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Like A Groomer Neighbor State Farm Is Queer

todayMay 25, 2022 4

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It Should Be Universally Accepted That The Sex Cult of Death Has Set Its Sights On Our Children & Has Assimilated Every Major Institution Into It’s Ranks

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The Washington Examiner headline readState Farm donating transgender books for 5-year-olds to schools in Florida.





State. friggin’. Farm. The “Good Neighbor” people are now another corrupted, corporate behemoth who’s tied its future to the “transgender” mutilation and violation of children. They have crossed a Rubicon, folks, there is no turning back. Violence is coming and there is no way to stop it because our supply of Virtue and Virtuous men and women is as low as the water in Lake Mead right now.

State. friggin’. Farm.

I will try and explain what I believe is happening with a staggering increase in speed. Let’s start with some wisdom.

To say what someone ought to do is at one and the same time to say what course of action will in these circumstances as a matter of fact lead toward a man’s true end and to say what the law, ordained by God and comprehended by reason, enjoins. Moral sentences are thus used within this framework to make claims which are true or false. – Alisdair Macintyre, After Virtue

These 2 sentences from MacIntyre explain precisely the philosophical and thus religious and legal failings of today. We are not permitted to say what someone ought to do because… because “BIGOT!” This is a denial of the Formal Cause. We are not permitted even know what Man’s true end is because…. “BIGOT!” This is a denial of the Material Cause. We are not permitted use reason because… “BIGOT!” This is a denial of the Efficient Cause; and we are barred under penalty of permanent exile from knowing that which is True to be used to distinguish from that which is False because… “BIGOT!” This is a denial of the Final Cause of all Man’s affairs which is the Four Final Things and our destination in Eternity.

This is, I believe, where Western homo sapiens finds himself today and the now undeniable reality that we are living among vainglorious infanticidal maniacs whose cousins are now publicly proclaiming their lust for pederasty and are getting away with it. Grooming is legal, widespread and spreading. And make no mistake, a violent Hell on earth will be their sad and catastrophic end for we have it on Good Authority.

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. – Our LordMatthew 18, 6

And what does that look like for our modern Babylonians at Disney, Target and State Farm et al?

And a mighty angel took up a stone, as it were a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying: With such violence as this shall Babylon, that great city, be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. – St. John The EvangelistApocalypse 18, 21

When Our Lady of Akita told Sr. Sasegawa that “the living will envy the dead” most took that to mean that all of mankind would wish they were dead and thus spared the suffering nay earned chastisement this age, so fond of storing up treasures in Hell, is earning. But looked at while considering that these perverts and voyeuristic serial killers seem incapable of even the knowledge of a Hell, perhaps Our Lady was referring to His elect who wish to not have to witness the inconceivable pain the fallen-by-choice will endure, nay, that they are earning. Whichever way Our Lady meant her warning at Akita, most of you will agree, that envy is to be upon us soon, but why!?

Like A Good Groomer State Farm Is There

It seems that an axiom for our times is evolving in front of our eyes in real-time.

The bigger they are, the gayer they fall.

What I call the Rainbow Purification League™ and TrannyMammy Pimps For Profit™, for all practical intents and purposes, has now assimilated nearly all of the Fortune 500 into its wicked folds. This has been accomplished without a shot being fired and without the long-feared assistance of Big Gubbmint. How? First, I will quote from Church’s Maxim #64.

All public entities by definition, are either religious or irreligious, there can be no in between. – Me

To the Corporate and economic realm, we will assign as Religious, on the one hand as those entities who are Distributive or exist as co-ops founded by religious i.e. The Knights of Columbus and The Guilds and Associations of Christendom. These entities exist in what St. John Paul II called “the temporal sphere” that he called upon the Faithful “to sanctify”. My CRUSADE Radio Guild and CRUSADE Channel are thus “Religious” as our “business” is guided by the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. In this definition of Religious entities, we will find very few entities where at the peak of Christendom, nearly every entity was Religious.

