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Al Gore and Global Warming –

  • Remember when it was called Global Warming?
  • Now it is called Climate Change.
  • Remember when they tried a massive Carbon Tax?
  • The Democrats had control of the House at the time but it still failed.

HEADLINE: More than 1,000 drivers stranded in Colorado Springs area, Gov. Polis declares state of emergency as bomb cyclone paralyzes Front Range by Tom Roeder & Ellie Mulder

  • Around the same time, northbound Interstate 25 was closed near North Nevada Avenue while police officers tried to get 50 to 100 stuck vehicles turned around and off at East Woodmen Road.

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11:17 HEADLINE: Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’ by Robert Kraychik








HEADLINE: Rise-ing Towards Peak Hypocrisy by Rod Dreher

  • I’m reading this just shaking my head.
  • Tweet from Anand Giridharadas – Tfw when you want to empower poor people through your impact fund to achieve any of their dreams — any of their dreams except for taking the college seat they have earned but that you want reserved for your kid.
  • What an irony!
  • More from Twitter – Anand Giridharadas – An amazing video of Bono sitting next to Bill McGlashan, not knowing the college-bribe scandal to come. Bono seems desperate to speak the businessman’s language. They are fluent in Doing-well-by-doing-good-ese. This guy was the face of impact investing.
  • They are so star-spangled awesome and smarter than us, they know how to disperse their money. THEY know who needs help. THEY cannot rely on the government to do that for them.























Special Guest Joseph Pearce

Author of so many books we cannot list them all here…but be sure to go to the Founders Tradin’ Post #CatholicCorner for the BIG PEARCE BOOK SALE

  • I am managing to layoff the booze this lent.
  • As my wife will tell you, God has the power of multiplying time.

HEADLINE: Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? by Joseph Pearce

  • #MiserableLoser
  • QUESTION: Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?
  • “This transcendent aspect of beauty is present to an even greater degree in the primal art of Creation. When we see a sunrise, or leaves washed with sunlight, we know that we are experiencing something beautiful that reflects something that is also good and true. And such knowledge transcends our preferences, prejudices and opinions. This can be illustrated through the employment of an imaginary experiment.”
  • EXAMPLE: “Let’s imagine that we put a Muslim, a Protestant, a Catholic, a Buddhist and an atheist in a field in the middle of the night. Let’s now imagine that we sit them down so that they are all facing east. As dawn approaches, they will see the sky change from black to an indigo shimmering with the barest hint of rose. The rose-coloured hue will then spread across the sky in blushing shades of red. Perhaps they will then see the sun rising above the horizon in resplendent white. Perhaps for a minute or so, as it turns from white to red, they can look straight at it. It is only as the dazzling orb turns to gold that they must avert their gaze. As this magnificent work of art metamorphoses before their eyes all of those present, irrespective of their religious and philosophical preferences and prejudices, will know that they have experienced the kiss of beauty and will be glad. Echoing the words of Peter to Jesus at the Transfiguration they will know that it is good that they are there.”
  • A mid-summer sunrise – beautiful colors from white, to yellow to red.
  • Little bit shocked that at the edge of Georgia there is a jungle or desert.
  • MIKE – I’m taking a college history course through the St. Augustine Institute – The Creation Story.
  • JOSEPH – The order in which the story of creation is told. As we experience the Earth revolving, back then there was no Earth per say so there was no 24 hour day.
  • Our Lady of Walsingham – Caroline Farrow and myself both now have a devotion to her.
  • We can’t always be running around with PigPen dark clouds over our heads.
  • It is our job through the struggles to be a WITNESS.
  • We witness best in adversity!
  • That is when we are the most powerful witness.
  • We gain Heaven through wisdom and grace

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HEADLINE: The fight for Brexit is only just beginning by Brendan O’Neill

