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Learn Austrian Economics at iTunes

I discovered Austrian Economics through my reading of Freidrich von Hayek. At the time I read Hayek (twice!) there wasn’t an “Austrian” I could recite by name, now thanks to the Von Mises institute and I can recite a lot of names and also a lot of Austrian theory. Free markets are the greatest methods of exchange in civil societies and have brought more prosperity to the world in just a few centuries than all the divine rights of kings and the schemes of central planners through the ages.

I encourage you to challenge what you think you may know as economics and immerse yourself in Austrian “trade cycle” theory. There is no finer place to start than at the Von Mises Institute and you can even continue your education online with the at iTunes.

From the Mises Institute “Stay connected with the Mises Institute on iTunes U. By subscribing to your favorite topic or downloading multimedia each time you visit, you can stay up-to-date with the top-quality education on liberty, property, and peace that the Mises Institute is making part of the global commons.

From interviews and audiobooks to inspiring lectures and conferences, these video and audio files provide everything that the Mises Institute is famous for: advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School. “

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One of the pillars of Austrian economics is a return to what Ron Paul calls ‘sound money’ or the gold/silver standard, the riddance of central banking and planning which is rooted in Marxist ideology (Karl Marx’s 5th plank in Socialism) and a decentralization of fiscal and monetary policies with limited government interaction. As long as the government continues to lie in bed with the Federal Reserve to practice Keynesian economics, printing fiat money and practice fractional central banking & planning the TRUE and REAL goal of our fore father’s main emphasis of the U.S. Constitution on the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Property cannot be justifiably pursued. The enactment of the 16th Amendment in 1913 solidifies my point. It repeals, contradicts or modifies most of Article I, sections 2,8 & 9 to more sinister goals of power, greed and control and away from any form of prosperous Austrian economic principles.

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