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Stormy Daniels Lawyer –

  • Instinct tells you this is all a set-up.
  • Back with Bill Clinton, sex had actually occurred. There was a case there. There simply isn’t a case here in the Kavanaugh situation.


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HEADLINE: Chuck Schumer: ‘There’s No Presumption Of Innocence’ For Brett Kavanaugh by Madeline Osburn

  • If Kavanaugh isn’t fit to sit on the SCOTUS, then why would he be allowed to go back to the appeals court?
  • Wouldn’t you want to finish the job of destroying this mans life?
  • No such motion or movement is even being talked about.

Guess What Day It Is? – HUMP DAY


 HEADLINE: Only Republicans Who Are Men Are Fit to Ask Questions at the Ford Hearing by Rich Lowry

  • What is the over/under on whether or not Ford will actually show up today?



Mike reads letter from Chuck Grassley to Senator Feinstein –

  • When the 4th letter arrived from hand picked witnesses that said it didn’t happen, this should have been dismissed.
  • Both parties have faced threats of intimidation and I have to take into account both parties.
  • Why shouldn’t Senator Feinstein face charges when this is done? She started this mess did she not?
  • Sidebar – of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas
  • I truly think she is not going to show up to testify on Thursday.
  • Brett Kavanaugh will definitely be there we all know he will as he has nothing to hide.


HEADLINE: Senate Judiciary hires female outside counsel to question Kavanaugh accuser on Thursday by Ariane de Vogue and Manu Raju

  • Did you ever see Brett’s boy parts?
  • She has so much to lose here. She is running the potential of becoming the laughing stock of the world tomorrow.

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HEADLINE: Hired to Drain the Swamp, Fired in Less Than a Year by Mark Perry

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Cox Wrong Song

  • No one picked up on Brett being chivalrous when asked about when he had sex for the first time.
  • What if it was her that was the 1st?
  • What if it wasn’t her that was his 1st?
  • This was the most gentleman like thing he could say.
  • Too much effort is being expended here.

Back to the Headline: Mark Perry

  • Trump administration’s $670 billion defense spending proposal




HEADLINE: Could The Catholic Church Collapse? by Rod Dreher

  • The Church itself is NOT going to collapse.
  • The bureaucracy will most definitely collapse.
  • The USCCB is a mimic of a corrupt horrid government. It needs to fail, that is NOT the Catholic Church.



 Caller Travis from Cincinnati –

  • Keep up the great work at VRN.
  • It is just so difficult to get people to do something, they are absolutely lazy.
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  • Online radio that is actually a great number.
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  • AQH = average quarter hour



Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest –

  • An occasion to practice the virtue of patience and show my loyalty to you.
  • Give me patience now!  LOL
  • St. Luke’s Institute for your psychiatric problems. (psychiatric means drugs)
  • The idea is Cardinal Cupich is on the only side of this.
  • St. Luke Institute Inc, Health Center in Silver Springs, Maryland

HEADLINE: Priest defies Cardinal Cupich, burns LGBTQ flag on church grounds by Mitchell Armentrout

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin – that Church was opened specifically for the queer. They made no bones about it. He was evil incarnate.

Windswept House – by Malachi Martin

  • The bad guys are at defcon 1
  • You have enemies within the gates who are constantly trying to open the gates and let the bad guys in.
  • You have enemies that make no bones about hating the Catholic Church and everything She stands for.
  • This has been going on since before Vatican II.
  • People have to not be stupid they have to realize the general causality.

HEADLINE: Why Ecclesiastical Homosexualism is Such an Issue by Brother Andre Marie

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Back To Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest –

  • Mike reads excerpt from Newsletter – “those of us that wish to build a Catholic America….”
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947 Featuring Danny Kaye
  • What good ‘ole days? Give me a date? Before the ink was dry the corruption began.
  • Keeping tradition is a noble thing to do and defending them is great but let’s not get rid of indoor plumbing.
  • Clerical Alternative Things – you cannot mistake that with your ‘real’ life.
  • God’s Providence – the main reason YOU can’t go back to the good ‘ole days is because that is NOT where God put you!
  • He put you HERE in this century for a reason.
  • The Church’s Liturgical Year – calendar (available in the St. Benedict Store)
  • It touches DAILY life!

HEADLINE: Read and weep: Soviet style “psych” tactics used against priests by bishops. by Father John Zuhlsdorf

  • Names they attach to a series of symptoms.
  • They weaponize this psychology stuff. They use it to remove good, devout Priest and seminarians.
  • This is the real clericalism = Priest thinking he is above it all. Thinking that b/c he is a Priest he is above the law.
  • If that is what clericalism is, then what we see going on now is in-fact clericalism.
  • Modernist Clericalism

3 Major Church Teachings –

  • Our Lord commands us to LOVE they neighbor NOT to have sex with them.
  • Matrimony is impossible between two members of the same sex because matrimony is for procreation.
  • If you accept contraception, you are saying infertile copulation is good. That is the essence of the sin of contraception.
  • Before the Church realizes how much they need people like you (Brother Andre and other devout clergy) everything will have to collapse. We must just preserve.
  • This could be the very mechanism to bring this down. If that is the case, then this is God’s providence.
  • The youth is where it’s at. We have to pass this tradition along to them.

ReConquest is part II ‘Diagnosing The Failed Mental Health System w/ guest: Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Pilgrimage for the next several days – The Eight North American Martyrs


HEADLINE: Why Conservatism Is Part of the Problem, Not Part of the Solution by Peter Kwasniewski

  • The New Testament – there is no conservatism that doesn’t conserve that social moral teaching.


Caller Bill –

  • Wanted to put a plug out there for the VRN and why it is so important.
  • I am a Founding Brother or higher.
  • The content app is absolutely a game changer!
  • Crusade Channel LIVE listening app and the Crusade Channel CONTENT app


Back to Headline: Peter Kwasniewski

  • That would be the end of Sister Mary Pantsuit


Back to HEADLINE: Rod Dreher

  • Remember he bailed when the Catholic Church started going through it’s trials.
  • I think he may be making a reversion.
  • He has to see that with all of this scandal there are still people flocking to the Faith.
  • Ultimately Grace is going to win out with Dreher.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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