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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I would say that during the eight years of the Obama presidency, many of us did a lot more praying than we’d ever done before.  Maybe we ought to give Obama some thanks for that.  Trumpzilla was at the Lincoln Memorial last night.  Bad choice of venues.  There is a lot of Lincoln worship going on out there.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I would say that during the eight years of the Obama presidency, many of us did a lot more praying than we’d ever done before.  Maybe we ought to give Obama some thanks for that.  Trumpzilla was at the Lincoln Memorial last night.  Bad choice of venues.  There is a lot of Lincoln worship going on out there.  There was a discussion yesterday in many media circles and social media outlets about who was the best president ever.  Somebody said president this, president that.  Somebody said it was President Franklin Delanobama Roosevelt, etc. etc.  I participated in a forum on the eve of Obama’s inauguration in 2013.  I was invited by Professor Brion McClanahan to rank – they gave us an online form.  I think it was through the ISI, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

This is when I knew I was somebody.  I was on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  When you’re an independent broadcaster, you’re a nobody these days, right?  I’m happy to be nobody.  I’m overjoyed to be nobody.  Back in the day when some people thought I was somebody and they used to talk to me – no names will be granted here, but some of you know those who no longer speak with yours truly because: He went weird and started his own internet radio.  By the way, it’s not internet radio; it’s radio that’s delivered – it’s a freaking radio station that just happens to be delivered over the internet.  It can also be delivered over a telephone line.  It can also be delivered over a cell phone, which, last I checked, Pandora – nobody thinks that Pandora is internet radio.  It’s radio.  It just happens to be delivered over the internet.  But let the slander occur as it may.

I was asked to participate in this ranking of the worst presidents, or presidents in order of achievements.  You would give your choice of who you thought was the best president and who you thought was the worst.  I’ll never forget this.  Kevin Gutzman chose President Tyler, John Tyler.  There was controversy over that.  [mocking] “I can’t believe that.  You’re kicked out of the league of Ivy League wannabe professors, Gutzman.  That’s it, you’ll never write in this town again, pal.”  Demanding to know why Gutzman had chosen Tyler.  I might suggest you go to my website,, today and look it up.  Search for worst presidents and you’ll find a transcript between Professor Gutzman and me.  He explains why he chose President Tyler.  Note that he didn’t choose President Jefferson.

In any event, it is undoubtable, not debatable, the worst president in the history of the planet was dishonest Abe Lincoln.  Don’t even argue with me.  Save your breath and your keystrokes.  It’s not worth debating.  If there is no Lincoln, then there is no – [mocking] “The worst president was President Johnson.”  That’s a Yankee carpetbagger – that’s an RSTLN and E Yankee carpetbagger that we hear all the time.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

[mocking] “That’s easy.  It was President Johnson.”  If there is no Lincoln, there is no Johnson, and it’s not necessary to have a Johnson, by the way.  If there is no Lincoln, then there is no force-fed Union.  There is no Southern states attached to the Union.  You and I then aren’t having the conversation that we’re having today.  If there is no Lincoln, then there’s no Teddy Roosevelt.  If there is, he has no power over the lands right down the street from here called the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge.  Why is it a national wildlife refuge?  Why isn’t it a Louisiana wildlife refuge?  Because of Teddy Roosevelt.

If there’s no Lincoln, there’s no Woodrow Wilson.  If I had to rank one and it wasn’t Lincoln, it would be Wilson.  Wilson is the one that got us involved in, got us drunk on war and on men meddling in the affairs of the rest of the countries of Earth.  If there’s no Wilson, then there’s no Hoover.  If there’s no Hoover, then there’s no need to elect Franklin Delanobama Roosevelt, and there probably is no Great Depression.  If there is, it’s limited to New York City.  It all goes back to Lincoln.  Lincoln is the lynchpin.  If there is no Lincoln, then all the rest of the disasters that occur, all the rest of the tyrannies, they may happen to the Northern people.  Of course, the Northern people may not view them as the tyranny that the rest of us view.  That’s the fact.

This adulation that comes up every four years when someone goes and speaks or when a president is inaugurated and they have these fancy schmancy balls and giant rock concerts or whatever other Hades-forsaken events they had last night at the Lincoln Memorial – then old dishonest Abe pictured everywhere, [mocking] “Oh, Abe, he saved our Union.”  No, actually he destroyed a Southern union of states and force fed the Northern union on the rest of the states.  Did we mention there were 843,000 people killed?  Did we mention that the concept of total war, which was foreign to the entire human race prior to William Tecumseh Sherman, now we’re possessed of  now total war and total war actions, total war theory.  You know what total war is?  You don’t take

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any prisoners.  They don’t get any quarter.  Screw you and your quarter.  We come in.  We don’t care if there’s noncombatants that get killed.  We don’t’ care if we destroy and raze entire countries, bomb things back into the stone ages.  Let’s burn a path from the middle of South Carolina through Atlanta, down to Savannah, and all the way to the sea.  Women and children in between, horses, cattle, burn them all.

Perhaps, though, ladies and gentlemen, on the day that President Donald J. Trump is to be inaugurated, some of these things may be undone.  I hold out very little hope that they will be undone save for one very important one.  I’ll say it again.  If Roe v. Wade is repealed, if Roe v. Wade is a thing of the past in four years, then the presidency of Donald J. Trump will be a success.  Millions upon tens of millions of souls will be preserved from the commission of the most grave mortal sins imaginable.  There’s something to that, folks.  Forget all the rest of you.  All the obsession over: I wonder if he’s gonna do this.  I wonder if he’s gonna do that.  Even my obsession over: Well, the military-industrial complex is gonna love this.  They are going to love it.

