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Join The New Christendom’s Committees of Correspondence & Resist The Biden Regime’s Edicts

Here is the conclusion to the introduction of a very detailed chronological list of the actual letters and pamphlets exchanged between the then 13 colonies and their Committees of Correspondence. To join the New Christendom’s Committees or offer to begin one in your area, contact me via email on!

When our Founders left their seats at the First Continental Congress, the future was uncertain. Many representatives wanted reconciliation with the mother country while a small, but growing minority thought independence necessary. Despite these disparate views, one aspect was clear: the colonies would no longer struggle in isolation. What was done could not be undone: the declarations shared in town hall meetings about what it meant to be American could not be unheard; the pamphlets passed from hand to hand citing the natural rights of men could not be unseen; the letters sent from colony to colony promising allegiance to one another could not be unwritten. These were the contributions of the American colonial committees of correspondence: they forged a network of solidarity that encountered British oppression, explored unity, and exchanged visions of the future that would become the foundation of our nation. – Ben Warford Johnson

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