  • One voted against then resigned.
  • It seems like the only thing we can get governments to agree on is to kill babies!
  • We can’t get them to agree on anything else but killing babies, they will make laws and pass them within the same hour.
  • This is a lack of courage, straight up.
  • This is a lack of REAL men and too many women.
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The Keystone State –

  • What state is nicknamed the Keystone state?
  • QUESTION: Why is Pennsylvania called the Keystone State?
  • ANSWER: A keystone is a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other pieces in place; it is a stone on which the associated stones depend for support. Geographically, Pennsylvania’s central location along the arch of the 13 original states calls to mind a keystone. Politically, Pennsylvania played a vital role in holding together the states of the newly formed Union.
  • #LeeResolution

BACK to HEADLINE: The fight for Brexit is only just beginning by Brendan O’Neill

  • If America was a Kingdom, we could have a worse King than Trump.
  • I wouldn’t mind having a Trumpian Monarch.
  • Daniel Rabourdin – explained to us that the Yellow Vest are the GOOD guys.
  • BRINO – Brexit in name only
  • The 4 Final Things
  • What are you going to back the bus up and run over Luther? WATCH!

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 HexFest Rosary Rally in reparation in New Orleans

Special Guest Michael Whitcraft from the TFP

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property

The Coming Chastisement – Whitcraft’s Speech

  • To see those young men dressed so well, handsome, bright and well mannered young men…it is amazing.
  • We have always been very attractive to the youth.
  • People think you need to water down your message to reach the youth but you don’t. They want to be heroes, they want to preach the message of God.
  • In the 40’s our founder read about the revelations of Our Lady of Fatima
  • She defines what the moral crisis is. The ERRORS of Russia. PLURAL, atheism, secularism, sodomy, abortion all of these were errors of Russia.
  • Most people assume errors of Russia only deals with Communism.
  • To sure up the errors where they reach their fullest expression so to say.
  • The children who made these predictions, they didn’t know anything of the modern world. Lucy went around looking for a little girl named Russia! They were so blind to current affairs they had no idea Russia was a country.
  • Presidents still end their talks with “God Bless America”. You don’t see that in other countries, only in America.
  • No-fault divorce was introduced in Communist Russia.
  • In the 20’s you could get a LEGAL abortion.
  • They were the first to legalize sodomy!
  • In an effort to BOOST their population, they then made abortion ILLEGAL and SODOMY only b/c their population numbers were so low.

3 Things We Can Look For – Coming Chastisement

  • 1st aspect is An Escalation of Chaos – we are already suffering natural punishment, sin. This is a result of our own sinfulness. This will only escalate. So the social and cultural chaos is only going to escalate.
  • John Horvat talks about chaos that is promoted. B/c the soul is saturated with evil and it begins to crave more and more evil.
  • This chaos we see, it is okay to identify it, but don’t let it be what controls your life.
  1. 2nd thing we can expect of this chastisement is it will be Terrible in It’s Intensity
  • The Lamb of God, they all know this but they forget He is also a Lion!
  • The punishment can never repay the sinfulness of humanity.
  • We will not repay God for our offenses, but there has to be a certain proportionality.
  1. This chastisement must Effect The Entire World
  • I don’t mean to sound down trodden there are pockets of great Catholics. But there are NO towns that you will not find a sinful, evil pocket as well.
  • Localized chastisements have not been sufficient to covert mankind.
  • Michael Reads – about Tsunami
  • So this disaster brings to light that the island is a piece of paradise, NOT that we need to repent etc
  • Not wanting chastisement b/c of children not being right with God.
  • You cannot delay the coming of God for any one person.
  • When God brings the chastisement one of the focus is the CHANGING or conversion of these children!

HEADLINE: How to Fight the Coming War by Damien Peterson

  • There is no conservatism that doesn’t pass through that.
  • Joseph Pearce – The Church – she always looks like she is losing but the fact is she will never lose the war!
 “As the world spins, the Church stands!” 

  • “Fatima Chastisement will Be Gods Intervention” – by Michael Whitcraft

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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