John “Bombin'” Bolton’s Appointment Cancels Trump Campaign Promises On War

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Mike Church says that the appointment of “Bombin'” Bolton makes him a #NeverTrump’er and make Trump’s campaign promises about ending “stupid wars” a lie.

Mandeville, LA – Mike returns to the CRUSADE Channel after a 1 day hiatus for R&R after the annual Hogs For The Cause fundraising festival. Greg “JunkBond” Carpenter, host of Reverse Deception Radio joins Mike in-studio to continue their disapproval (from Friday’s show) of President Trump’s selection of “ambassador” John Bolton as his NSA. The LePanto Institute’s Michael Hichborn joins the duo for his regular Tuesday report and this one is a must listen about last weekend’s REC in Los Angeles, a heretic hoedown of Beazelbubian proportions as published at LePanto Institute’s site!

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Hogs For The Cause 2018

Mike Church was inducted into the “Hog of Fame”

Hogs For The Cause raised almost $1.5 Million this year



In house special guest: Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

  • Gregory’s interpretation of Hogs – become a bunch of “professional” cooking teams competing for trophies.
  • No complaints, it’s just the charm of the small charitable event has gotten “out of scale”.

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HEADLINE: John Bolton Is The National Security Advisor Trump Has Been Waiting For by Paul Bonicelli

  • America as Guarantor of Global Stability – what the heck is that? So we are in charge of the entire plant of Earth.
  • Stabilizing Mars and the Moon next



 HEADLINE: Is Trump Assembling a War Cabinet? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • John Bolton – if this is truly the guy Trump has been waiting for, then Trump lied when he ran for President.
  • When did America get the right to determine what regime is in charge of other countries?
  • We have been doing this since the Spanish/American war. We invaded 16 countries for bananas.

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Back to Headline: Patrick J. Buchanan

  • Pearl Harbor attack, they were targeting all military targets.




HEADLINE: Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News by Paul Gottfried

VIDEO: Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm

  • Emma Gonzalez – wearing a Cuban flag on her jacket asking us throw out parts of our Constitution
  • These children are being used as pawns for a political agenda and they don’t even know it. If they do know it, they don’t care and just want their 15 minutes of fame.


HEADLINE: We Renounce The Old World by Charles J. Chaput



Caller Kres from Toronto –

  • Putin and Western secular democracy


Caller Dan from Canada –

  • Christian Zionism isn’t this dual covenant theology?
  • Didn’t Jesus come for both the Jews and Gentiles?
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HEADLINE: Bain: Collision Of Demographics, Automation, And Inequality Signals Societal Catastrophe by Tyler Durden  

  • “the combination of a demographically shrinking workforce plus increasingly cost-effective automation will aggravate inequality, constrain demand, and put a cap on economic growth.”
  • What’s going to happen to the middle class?



Back to caller Dan from Canada –

  • Reverse Deception – some sort of pipeline ran through Aleppo etc (the ones the Russians want to build)
  • Ask Glenn Beck about defending Isreal

Back to Headline: Charles J. Chaput






Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

  • I would be embarrassed  HEADLINE: What I saw at the (w)REC in LA by Michael Hichborn
  • USAID and contraception presentation Population Control from last year.
  • populationconference.com (all presentations are available for a fee)
  • Principle point of the speech – USAID was created 1966 but founding principle of USAID was population control. They wanted to suppress the growth of these countries.
  • Poverty Inc. movie Michael Matheson Miller
  • Iben Thranholm – interview after Russian elections
  • The Enlightenment led to the downfall of the monarchy
  • Sodom and Gomorrah – destroyed by fire
  • God said he would never destroy Earth again by flood but he said nothing about fire.
  • https://www.cathlogic.com/
  • Valid confessions, firm purpose of amendment
  • Streamline international standard for humanitarian responses.
  • CRS – contraception promotion/in handbook
  • “Church of Judas”
  • Elevate love of the poor over Jesus
  • Abandonment on the cross
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