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Life's Problems Cannot be Solved by Central Planners of the Political-Class

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    Mike: But these are important questions here. I do not believe youre going to get an answer to any of them tonight because, ladies and gentlemen, my experience with todays politicians says that most of them do not do, do not perform, do not engage in serious, studious research. Theyre too busy trying to run our lives. Theyre too busy conspiring and concocting new ways to tell us what to do or divining new ways to stick their hands into our pockets, to stick their hands into our schools, to stick their hands into where we work.

    I actually heard AG, let me bring you in on this. I heard the most preposterous, ridiculous argument yesterday on Fox News. I tell you, the more I listen to Fox News, the more it sounds like CNN. Its hard for me to distinguish some days. They had a panel of nitwits on with Megyn Kelly, and they were discussing, they were discussing whether or not there should be tighter OSHA regulations of Sea World. Have you ever been to a Sea World?

    AG: I have, in San Antonio.

    Mike: When you went to Sea World, did you see the OSHA signs? Didyou? Occupational Safety and Health Administration? Did you seethem?

    AG: Doesnt ring a bell as having seen it.

    Mike: Well, you had one lawyer who was arguing that, oh, no, OSHA does a great job. They dont need to tighten the rules. This was the problem of a trainer who got too close to the stupid whale, and the whale thought that she was a seal and decided to eat her. And then he had another numbnut on there, another genius. The other, the counter view was that, oh, no, oh, no, our almighty, all-knowing, magisterial Occupational Safety and Health Administration needs to crack down on these aquariums across the amber waves of fuel and start regulating them more heavily before more people die by killerwhale.

    And I listened to this, and I just think, I cannot believe that I am hearing this. It drives a Dude insane, literally. This is why we brought forth the power of a general or federal government, so that it could micromanage the affairs of fish kept in captivity? Are you freaking kidding me? Mike, OSHA does great things. They save peoples lives. BS. You have no way of predicting or knowing all the deleterious effects of the byzantine rules and regulations that people have to exist under because of these agencies like OSHA. Its just another one of these reaches of power that Congress has no authority over, none. And this relies on a sick, twisted interpretation of the Commerce Clause. Thats how this power was concocted here.

    But this is just ridiculous. You have people on television arguing over how to best regulate the internal affairs of whale care, or Flipper care. Or sea lion care, or barracuda care, or whoever. Maybe that should be a question from the audience tonight from Google: How do you intend to ensure the safety of workers at Sea World if youre elected President? Heres another one I heard. Did you watch Special Report with Bret Baier last night? Did you watch it?

    AG: I didnt catch all of it, no.

    Mike: Okay. So you didnt see the roundtable where they had the experts that worked in the local media rooms in Florida.

    AG: Not lucky enough to catch that.

    Mike: Yeah, you werent no, you were far more fortunate than I, my friend. So one of the geniuses was asked by Bret Baier, Well, what do you think the people of Florida want to see tomorrow night on the stage? And this just continues the sickness. It continues the disease. It continues the cancer. It continues to guarantee that we are on a collision course for a major massive collapse because you imbeciles out there, or your friends who are imbeciles, youre not an imbecile if youre listening to this program, but your friends that dont listen to shows like this who are imbeciles, are ensuring ourinsolvency.

    Well, Bret, what the people of Florida want to see from a presidential candidate is theyd better explain what their plan is to fix this economy. Again, where in the hell does a president get the authority to hatch plans to fix economies here? It seems to most reasoned individuals that it is the fact that presidents have hatched plans to fix economies that have screwed it up. The best thing that could be said by any candidate to that end was I intend to undo what has been done. Thats my plan. I will undo, I will sign things to undo what hath been done.

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