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Kevin Gutzman on the 14th Amendment and Due Process

MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Check out today’s Post Show Show Free Preview with Kevin Gutzman discussing the 10th and 14th amendments, the incorporation doctrine, the due process clause, and the original intent of these amendments when they were ratified.  Check out the audio clip for more..

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Beth Talko

How can I explained the true meaning of the 2nd amendment to my kids? You have completely changed my understanding of it as I was taught. Thank you Mike. From someone who has completely changed their understanding of history thanks to you.

Herkimer Winooski

I have been stuck on the incorporation doctrine for too long. I don’t know why the clip doesn’t satisfy me. Could someone explain better what “the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States” are? How is the 2nd Amendment, for example, a privilege or immunity? How is it not?
I do not believe in incorporation but I can’t reconcile this.


The second amendment isn’t a privilege or an immunity it is a statement of a right reserved to the states that the general government may not abridge. The BOR was passed to secure further safeguards FOR the States (the People) FROM the General Gov’t. The preamble to the BOR says just that and everyone alive on the planet at the time knew it and accepted it as such. See Brion McClanahan’s excellent “Founding Fathers Guide To the Constitution” for a contemporary (c. 1788) explanation of the Constitution clause by clause including privileges and immunities.

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