Jonah Goldberg Wants to Return Power to Local Governments!? – Mike Church Show Exclusive Transcript

todayMarch 21, 2012

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Mike can’t believe what he’s reading! Jonah Goldberg, Decepticoncontributor for Brett Baier and the National Review Online, actuallywants to return to power to the local governments! He wants todisempower the national elite!? Did this guy finally take the FoundersRed Pill or did he just have an "off" day? Check out today’s transcriptfrom the Mike Church Show for more.


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I literally almost spewed coffee across the room this morning when I read Jonah Goldbergs column, his piece in todays LA Slimes.  This is quite amazing here.  Heres the headline: Goldberg: To Heal Government, Go Local.  Wait a minute.  I can name that song in two notes.  Ive heard this somewhere.  Where have I heard this?  Heres the sub-headline: The best solution to our current mess might be disempowering the national elite and allowing more decision-making at the state and local levels.

Well, if you change the arrangement of the words here, and if you change what is implied in the sub-headline here, theyre onto something.  What I mean to change whats implied in the sub-headline is, you dont have to disempower the national elite.  The national elite have illegally seized powers.  All that is necessary to get rid or to do an end around the national elite is to tell them no, which is why I brought the Florida case up.  Just tell them no.  You dont have jurisdiction here.  You dont run our town.  You dont run our county.  Get out!  Its pretty simple stuff here.  

Goldberg is onto something.  Im encouraged by this.  Lets read the first couple paragraphs.  The bleating about broken government — if you dont know who Jonah Goldberg is, he is a frequent contributor to Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News.  He is a writer.  He is one of the online editors, I believe, of National Review Online.  There are a couple other magazines that he writes for.  He is what I would call your basic boilerplate decepticon.  So for someone like Goldberg to be saying maybe the solution doesnt lie in our almighty, all-knowing, all-seeing supreme beings in Mordor and the Potomac River, maybe they dont have all the answers.  Maybe?  You think?  


The bleating about broken government and partisanship continues.  Why cant those boobs in Washington agree on anything?  Were constantly told that the way to fix the country is to dethrone the left and right and empower the middle.  Handing things over to these middling mincers and half-a-loafers — Americans Elect, No Labels, the gangs of six or 14, conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans — is supposed to be the answer to all of our problems.

But what if the real compromise isnt in forcing the left and the right to heel?  What if instead the solution is to disempower the national elites who think theyve got all the answers?  Federalism, the process whereby you push most political questions to the lowest democratic level possible — to states, counties, cities, school boards — has been ripe on the right for years.  It even had a champion in Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Rep. Ron Paul still carries that torch.

[end reading]

Mike:  AG, thats the first time Goldberg has ever given Ron Paul any props.  Jonah, dont forget about your friendly neighborhood republican web swinger out here.  Theres somebody else and a few other people that have been promoting this concept for a decade now, and some long before I have been promoting it for decades, and some long before them have been promoting it for centuries.  See Jefferson, see Taylor of Caroline, see Mason, see Patrick Henry.  Now I continue.


Federalism is simply the best political system ever conceived of for maximizing human happiness.  A one-size-fits-all policy imposed at the national level has the potential to make very large numbers of citizens unhappy, even if it was arrived at democratically.  In a pure democracy, I always say, 51 percent of the people can vote to pee in the cornflakes of 49 percent of the people.

[Mike:  Ive never actually put it like that, but that sounds really familiar, too, doesnt it?]

Pushing government decisions down to the lowest democratic level possible — while protecting basic civil rights — guarantees that more people will have a say in how they live their lives.  More people will be happy, and the moral legitimacy of political decisions will be greater.

The problem for conservative and libertarian federalists is that whenever we talk about federalism, the left hears states rights, which is then immediately, and unfairly, translated into bring back Bull Connor.  

But that may be changing.  In an essay for the spring issue of Democracy Journal, Yale law professor Heather Gerken offers the case for A New Progressive Federalism.  

[end reading]

Mike:  Jonah, dont buy these hacks and their phony claims of a new progressive federalism for one iota.  This is why I say this: progressivism is a cancer.  It consumes everything in its sphere.  Then when its eaten everything in its sphere, because it is a parasite, it has to go looking for new hosts.  Where does it find them at?  It finds them in nearby surrounding communities.  Lets take them over, too.  They pull the Homer Simpson.  Then the progressives gobble up whats next to them.  

Then the parasitic disease must continue to live, so then it needs to find a new food supply.  Then it goes to the next county and the next state.  Pretty soon, theyve now consumed the entire federal leviathan.  It is a monster.  It is a living, breathing organism that needs food, other peoples money and the power to lord over other peoples money to survive.  So a progressive federalism is an oxymoron.  It cant exist because they have no intention and no desire to occupy their own sphere.  Youve got to understand this.  

This is why I say if you nitwits in New York and California and New Jersey, if you want to do all those grandiose things with your little state, and in Illinois and all these places, if you want to have all these experiments, if you think confiscating and redistributing all this wealth and having all these top-down mandates from your almighty masters on high in Albany and Trenton and Sacramento and Springfield, if you think thats the way to go, God bless you.  You go ahead and do it.  You leave us out of it.  We dont want anything to do with you.  Youre not coming in here.  When you screw up, were not going to bail you out.  [mocking]  Theyre gonna get a bailout, arent they?  Not from us.  This is a key point to understand in this, folks.  

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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