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Libtards Next Move: Gun Control

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – You can’t make the world perfect, we can’t make the world perfect.There are bad men out there and that’s the gist of it. However, therewas a time, once upon, where Jared Loughner may not have had time toreload his semi-automatic Glock because there would have been enoughmen and women in attendance with sidearms to take his ass out.

Instead,modern society has taken the privilege of perfecting the human condition- which means we don’t carry firearms with us anymore. What exactly iswrong with being armed in an armed society to defend yourself?

Listen to the KingDude discuss the Progressive Big Gubbmint societywe live in today and the contrasting Bill of Rights that is still muchalive thanks to gun grabbing socialistic wackos like the ConservativeRight.

It’s up to us and the New Deck Chair Party to resurrect State Sovereignty or we’ll end up living in a society where Congress gives us a one size fits all option for anything we are to desire as a society?  

Related Material: Some more KingDude on gun control from this archived clip of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

The Southern Avenger Joins Mike Church In Telling The SCOTUS To Leave Our Gun Rights Alone 

2011 Mike Church Show 

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