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Learning From Ron Paul’s Unwavering Commitment to Liberty

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript


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Mike: I thought I’d start off here today by giving the State of the Dude Nation address. Now, we’re in the time that is in between the end of school many of your children are getting out of school, or they’ll be out of school here soon; mine have been out for two weeks now and enjoying their summer holiday, thank you very much, and then the actual beginning of summer. And of course we have Independence Day coming up. And even if you’re not going to take a vacation and leave town I can’t afford the gas, Mr. Church many of you still are taking a vacation.


And so there’s a lot going on here that has nothing to do with the issues of the day. There’s a lot going on that has nothing to do with trying to repair the damage, or at least stopping more damage from being done on a daily basis here. And I think, now, we talked about this. There was an absolute doldrum. It was noticeable. It was palpable. You could taste it. You could feel it. In late December, all through the month of January, through most of February, most of you people admit it to yourselves dropped out. You went back to watching Pirates of the Caribbean. You went back to not caring about what was going on in the world around you. You went back to doing whatever it was you were doing before you became enlightened, before you became concerned, before you became this and that and the other, because you thought the NDC that’s the New Deck Chair Party running the House of Representin. Well, I did my job, Mike. I elected Boehner. Now shut up. Lets get to talking about Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Rand Paul Can Live With $2.6 Trillion Worth Of Government, And That’s A Good Thing

And then when it became apparent that the New Deck Chair Party wasn’t a New Deck Chair Party, it was just a reincarnation of the Old Deck Chair Party, and it was doing exactly what was predicted, or that we predicted that it would do, there was no shock, no surprise here. There still isn’t shock and surprise. Some of you got reengaged here. Now, I don’t think that the, as Alexander Hamilton said in my other movie, The Spirit of 76, I don’t think the vox populi, I don’t think the vox populi is reengaged just yet. And Ill tell you why. I believe and AG, did you find that Washington Post poll for me? You did. Okay, thank you. This is interesting. I don’t like living my life by polls, and I don’t like doing this show based on what public opinion polls say. I do think its interesting from time to time to visit them and just to see, try and get a little bit of a snapshot of what people are thinking out there.

I think really, seriously, I think many people are despondent, hopeless, heartless, have given up, don’t see any reason to continue because you put all your efforts, you put all your eggs into that basket that said Elect Republicans in 2010, you joined the Tea Party, you remonstrated, you protested, you made signs, you sent emails, you signed petitions, you called, you harangued, you harassed, everything that you thought or that ostensibly people of good conscience should do to stop evil in your midst. And you weren’t able to stop it. And I bet you many of you still think that it is a futile activity and that its an activity that’s not worthy of your time.

As a matter of fact, I’m probably talking to a lot less people because, even though we try to keep the emphasis on E for entertainment here, because people don’t think its worthy of their time. You’re just a number. You’re just a sheeple. You haven’t made a difference. You cant make a difference. They’ve won. Lets just sit back and enjoy the ride. Lets just sit back and forget about those stupid idiot Founding Fathers. We cant get back to them. We cant reincarnate them. We cant reinstitute the liberty, legacy, limited government that they left us. Everything we’ve tried has failed miserably. Everything that we have done has failed miserably. And so whats the point, Mr. Church?

I’m telling you, I can feel you people out there. I can look at the traffic on Facebook, on Twitter; I can look at the traffic on websites; I can look at the opinion polls. I can look at other peoples websites and look at the exact same thing. And I can tell. A reasoned individual would draw this conclusion. And I think that that is a misguided and ill-conceived conclusion here. Maybe this is what Barry and the Obamanauts want you to think. Maybe this is what the DeceptiCon establishment wants you to think, that there is no hope, that there is really nothing. We tried and tried, and we weren’t able to accomplish it. But the fact of the matter is that you have. Wonderful things have actually transpired over the course of the last two years that were totally unexpected, wholly unpredicted, and still today many people don’t believe that they have happened.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Blast From the Past: Interview With Congressman Ron Paul, 10 November 2010

And one of the things that has happened here, that has transpired and this wasn’t hard to predict here if you actually study market economics and if you study the way that empires, the course of history of how empires have imploded and of how the end has come about. This was actually a pretty easy call. And one of the things, and well talk to I’m going to ask Congressman Paul this question today. This is one of my questions that I’d like to know is, in the face, in the midst of one of the biggest public humiliations in political history, this 76-year-old man named Ron Paul refused to take no for an answer, never wavered from his message, never wavered from the Constitution or the Founders, never wavered from his duty, always kept a smile, was always upbeat, always positive, which is really hard to do. How did he do that? What inspires man or woman to be like that, to do that?

