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Kevin Gutzman Interview On Constitutionality of 9-9-9

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Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan IS Unconstitutional, Besides, "Who Is This Fellow?"

  • NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Professor Kevin Gutzman joins Mike to analyze whether or not the national sales tax portion of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is Constitutional? But the real highlight of the discussion is Gutzman wondering why people are so infatuated with a man they hardly know and whose signature legislative achievement would be the invention of a NEW Federal tax!? What could possibly be the motivation behind this and the infatuation with a former mayor who served 1/2 term as a governor (Palin), another 1/2 term governor, a real estate tycoon and a Congressman from Wisconsin? It boils down to one phrase and the phrase is NOT "serious about constitutional government."

    About Dr. Kevin Gutzman

    Kevin R. C. Gutzmans first book was the New York Times best-seller The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, an account of American constitutional history from thepre-Revolutionary days to the present. This work is unique in joiningthe fruits of the latest scholarship, a very readable presentation, and a distinctly Jeffersonian point of view. His second book, Virginias American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840, explores the issue what the Revolutionaries made of the Revolution inThomas Jeffersons home state. Most recently, he joined with New YorkTimes best-selling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., in authoring Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama.

    Professor Gutzman has edited new editions of John Taylor of Carolines Tyranny Unmasked and New Views of the Constitution of the United States, and his essay Lincoln as Jeffersonian: The Colonization Chimera appeared in editor Brian Dircks collection Lincoln Emancipated: The President and the Politics of Race.

    Kevins writing has appeared in The Journal of American History, The Journal of Southern History, TheJournal of the Early Republic , The Review of Politics, The AmericanConservative, National Review, Modern Age, Human Events, The UniversityBookman, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, World Net Daily, MilitaryHistory, The Charleston Post and Courier, The Journal of the HistoricalSociety,,, and many, many other publications. He has also written essays in 21 historical encyclopedias.

    Gutzman has appeared on well over 100 radio programs, including syndicatedshows such as The Michael Medved Show, the Janet Parshall Show, theCurtis Sliwa Show, and multiple programs on Air America, on SiriusSatellite Radio’s Mike Church Show (including as guest host), as well as on C-SPAN 2’s "BookTV," CNN’s "Lou Dobbs Tonight," and Fox News’s "The Glenn Beck Program." He has also been interviewed by reporters from the AP, the WashingtonTimes, the Philadelphia Enquirer, the Washington Post, and the New YorkTimes.

    Kevin Gutzman has served as technical advisor to two documentary CDs and onefeature film project. In addition, he was a featured expert in thedocumentary film John Marshall: Citizen, Statesman, Jurist."

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