 25-year old and Thomas Handy. Just don’t serve me the rot-gut Old Overholt they server at the Napoleon House in ‘Nawlins. Bartender told me they had won awards for their Sazerac cocktails made with that swill and I had to ask if they were judged by people born with no olfactory sensation.

As for cigars: Ramon Allones Corona Gigantes, Cohiba Behike 54 or Partagas Lusitanias are my preference. The go perfectly with any of the above mentioned whiskies (or any Islay Scotch as well). Just don’t get on your high horse about ’em being Cuban. We all buy goods from China and Viet Nam, right? The ‘Trading With The Enemies Act’ is a fallacy. Why? Did we declare war on Cuba sometime in the past nearly 50 years and I was made aware of this? Besides, we pump more money into Venezuela…

Michael Meehan

I’ll have to peruse the local purveyors of fine spirits for some of this Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon. I am currently enjoying some Maker’s Mark with an Alec Bradley Vice Press 6T4 Cigar on the patio. My higher end selection also tends toward Woodford Reserve as another commenter mentioned. I’m sometimes disappointed with people who ask what I like to drink, and when I tell them “Bourbon” they get Jack Daniels….it’s not bad Whisky, it’s just not Bourbon. For a real change of pace, try some Balcones True Blue or Baby Blue blue corn whisky, it’s made by a small batch distiller in Texas, the corn taste really comes through, and it has a character similar to tequila to my palate.


Mike, another good recommendation is Garrison Brother’s Bourbon. It’s made in a small distillery right in the middle of the Texas hill country (Hye Texas), right around the corner from my compound. I’m always looking and listening for those drones…haha. Enjoy!

blockade runner

Mike you might enjoy trying Rebel Reserve, Rebel Yell’s single barrel, small batch bourbon. Alot like Woodford Reserve for less money, and of course ya gotta dig the name. Only one problem, ‘quoting S. Houston, in the movie remake ‘Alamo’ ” ….it’s so smooth, i’m not sure how you’re supposed to know it’s bad for ya.” I consider it ‘medicinal liquor’ for when i’m sick and tired. Also, have you ever tried ‘apple pie’ moonshine flavored to taste just like…yep ‘apple pie’ Only one probl

David Junkin

Jefferson’s Reserve is a fine sipping bourbon. It goes well with a fine cigar. I highly recommend in investing in whiskey stones (soap stones that are used to chill the whiskey without imparting any change in the flavor in the fine spirit).

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