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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript –”There is a pattern that is emerging here.  The pattern that is emerging here has a consistency to it.  Anytime there is a consistency, that to me suggests strategy and planning.  My take on this, and I want to get your expert take on this, is, all of these protests and all of this violence and insanity and this unwillingness to have any intercourse whatsoever with people because you disagree with them, especially if you say that you’re good and they’re evil, or you say that you’re evil and they’re good, this is part of the weapons system that is the cult of death.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I know you’re familiar with, as most well-read people are, Dr. Charles Murray.  Dr. Murray, last Thursday, goes to Middlebury College in Vermont.  This is an event that was instigated, we find out, by a group of students at Middlebury College called the American Enterprise Institute Club.  They’re the ones that got one of their professors to invite Dr. Murray to go give the speech.  I’m not going to get into all the details here.  We know what happened, and I talked about it for two hours yesterday.  This is a moment of consequence here.  People tend to pooh-pooh these things and say, [mocking] “Well, that’s just a bunch of weirdos at Middlebury, a bunch of whackos at Berkeley, a bunch of loons at [insert college here].”

There is a pattern that is emerging here.  The pattern that is emerging here has a consistency to it.  Anytime there is a consistency, that to me suggests strategy and planning.  My take on this, and I want to get your expert take on this, is, all of these protests and all of this violence and insanity and this unwillingness to have any intercourse whatsoever with people because you disagree with them, especially if you say that you’re good and they’re evil, or you say that you’re evil and they’re good, this is part of the weapons system that is the cult of death.  It just dawned on my yesterday after reading James Burnham that the cult of death is a weapons system.  What we’re seeing today is the logical end result of now an entire generation living their entire life, from cradle to young adulthood, steeped in the cult of death, that the weapons system has weaponized these kids.  That’s the reality.  That’s baked in now.  That’s the reality of what the future holds.  What do you say?

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Joseph Pearce:  Well, basically it’s an inevitable consequence of relativism.  If you don’t believe in an objective truth, what’s the point of discussing it?  It’s all about power.  It’s all about this is what I feel.  It’s all about what I’m feeling and what my friends feel, and we’re going to basically destroy anybody that gets in our way.  You can’t say: Let’s just talk about this.  What you feel, is it actually in accordance with what’s good for you, what’s going to make you happy, what’s going to make the rest of society happy, or is it actually destructive, self-destructive and destructive on a wider sociological level?  There’s no point talking about that because they don’t believe in truth.  It’s basically: Get out of our way or we’ll crack your skull.

The other thing you need to realize here is this is nothing new.  Secularism, for all of its lies about religions causing wars, has basically got more blood on its hands from the last century than any centuries before it regardless of whatever religion was in the ascendant at the time.  In other words, we’ve seen the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, the Fascist Revolution, we’ve seen China.  Basically wherever God is removed from the picture, we end up cutting each other’s throats.

Mike:  And it continues to happen.  This is what the cult of death has sown here, especially in most of Europe and certainly in the United States, and unfortunately in other places as well.  That is, that life is – because we’re going to find life on other planets

and prove someday that there is no God, so there is no God.  There’s no sense wasting your time looking for him.

Pearce:  Right.  Again, none of these people address the arguments for the existence of God.  None of them have actually addressed the philosophical arguments, the scientific arguments, the historical arguments, the theological arguments.  All of that is rational discussions that we could and should be having, a good, healthy discourse upon the fundamental things of life, one of which, of course, in fact the most fundamental thing of life, does God exist?  Because so many things follow on from that.  There is no rational discourse on it now.  It’s basically violence and dogma.  It’s ironic that they accuse Christians and religious people of being dogmatic.  Relativistic dogmatism is the deadliest of all.

Mike:  When you say relativistic dogmatism, this is a deeply-held belief that these people think that they must, in some sort of way honor, but it has no basis in the Christian world or in a –

Pearce:  What you do, you say – the relativists create the first line, which there’s basically only one: I believe there’s no absolute truth.  That’s their faith.  After that everything else follows.  So there’s no absolute truth, therefore there’s no God.  There’s no need to argue the fact, there’s no need to discuss the fact, no need to look at the evidence.  It’s a statement of blind faith.  These people hold dogmatic beliefs that they’re prepared to kill for without ever actually bothering to test them against reality.

Mike:  The test against reality would yield the result.  For example, St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that he could prove the existence of God from a piece of straw.  How many people are actually willing to sit down and read – Aquinas does do it.  He walks you through the steps.  He walks you through the steps of how a piece of straw proves the existence of God.  How many schoolchildren, other than the Pearce children, and the Simpson children, how many schoolchildren today will ever even be told that in the 12th and 13th centuries a monk, Thomas of Aquinas, actually proved the existence of God by the existence of a piece of straw?  This predates computers.  This predates all manner of mathematical calculation and formula.  All it took was a simple, beautiful little piece of straw.

