Joseph Pearce – Do Black Lives Really Matter?

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#EXIT-stage-[r]ight_3Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “The fact that most of these abortions take place – most of these executions, let me get this correct, are performed by a corporate entity.  You know it as Planned Parenthood.  There is one presidential candidate that believes Planned Parenthood is entitled to not only taxpayer funding but more taxpayer funding.  We could go on and on and on about the atrocities that are committed here.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  In today’s website, you write about Black Lives Matter.  I had not seen the statistics.  I knew that they were dire and grim, but I don’t think people really – it has to be a combination of apathy, because I don’t wish to think that fellow citizens would know of this holocaust and would not weep valleys of tears and do whatever is necessary to bring it to an end, and that is an astonishing statistic.  When we say that black lives matter, what about the 501 or so abortions that occur, to black women, per 1,000 live black births?  So do all black lives matter?

Joseph Pearce:  That was the purpose of my article really, the hypocrisy here.  Obviously we should be horrified by acts of racism, whether it comes from a white man or a black man or a man of any other color.  The point is, black lives don’t seem to matter to very many black people.  The abortion rate amongst the black population in this country is much, much higher than it is amongst other races.  As you say, one-third of all black women that get pregnant abort their children.  We need to address this issue.  We should be addressing this issue.  Again, in the light of Hillary Clinton’s words, do black lives matter when in the womb?  Evidently not.  I think we have an element of hypocrisy on the part of both the liberals and certain sections of the black community.  If black lives matter, then they should start putting their own house in order.

Mike:  They most certainly should.  The fact that most of these abortions take place – most of these executions, let me get this correct, are performed by a corporate entity.  You know it as Planned Parenthood.  There is one presidential candidate that believes Planned Parenthood is entitled to not only taxpayer funding but more taxpayer funding.  We could go on and on and on about the atrocities that are committed here.  The fact that blacks in the Democrat Party, the ones you see speaking at conventions, the ones you see haranguing and marching in these lines whenever there’s a shooting, you can’t find them with a search warrant.  They’re nowhere to be found around any of these abortuariums.  There are some.

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To be fair, there are some.  I have seen them, a few Southern Baptist black ministers that I have seen.  It is just so one-sided as to be – it’s shocking.  My math earlier, folks, was a little off.  It’s 501 abortions per 1,000 live births.  Joseph got it right.  That means one-third, 33 percent of all pregnancies that occur among black women result in an abortion.  That is shocking!  What kind of a civilization – I’d say a civilization that can accept that and doesn’t see much wrong with it, doesn’t think that it needs to be addressed, is a civilization that is not going to be civilized for very much longer.

Pearce:  Also there’s an element here of hypocrisy and irony.  If one black person gets killed, they’re shot by the police whether innocent or guilty – we can argue about that, of course, separately – but it’s one life.  Yes, we should be horrified at the death of one life, especially if the one life is an innocent life, especially if it’s a consequence of racism.  We’re now talking about tens of thousands, millions of black lives that are being lost.  They’re all innocent lives because there’s nobody more innocent than an unborn child.  They’re being put to death.  The people that advocate black lives matter don’t think that those black lives matter.  There’s an irony there and an hypocrisy there.  Someone needs to point the finger.

Mike:  There are people pointing the finger, but they’re not of the right color.  They’re of the wrong party as well.  Finally today, a question for Joseph Pearce, the editor of the St. Austin Review.  I always get this wrong.  There’s a disagreement about this.  Is it a bimonthly or every-other-month publication?

Pearce:  It’s bimonthly.  I also get confused.  Bimonthly is a magazine that comes out every two months.  Biweekly is a magazine that comes out twice a month, so every two weeks.  At least that’s my understanding.  Either way, we can continue to be confused.  It comes out six times a year.

Mike:  If you search for St. Austin Review, you will find it online.  I am a paid subscriber, by the way.  Joseph, I get a chance to publicly thank you for offering to assist in writing the introduction for my republishing or Founding Father Films publishing / republishing of The English Reformation, which is quite a story in and of itself.  Thank you.

Pearce:  My honor.  It’s my honor to have been asked.  Thank you, Mike, for the invitation.

Mike:  Before you go, this phenomenon that has taken over the news headlines, consumes all the time that the major broadcast media networks have to spend covering news and covering elections, that is the candidacy of Donald Trump.  It’s quite a fascinating event.  I said this earlier.  It is the most fascinating American political event in my adult lifetime, and I was old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980, the first time I ever voted.  I was there for the Reagan Revolution.  I was there when Gingrich took over the Congress.  I was there when Clinton was elected.  I was there for 9/11.


I was there for Obama’s allegedly stellar election, which the great columnist for the London Times, Gerald Warner, accurately predicted this will all end in tears.  Boy was Warner correct.  I’ve seen it all.

I’ve never seen anything like the Trump phenomenon.  What I’d like to try to summarize with what’s going on with the Trump phenomena is, for the first time in most people’s adult life, Donald Trump and his candidacy, because he defies the filter that the elite broadcast media, the left as we call it, has placed upon all of the events that we digest through news.  He has defied that filter, and he has actually done what conservatives believe Ronald Reagan did.  [mocking] “Reagan went directly to the people.  He did an end-around around the media.”  I think that’s pretty much what Trump has done, but he’s done it in a manner that’s so bombastic and so hyperbolic that there is no comparison to Reagan.  To me, that’s what it is.  People for the first time are hearing: Wait a minute, there’s another way other than the two parties and that politicians can fix this?  Any take on the Trump phenomena?

Pearce:  Yes.  Basically I think it’s exciting, mainly in the sense – I don’t want to necessarily endorse Donald Trump.  I think the exciting thing here is, as you say, what we had in this country was a two-party dictatorship where you had to basically work through those two mega-party systems and mechanics and mechanisms and get the backing of the donors, of those mechanisms.  What we Veritas_earbuds_listensaw in this election, on both extremes actually, we saw a loose cannon let loose that really shook the establishment to the foundation.  The Republican side, of course, Donald Trump, and on the other side Bernie Sanders.  The Democrats weren’t defeated by their loose cannon, whereas the Republicans were defeated by Trump.

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We see the same thing happening, things you would not have believed were possible.  For instance, I was in the UK three years ago when the UK Independence Party got more votes than any other party in the British election.  For so long, it was basically oscillating between either Conservative or Labor, ad nauseam, forever and ever, with no sign of change.  Then you have this new party come through, UKIP, which blows things away and ultimately leads to Brexit, which also nobody would believe was possible.  As you look at the wide landscapes of Europe, I wrote something for Imaginative Conservative a few weeks ago, about the rise of the new white in Europe.  Again, this is sort of brushing the old, hackneyed, corrupt establishments to one side.  Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what’s brushing them to one side is good, but what is good is the shakeup.  It’s long overdue.

Mike:  I concur wholeheartedly.  That’s a great explanation.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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