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Let’s Abolish Our Income Taxes Deport Schumer and Keep Eduardo Saverin

The WaPo doesn’t know whether to run for the safe streets of Baltimore, cry “racist!!”or just do all it can do to savage “Tea Party” Senate candidates that keep beating DeceptiCON hacks because they promise stupid things like balanced budgets and an end to federal agencies. Nebraska is the latest whipping post for all of the above

Brad Birzer: The REAL Founding was over a long time ago, oh and BTW only the people are sovereign and only the people can thus form “States”

Buchanan: It’s the Demographics Stupid! The Republican Party, our of “nobility” has legislated themselves into an unwinnable deficit of potential voters as more than HALF all Americans born today are non-white and more than half of them RELY on government to survive. How is that secession topic looking now?

Facebook IPO will be the biggest in history as the unintelligent proclaim the staying power of “the virtual economy” which leaves me with the same question: where will “customers” earn the $$$ they need to spend all day long on FB if FB produces nothing but people spending all day long on it?

GM bailed on FB advertising but Ford doubled theirs citing, in a jibe at GM, “delivery methods” which then beg the question is FB thus any more attractive or unique a venue for ads than say, satellite radio?

“Literary Agent” who published Dear Leader’s “Born in Kenya” bio now says it was a rookie mistake but recall that in 1991 there was no DIGITAL publishing, things ha dot be rendered by hand, proofed and then sent to press, a VERY expensive process if one misidentifies a client

Ilana Mercer: Really!? The best TV can do now is “Porno mom”? Where is Charles Murray when you need him?

DeceptiCONNED- DeceptiCONS join with Chuckie Schumer in denouncing then barring forever more Facebok co-founder Eduardo Saverin for taking his chips and going home-the theory being if you won’t pay our taxes and move your money where we say when we say it __ck you! Nevermind that Saverin is a microcosm of millions of jobs that left and are never coming back, let’s chant USA, USA and banish our critics

Asparagus Harvest: The jobs unemployed Americans won’t do in WA state county with 10.5% UE which now wants to let in thousands of IMMIGRANTS to pick the veggie Americans don’t have the back muscles to pick (o, but don’t worry, after the FB IPO we’ll show those Chinese!)

Pray: Our dear friend Mish Shedlock’s wife has passed away, she suffered from ALS and Mish has become a hero raising funds and awareness of the disease

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