Here’s the warning, though.  In bad, dark times, strong leaders have more power.  Why?  Because people are fat, lazy, weak, and stupid.  They are likely to be hornswoggled.  People are more likely to be hornswoggled during times of strife than they are times of peace.  I want to play this clip.  I stopped the CSPAN this morning.  The re-run of Trump’s little speech last night was on the CSPAN.  Look, it’s the day before inauguration.  I’m not going to get all hot and bothered over this and start pounding the desk and go Alex Jones and predict the end of the world and all that.  It’s status quo, folks.

One thing that I think is going to come of the Trump presidency is many people are finally – it’s finally going to sink in that there is no federal solution.  There just isn’t.  In four years or eight years, it’s likely power is going to swing back into the hands of mad men.  It might even happen in the interim for all we know.  There is no federal solution.  There is a local solution.  Even while we pursue the local solution, think about this.  What does Paul McCartney sing in “Let It Be”?  “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comforts me, speaking words of wisdom” – by the way, that’s not the Catholic air raid siren.  Apparently any time I even refer obliquely to something that might be even abstractly Catholic, the Protestants out there lose their minds and fire off emails to everyone that works here or is associated with this entity except me.  I don’t ever get them.  Apparently everyone else does.  It’s a Beatles song.  “When I find myself in times of trouble” – we all find ourselves in times of trouble.  If Mother Mary could comfort Paul McCartney, why can’t she comfort us?

Just as Father explained to me yesterday, and thinking back up on the Obama presidency, how many people were driven closer to God because of Obama?  That’s a challenge as a Christian, ladies and gentlemen, to give thanks for everything.  It’s all part of the plan.  [mocking] “You’re not gonna tell that stupid story about your stupid, idiot nuns in France in 1794 are ya, Mike?  That’s it.  I’m outta here.”  Yes, I am.  When those 14 Carmelite nuns made a pact amongst themselves that they were willing to sacrifice their own lives if it would bring an end to the great terror in France.  Of course, it did come to pass that they were found guilty of treason against the Constitution Congress.  Robespierre and the boys decided that they should go to the scaffold like all these other tens of thousands of people were.  This new device that the French maniacs were so delighted to see, the lopping off of people’s heads, we know it today as the guillotine.  They took their habits off one by one, singing the Te Deum and Ave Maria and went up there and had their heads cut off.  Without any indication whatsoever, without anyone even thinking that it was possible or that it was in the works, exactly, precisely ten days later, what happened?  The Constitution Congress called for an end to the executions and carried it out.  They were driven to prayer during a great time of strife.  Tens if not hundreds of thousands of French, Parisians, and others were spared.  Lives were spared.  The terror ended.  It would take the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to reestablish the religious orders, but they were reestablished.

During the Obama presidency, did you get closer to God as a result of Obama and all the killing of babies that you knew was going on, the drone strikes and all the war crimes being committed in other countries and praying for it all to end, praying for a leader to come to replace Obama that would not be an Obama, that would not do these things?  Did you get closer?  I hope I did.  Isn’t that something worth acknowledging and being thankful for?  That’s what we’re supposed to do.  No, I’m not glad that Obama was elected.  Don’t misunderstand.  There’s a bumper sticker out there “Poop Happens.”  We should make one for the Crusade Channel.

By the by, we have a brand-new shipment of Kevin Gutzman’s Thomas Jefferson – Revolutionary.  I was able to secure forty more books.  They’re in the Founders Tradin’ Post.  We were sold out yesterday.  It took 23 hours to sell out all 60 copies, autographed copies of Kevin Gutzman’s Thomas Jefferson – Revolutionary, which comes out on January 31st.  Yesterday evening I was able to get 40 more to make it a grand total of 100.  I think it’s still password-protected for Founders Pass members only.  I think we should let that go today.


Maybe we’ll keep it on till noon or something and let those that are not Founders Pass members have the opportunity to purchase one of those books.  There will be an email.  You can also get a combo and get Kevin’s book James Madison and the Making of America, the previous book, as a combo set.  That’s all available in the Founders Tradin’ Post at  You’ll need a Founders Pass to unlock the item until noon today.

Let me get to this clip here.  I have so much Jefferson stuff that I want to get to here.  Be warned, at the end of Trump’s little speech here, which is just what Trump does, you’re going to hear him pledge to build the military up.  Now, I’m going to say this for the benefit of you decepticons who still think that having standing armies that grow larger in size over time is a good idea.  At the end of the speech, you’re going to hear him say he’s going to make the military great and bigger and badder than it’s ever been before.  If Vladimir Putin goes and gives that speech and says that he’s going to build the Russian military up and make Russia great, that’s a prelude to war.  If anyone else on Earth says this sort of thing – if the president of Argentina said they were going to build up the military and make it great again and bigger and badder, then we would be at DEFCON 2.  [mocking] “Get the nukes ready.”  But we’re America, you see.  We’re the drunken sailors with our hands on the launching or the use of weapons that the rest of the world does not have, or most of the rest of the world doesn’t have.

FOLKS, a message from Mike – The Project 76 features, Church Doctrine videos and everything else on this site are supported by YOU. We have over 70, of my personally designed, written, produced and directed products for sale in the Founders Tradin’ Post, 24/7,  here. You can also support our efforts with a Founders Pass membership granting total access to years of My work for just .17 cents per day. Thanks for 17 years of mike! – Mike

Here’s Trump’s speech from last night.  Some of it is good.  When you get to the end, folks, you’re going to see – I think this is what’s going to come out of the Trump presidency.  I’ll just use my intuition, thank God for it, and maybe I’ll be correct; maybe I won’t.  People are going to become apprised of the fact that there is no federal solution to this madness.  The solution lies in restoring the order.  It’s the only solution.  There is no other solution.  Anyone that tells you anything else is lying to you.  The solution is to restore the order.  That’s the fact, Jack.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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