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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Lenten Recipes Rules and Regulations – 2019

Mandeville, La. – Thank you to a fellow Crusader, we are compiling a list of wonderful Lenten Recipes for our extended Crusade Family. All recipes submitted will be posted under the Lent 2019 tab. You can ‘search’ for specific products like cabbage, carrots or almonds by using the search box.

Please submit all recipes to [email protected]

Lenten Recipes 2019

  1. Please add full name to each recipe submittal.
  2. Add your Lenten Goal – i.e. is this a dairy free recipe, is this a carb free recipe etc
  3. Add any pictures of the final product or the product during the preparation stages.
  4. Submit any changes you personally made to the recipe. – i.e. recipe calls for 2cups of cheese but you used 1cup
  5. Finally, please add any ‘family’ story that might be associated with the recipe submitted. Has this been passed down through generations? Did you get this from a distant relative? Did you get this from a close friend?

The Crusade Channel thanks you for your submittals.

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