Lee And Jackson Fought For The America Founded By Virginians

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Anthology-Cover-Christmas-EPMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I have this story here, and I know some of you have seen this already.  This just broils me where I don’t want to be broiled.  “U.S. Army War College considers removing prints depicting Robert E. Lee, Confederate generals.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I have this story here, and I know some of you have seen this already.  This just broils me where I don’t want to be broiled.  “U.S. Army War College considers removing prints depicting Robert E. Lee, Confederate generals.”


The U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania is considering removing prints that depict Robert E. Lee and other Confederate generals after at least one official questioned why the school honors those who fought against America.

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Mike:  First of all, you nitwits that say this sort of thing, if you woke up in the morning and tried to be wrong about something, this is what you would say.  If you tried to be wrong about American history, this is what you would say, [mocking] “They fought against America.”  No, they didn’t!  Robert E. Lee fought for Virginia, his country.  And, by the way, Virginia was founded by Americans.  Get it?  As a matter of fact, four of the first five presidents were from the country of Virginia.  If anyone has a claim to fighting for America, it would be whoever fought for the Virginia militia.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  There’s more to this than that.


But college Spokeswoman Carol Kerr told the newspaper that at least one official — who was not identified – asked the administration why the school honors generals that were enemies of the U.S. Army.

“There will be a dialogue when we develop the idea of what do we want the hallway to represent,” she said. “[Lee] was certainly not good for the nation. This is the guy we faced on the battlefield whose entire purpose in life was to destroy the nation as it was then conceived. … This is all part of an informed discussion.”

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Mike:  Madam, you are the most misinformed person on the face of the freaking planet.  I don’t want to have to go through this line by line and piece by piece, because this is how distorted the history is.  Yeah, I know, I got all your Facebook messages and tweets.  I know to the victor go the spoils.  Whoever wins gets to write the history.  I’m well aware of this.  That doesn’t mean 160 years removed, knowing better and having the history in front of us, that we have to sit here and accept the lie, and then regurgitate it “because it’s our duty to do so.”

This business about Lee spending his entire life devoted to destroying the nation is just preposterous.  First of all, Lee, up until the day that he resigned his commission, after Lincoln asked him to lead an army and invade his own country, the State of Virginia, that’s when Lee said: Sir, I can’t do that and I won’t do that.  I won’t raise my sword against my own country, that’s exactly what he said.  His choice was really made for him by Lincoln.  Lee didn’t maraud across the nation’s countryside to try to shut the courts down; Lincoln did that.  Lee and his army didn’t imprison anyone that was defending Virginia, didn’t imprison any newspaper publishers; Lincoln did that.

Also, if you’re looking for someone that committed treason, let’s look at it.  If Lincoln’s view was correct that the Southern states could not have seceded, and if there was no rebellion because there wasn’t a rebellion — a rebellion would be defined as rebelling against the government of the state and that didn’t happen.  Treason consists of making war against Them, meaning against the states.  Who made war against the states that, by his own admission, he said could not have seceded?  Lincoln.

Then there is the entire discussion about Lee having been a graduate of West Point.  As I said, prior to resigning his commission, having fought in the Mexican-American War with Ulysses S. Grant and others, having been a leader at West Point, and then after the hostilities ended it was and is Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson’s flanking maneuvers that are still taught, as I understand it, at West Point.  If you’re going to take his picture down, then remove his military instruction as well.

This purging that’s going on, this attempt, just like with the Phil Robertson thing, this attempt by these goons, these Stasi on the East Coast in these ivory palace institutions, to try to purge everything and every scintilla of a hint of the way we were from the pages of history and from our collective minds and to try to disparage and denigrate an entire geographical area’s way of life, its culture, the way it believed that the Constitution was supposed to work, was supposed to be enforced, and that when it wasn’t working that way they were left with no choice but to forge their own constitution and to choose to live under it, these attempts and these efforts, this is what the totalitarians do.

You people that side with this, you’re no better than the book burners in the 1930s and ‘40s in that country called Germany.  You’re no better than the God deniers in the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s in the former Soviet Union.  You’re no better than the people that ratted their neighbors out for being Christians and then had their neighbors shipped off to gulags in Soviet Russia.  For you Northerners that have never set foot outside your bubbles, let me inform you of something.  You do not have a monopoly on service, sir or madam.  Let me tell you something else.  Travel to any town in the deep South and somewhere in that town you will find an obelisk.  On that obelisk, you know what you will find?  You will find the names inscribed of dead people.  You know who those dead people were?  They were young boys.  They were fathers, brothers, nephews, grandsons, sons.  Those boys were killed, in some towns up to 90 percent of all the males in the town were killed to try to defend against the invading army of the north, the federal army.

To the people who are ancestors of those, should we take a wrecking ball?  Why don’t you just get it over with, those of you that so desperately want to do this sort of thing, why don’t you just get it over with?  Why don’t you just tell us what your master plan is?  How about if we provide you with a map and show you where all the obelisks are, how about that?  Then you can have a little ceremony.  Bring whoever you want with you.  You can even get the federal government.  I’m sure you can get a grant for this.  You can bring a Miley Cyrus-looking wrecking ball and start taking the obelisks down, the monuments.  How about that?  Is that where you want to go with this next?

What’s your next stop, the Confederate graveyard in Spotsylvania County?  What about that?  You know, the federal government is building a sidewalk out in front of that cemetery.  I just happen to know because I’ve been there.  Shouldn’t passersby on federally-built sidewalks be spared the ignominious horror of knowing that evil, despicable traitors and treasonous people are buried on the other side of the fence to where the sidewalk goes?  Maybe we should just get some bulldozers and bulldoze that land.  What about the graves?  Who cares about the graves?  We’ll just move them, too.

Do you people know, those of you that advocate this sort of garbage, this never-ending, nonstop subjugation of who you claim you want to be fellow citizens with, do you know that the heirs and descendants of Patrick Henry, the grandson of Thomas Jefferson — yes, he was a Randolph; it was through one of his daughters — do you know they were commanders in the Virginia militia?  Shouldn’t we then trace it all the way back to the original nuts who gave us the idea of declaring independence and choosing our own forms of government?  That’s what happened.

The stain and sin of slavery is never going to be erased.  No one is trying to erase it.  At the same time, those that were fellow citizens and did live under the Constitution, hell, they freaking wrote it and then ratified it and defined it.  Their heirs that just happen to be on the Southern side of the Mason-Dixon line, is that what you really want?  If this is the way this is going to continue to be played out, all you’re going to do is cause more people like me to dig a heel in and say: I dare you.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Sir, this may be my favorite transcript ever.


Thank you Sir for your efforts in teaching the Truth of History to the victims of over 150 years of propaganda.
Proud descendant of ancestors who fought the preserve the Constitution between 1861 – 1865 to save us from the insanity we have to endure today.
Ronald Lee Perdue
North Carolina, occupied since 1865

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