I think that’s a great story. I don’t think people are telling that story. People, oh, yeah, Ron Paul this, Ron Paul that. What about what Ron Paul had to endure to even get to where he is today, to where for the first time public opinion polls show him in double digits? For the first time, when pitted against other candidates, hes in the top three, top four, sometimes top two, where for the first time there’s no Giuliani going [whooping], heckling him. And there’s no one laughing about his positions. And few are laughing about the predictions that he made because they’re not funny now because they’re coming true. And he tried to warn you. What inspired that gentleman to think like that, to do that? I think that’s something we can all learn from here today.

And that’s the bright spot. Many people are rejecting status quo. They’re rejecting the Democrat/Dumbocrat establishment. They’re rejecting the DeceptiCon establishment. And they’re coming to the realization that neither political party has an answer, that political parties are the problem, which is why we reacted with such force and such zeal against what that lady from the Tea Party Express said, Ms. Kremer said the other day. And I think that is a development that is similar to what the Founders would have called their Committees of Correspondence or the attitudes that they saw inside their Committees of Correspondence. Keep that in mind. Remember, if you’ve seen my movie, and there’s about 700 of you out there now who have were going to get to 100,000, whether you people like it or not. 100,000 people are going to watch this film. They’re going to love it, fall in love with the story of the Founders. And you’re going to see that the Founding Fathers were big-time underdogs. They were not going to get independence in 1774, 1775, or in the beginning of 1776.

Mike Church Show Transcript: McCain And Co. Are Determined To Make War In Syria

So my point in starting the program off with this here today is, I know it seems like its tough. I get depressed, too. Lord knows you’ve probably heard me talking about being not the happiest, most positive person in the world. But there’s a saying out there, its an old saying by, I believe its Solzhenitsyn that said this no, it wasn’t Solzhenitsyn. Who said this, AG? Maybe you can find this. If something cant go on forever, then it will end. And this will end. As my cousin Patrick is fond of telling me, this, too, shall pass. And it will pass. And when it does pass, there’s going to be a better tomorrow. That’s what you’re fighting for. That’s why you don’t give up. And that’s why you stay engaged. These people are losing their grip. The establishment is losing. They are on the run. They’re the ones that are fighting to hold the territory that they stole from our parents and that they stole from our grandparents. Well, dammit, you cant have it. Were coming to take it back. AG, do you have that clip from Rand Paul, from when he won the primary in Kentucky? Do you remember what he said that night, the first thing that he said to that audience? I have a message from the Tea Party. Were here to take our government back. Do you remember that?

For more on Ben Franklin, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!
For more on Ben Franklin, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!

AG: Yeah, let me see if I can pull it up right here.

Mike: Even if you cant pull it up, I can quote it, what Rand Paul said the night that he won the primary. Not the election, the primary. I have a message from the Tea Party. We’ve come to take our government back. Well, folks, the Federal Reserve and their ilk are on the run. They’re on the defensive. The corporatist hacks are on the defensive. The military-industrial complex is on the defensive. Federal agencies and departments, they know they’re hated. They know they’re scorned. They know they don’t have the support of the people that they purport to govern. And they know that there’s a very vocal, very opposed, very committed minority that is not going to take these TSA searches, this confiscation of our properties and our raw milk and our elderberries. Were not going to let you do this any longer. Your days are numbered, sir, ma’am, madam.

These are positive developments. These things would not be possible under status quo. I mean, look at it this way. Had John McCain actually beaten Obama and had status quo Republicanism, which would have made this far worse than it is, or as worse as it is, but militarily speaking far worse, had McCain won, it probably would have made the word conservative a four-letter word because those sinister hacks out there in the fringe media would have attached McCain to all of us. It would have tried to make all of us in bed, agreeing with John McCain. And that’s not the way it happened. I think things happen for a reason. Take the great gifts that we’ve been given, the opportunity the opportunity, as painful as it is right now of watching what these Keynesian, what these corrupt, what these inherently doomed and destined-to-fail people and their ideas and their hackneyed old thoughts that have been proven the world over that they don’t work, and all they do is create misery and mayhem, they are in the last throes of enjoying their power. New day of liberty is upon us here, ladies and gentlemen, a new day. Its right around the corner. And you must stay engaged, you must stay positive, and you must keep the pressure on.

And I don’t mean just keeping the pressure on Boehner and Company. I’m talking about keeping the pressure on your mayor, your neighbors, your grandma, your mother, your uncle, your Aunt Bertie, whoever. Keep the pressure on. Keep doing exactly what it is that has gotten us to here today. And on your behalf I will ask Congressman Paul for a little bit of inspiration there in that regard because Lord knows, if anyone has seen what it looks like from the bottom of the barrel, looking at the escape hatch at the top, it has to be Congressman Ron Paul. And that concludes the sermon for the day.

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