Pearce:  Basically that’s the whole point.  It’s reason.  It’s reason.  Reason requires an engagement with objective reality.  Objective reality is something that’s outside your own ego, whereas relativism and narcissism basically extend to the reality in your ego.  It’s about me and my feelings and how I self-identify.  The god I make of myself or the cosmos I make of myself is all that matters.  There’s no need to test my beliefs with anything outside of myself.  What we have is this basically atomized, isolated, very lonely, ultimately very despairing culture.  This is the one thing we need to always bear in mind.  The culture of death is not sustainable.  It’s deadly, but ultimately it’s suicidal.  It’s actually killing itself.

You mentioned the Simpson children and the Pearce children.  I spent many, many, well, most of my life traveling around talking to Catholic families.  There’s a great deal of really good renewal out there, a renaissance going on.  These people understand reality.  They’re probably going to have relationships.  They’re probably going to have kids.  The culture of death is ultimately in the process of ripping itself apart.  Of course, it’s going to try to rip us apart at the same time, but only when it’s not too busy ripping itself apart, which is what it’s doing most of the time.

Mike:  I don’t know if you’re familiar with the work of James Burnham.

Pearce:  Yes.

Mike:  This was just revealed to me yesterday, was revealed at, Brother Andre Marie’s website.  It was in an essay that comes from – I was going through my stack.  He writes about “A Managed Conflict Apparatus” and the legacy of Louis Auguste Blanqui, another guy that I’d never heard of.  So I’m reading Professor Burnham, and it’s dawning on me as I’m reading this, as all truth does, that reason tells me that makes sense.  Reason tells me that that actually is true.  I can test this against the real world and see what Burnham was writing about and what he had identified.  He was talking about Soviet, Communist, socialist, fascist infiltrators.  What we’re talking about, we’re doing the exact same thing today, are about these cult of death, homosexual, transgender, pro-choice, pro-death infiltrators.  It may be said that the communist infiltrators, that their ultimate goal was, I think, the destruction and the end of the Roman Catholic Church.  Today, though, we should be able to with certainty say we know what the attack upon the family, upon marriage, upon children, upon all these things – ultimately that is an attack upon the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Christian faith itself.  That’s what they’re after.  What do you say?

Pearce:  Let’s face it, the reality is that the only force that’s been around for 2,000 years, that has stood against the culture of death has been the Catholic Church.  It is the enemy of the darkness.  Certainly the radical relativists today know that if they could destroy the Catholic Church, then basically the resistance to their agenda will be removed.  We are the resistance to their agenda.  We’ve been the resistance to their agenda for 2,000 years.  GK Chesterton said that the Catholic Church is the one continuous institution that’s been thinking about thinking for 2,000 years.  It’s also been fighting with [unintelligible] for 2,000 years.  It is a church militant.  That’s what we are, the Church on Earth as opposed to the Church in Heaven.  The church militant is the Church at war.  We are meant to be Miles Christi, soldiers for Christ.  They know who the enemy are.  The agents of darkness know where the light is and they want to snuff it out.  Thankfully we know that the gates of Hell won’t prevail.  There are many times in history where it looks as if the Catholic Church is finished.  The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, French Revolution, Protestant Reformation, there have been many, many times where it looks like the Catholic Church is finished.  Like its master, it always has this knack of rising from the dead.


Mike:  It does have its knack of rising from the dead.  Before you have to go, Saturday, in just a few days, we are going to gather together in Ponchatoula, Louisiana in Chesterton Square.  I think this is the 3rd annual Baton Rouge Chesterton Society’s annual Chesterton event.  You’re going to be speaking.  Are you going to be rambling and ad-libbing, or do you have a subject that they gave you?

Pearce:  I like rambling.

Mike:  I like it, too.  That wasn’t a knock.

Pearce:  What I normally do, I have some bullet point notes to make sure that I’m going in the right direction.  I don’t read a talk or anything.  I speak on the topic.  I’ve written basically one page of bullet points.  That’s the way I personally give talks.  I find that much more engaging for the audience and for my own mind.  It forces me to think on my feet than if I’m just reading something I’ve written.

Mike:  Are you going to tell the story about how – David Simpson told this to me.  I think you and he may have discussed it when you were on his show last.  Somebody asked Chesterton a question about some article of science.  It might have been photosynthesis or something like that.  Chesterton’s response was just so Chestertonian that it begs to be repeated over and over and over again.  His response was: Why do I have to know what photosynthesis is, that makes the grass green?  Why can’t I just continue operating with my belief that when the sun goes down and it gets really dark, there’s a bunch of fairies that come out and paint the blades of grass green?

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Pearce:  That got what it was intended to get, which is a laugh.  Chesterton is a great humorist.  Of course, we do need to insist, because Chesterton insisted, because he was a Thomist, the connection between faith and reason.  The way that God paints the grass green, the point is, we should be able to see photosynthesis as something elven, that has the magic of the elves about it.  How does nothing become something that paints things green through a process which science has labeled, and the label is not important, photosynthesis?  Basically there’s a miraculous thing that happens because no one knows how it came into being.  We know what it does.  We don’t know how it came into being.  There’s this magic that goes on where God paints the grass and the trees green.  The method by which he does it science has labeled photosynthesis.  That’s the paintbrush, but we still have the artist.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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