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Letters Of Marque and Reprisal

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Goodyear Blimp Resolute 

HEADLINE: The only legal pirate ship of the 20th century was the Goodyear blimp by Blake Stilwell 

QUESTION: What is a letter of Marque and Reprisal? 

International Law – 

  • The Resolute was based in Los Angeles and was used in regular patrols of the Pacific Ocean, searching for Japanese submarines operating along the United States West Coast. Its crews’ only armament was small arms, but there was little chance of the airship successfully boarding and capturing a Japanese submarine. The airship would just have radioed the location of the submarine to ships who could come do something about it.
  • The letter is a declaration of war.
  • It is in the same clause as the war declaration clause.
  • Congress makes the rule for capturing the illegal combatants. 
  • You will be detained, issued a citation and returned.
  • Congress can also say if you get caught a 2nd time, you will go directly to a concentration camp that would house those migrants as criminals.
  • What would the Biden Regime do at that point if our Republican led Congress did that?
  • TKD reads from his speech – 
  • Remember the Minute Men?
  • Remember Operation Wetback?
  • That was an actual official US government name in 1954.
  • Operation Wetback – officially known as “Operation Wetback,” employed the pejorative term “wetback” often used to refer to Mexican citizens who entered the U.S. by swimming across the Rio Grande River. The operation had begun one month earlier, targeting Mexican immigrants in California and Arizona.
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