Leviathan Has Spent Your Money, Your Kids’ Money, Now Onto Spending Your Grandkids’ Money

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Let’s just sum up what has occurred in the month of October in 2013.  The final attempt to repeal what is known as the Affordable Care Act has failed, and it has failed miserably.  I mean, it has failed so demonstrably that there is little if anything that you could say, from a federal standpoint anyway, no concessions came out of it.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s just sum up what has occurred in the month of October in 2013.  The final attempt to repeal what is known as the Affordable Care Act has failed, and it has failed miserably.  I mean, it has failed so demonstrably that there is little if anything that you could say, from a federal standpoint anyway, no concessions came out of it.  The citizenry out here across the amber waves of fuel did not gain an exemption for a year like many businesses that the president has unilaterally granted said exemptions to.  Congress won’t have to live by the same rules that you and I are going to have to live by.  The fine hasn’t been mitigated.  The medical devices tax, as if that was a big deal, has not been removed.  The exchanges are now up and running.  The funding for the exchanges is now up and running.  In other words, here’s what’s going to happen, if you’re a student of history.


Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILThe Affordable Care Act and Obamacare will now become, for the Republican Party, what Medicare is for them.  They will now be in a relentless and never-ending, unceasing effort to fix it.  In other words, it is now truly the law of the land.  There is no party that is now going to rise in opposition of it.  Get used to it.  Unless, again, there is a revival of the independent spirit and independence itself actually becomes the order of the day, and rather than having to live under the auspices of the Affordable Care Act and all the other atrocities attendant with the deal that was struck last night, people will choose to start moving inside their states and their geographical areas to go their own way.  Short of that, it’s over.

The battle that began on the 24th of April 2010 is now over.  The Feds have won, again.  The Feds have won.  People didn’t win this one.  You could say politically speaking that the Dumbocrat Party won this one, but at the end of the day, it’s the leviathan, the super State, the monster State that has proven supreme yet again.  There seems to be, again, just as I have counseled and told you, no force on Earth that can defy it, no force on Earth that can stop it, no force on Earth that can even slow it down.  We haven’t even kicked it in the shin.  Not only was the defeat dealt last night in a — this was a knockout punch.  Obama just knocked out, Obama and the Senate Democrats just knocked the House Republicans out.  Not only was a knockout punch delivered when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, look what else has just transpired.

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The president now has, according to the bills I read — maybe Andrew read something else on this.  Our buddies at Breitbart, we’re the first ones to, I think, break this story.  The story is that the debt limit now is no longer under the purview of the Congress.  Inserted into the bill is this codicil that says that through February, the president can spend and borrow as he pleases.  Whatever needs to be made up, print the money, borrow the money, whatever you gotta do, stick it in there.  Everyone gets paid.  Spending party for everyone!  Come February when this deal is allegedly supposed to sunset, it’s not going to sunset.  The president has also been granted — I don’t see how this is constitutional — unilateral authority to continue spending through either two or three weeks after this particular deal expires in February.  A majority vote could be sent over to Obama to say: We’re rescinding your spending authority and you can’t borrow any more money.  Of course, Obama is going to veto that.  When they send that back, it would then require a two-thirds vote in both houses to override the veto and gain the power back.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signWhat no one knows is, is this a permanent extension?  Does the president now control the debt ceiling?  So now on his signature and his signature alone, on his authority and his authority alone can he now borrow money on the full faith and credit of the United States?  So, ladies and gentlemen, what we now have is what has been lobbied and desired by many.  We now basically have the beginnings of the federal king, or the beginnings of the federal dictator.  Now the president doesn’t even have to go to Congress to spend.  He can just spend if he wants to.  Has the deal that was made traded the constitutional authority that revenue bills originate in the House, has that now been traded, even if it is just temporary, to the White House?

The lawyer for the Compact for America, Nick Dranias, a constitutional scholar the equal of Kevin Gutzman, he was tweeting me last night saying: What are we going to do now, King Dude?  What are we going to do now?  Even if we had an amendment to the Constitution that said you can’t spend more than you’re supposed to unless a majority of state legislatures vote to tell you you can, according to what Dranias was telling me, that would no longer be in effect.  Now the president has unilateral, carte blanche authority.  Not only did the Boehner Republicans get hosed, they got hosed and they gave the tub away.  In 18th century speak, what they achieved here was but a tub to the whale.  The only card they had to play has now been taken out of the deck.

Let me break this down for you, for those of you that are purists.  Here’s why you have a representative in Mordor, to go get your share of your grandchildren’s earnings.  That’s right, a fair way to put it, to get your share.  Isn’t this great?  Here in the United States we get to spend money that our grandchildren are going to earn, with no guilt, with no promise to repay, with not a moral hiccup or an immoral thought about it.  That’s basically what happened yesterday.  Yes, to be fair, it has been happening since spending and borrowing began in earnest in 2001, in this instance anyway.  It was also done in the 1980s and ‘90s.  It stopped for a bit of a time in the 1990s.

Mike Church Show Transcript – The U.S. Has Been Defaulting On Its Debt For Years And That’s Not Changing Anytime Soon

That’s basically the proper way to put this.  The American sheeple got what they wanted.  Congratulations.  You are now spending what your grandchildren — some of us, like me, I don’t even have any grandchildren yet.  Someday I think I will.  I do have daughters.  I get to spend and you get to spend what the grandchildren are going to earn.  That’s how sick and twisted this is.  We’re supposed to celebrate this?  You ought to see all the smiling faces on TV today.  The big news media, you’ve never seen such happy people.  It has to be one of the most marvelous things that man can ever experience, which is being granted the gift of spending what your grandchildren are going to earn.  By the way, your grandchildren will not be asked whether or not they want to fund what grandma and grandpa spent.  It’s going to be confiscated from them through this pernicious vehicle called the income tax.  If you don’t get it that way, we’ll get it through a medical tax.  If you don’t get it that way, we’ll get it through an excise tax.  Grandchildren gonna pay their money.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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