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Judge Napolitano: Welcome To My World-The Sheople Do Not Care About Their Civil Liberties

todayJune 8, 2012

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Judge Andrew Napolitano asks “Where is the outrage” over the impending use of drones to spy on American citizens. He may do better asking his employer where the outrage is. Would Network new BENEFIT or suffer from thousands f news stories generated by DRONE RECONNAISSANCE?

24% now think the right to secede is legal – wow, its 100% legal for Soviets and Sudanese, nice to see Kentuckians catching up!

Rand Paul and Mitt Romney as a match made in Right Wing heaven!? Hardly, it would be disastrous for Romney though maybe momentous for Paul

Krauthammer does his best to shoot down any silly dismissals of the WI harbinger of Unionized doom

Who is John Galt – Senator Chambliss wants to know what Eric-protector and defender of civcil rights for all-Holder is doing to stop the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from waging false SWAT raids on outspoken opponents of the administration

The case for Rethinking the American Union deepens as the gap between the takers of property for public means as a good increases for those who see it as theft

European writers of good conscience have long been onto their central planner’s corporatist schemes and now openly hope for the end of that body that made possible Europe’s final chapter: The EU

Mish: BernYankMe treaded water saying “blah blah blu blu blah…blu blu bleh bleh blah bluh blah…” Congress and the markets ATE IT UP! Good enough for us! Spend..Spend …SPENDDDDDD!!! they huzzahed. Oh wait! there’s that infernal “fiscal cliff”..what should we do about it… nah…SPENNNDDDD!!!!

So you think you kept up with the Joneses in the first quarter of 2012!? Well, maybe you just kept up with the Joneses MUTUAL FUNDS secured by the currently up S&P (in other words-yer still screwed)

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Written by: TheKingDude

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