That leaves us with the other 97% of all entities as Irreligious i.e. they reject a priori that there is any higher power over their affairs save the laws of men made outside the Christian framework. If you’re wondering why I am throwing Tom’s Hardware in with State Farm et al, I’m only indicating a direction for them because scale has a direct effect on their drift toward cooperation with evil. Let us return to MacIntyre for a moment for an explanation.

[A]s Marxists organize and move toward power they always do and have become (Max Weber infamously postulated that Catholicism wasn’t a religion but a cult of “make believe” cf. Jstor article hereWeberians in substance, even if they remain Marxists in rhetoric; for in our culture we know of no organized movement towards power which is not bureaucratic and managerial in mode and we know of no justifications for authority which are not Weberian in form. And if this is true of Marxism when it is on the road to power, how much more so is it the case when it arrives. All power tends to coopt and absolute power coopts absolutely. – [Emphasis mine] Alisdair MacIntyre, After Virtue

Because the “woke-ism” that is LGBTQ+ (like “anti-racism” before it) presents itself as something which has a religious-like fervor but is not a Religion in the sense of how the world defined Religion in the West prior to the Enlightenment’s demolition of Christendom, the Irreligious gain the secular benefits of being ersatz apostles for “the faith” without the actual sacrifice, real Charity and Love, Religion actually requires. Yes, I mean to say that there is now a terrifying, well organized, better funded, irreligious worship of pederasty and infanticide in the West and if we don’t declare a war upon it to arrest it soon, it will build upon the war it is already waging on us and advance. Nota bene: this Irreligion and its army does not offer quarter to the captured or defeated enemy and it brooks no treaty or compromise.

The recently waged Battle For 5 Year Olds At State Farm Creek ended in a stinging retreat for the enemy who, drunk with their faux invincibility, were shocked to find the parents of 5 year olds not quite ready to offer their children up as Tribute to Beelzebub, Baphomet, Moloch and the boys. But make no mistake: this was an ordered retreat to regroup, fortify and begin the assault anew.

If someone would have told you 10 years ago that Disney, Paramount (see Star Trek Discovery) Target, Nickelodeon (also owned by Paramount), State Farm and hundreds of other Fortune 500 corporations would all become public promoters and defenders of sodomy, infanticide and/or pederasty, you would have reached for the Alex Jones Fathead. Same drill, 6 years ago. But in October 2016, the demonic Pedo-Cult of Death witnessed its own previously unknown mortality in the defeat of Killary and has been on a hate-filled rage against those responsible ever since. Now with the public shaming of the Catholic apostate, Speaker of the House of Representin’, Nancy Pelosi, by Archbishop Cordileone for her rabid, very public support of all things infanticide, Moloch and the boys order their troops to “double down”. Witness:

Think this event is a hoax of some sort? Go to their EventBrite page and signup for it. It’s real. Please note that these perverts plan to bring 5 year olds “on the stage” to, well see for yourself.

Mr. Misster’s Drag The Kids To Pride Drag Show provides the ultimate family friendly pride experience. This signature event is a family friendly spin off of our famed Champagne Drag Brunch, with our resident DJ Charlie Phresh playing some of your favorite hits while host Nicole O’Hara Munro brings together some of the best drag entertainers around! Our under 21 guests can enjoy a special Mr. Misster Mocktails while the moms and dads can sip on one of our classic Mr. Misster Mimosa Towers. Do you want to hit the stage with the queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a queen of their choosing! Come hangout with the Queens and enjoy this unique pride experience, fit for guests of all ages!

Ahh, but fear not because Real Men, wielding Real Weapons i.e. Rosaries, have said NIMBY! (not in my back yard)!

Joy Pullman at The Federalist, one of the most courageous CRUSADERS against this descent into madness wrote just today.

Everywhere We Go, Someone Wants to Talk Dirty to My Kids on the Public Dime. It’s not just places kids get naked. It’s everywhere. I cannot take my children to the public library anymore, either, because the shelves are so full of pornographic and hostile books that it’s not a safe place for them. There, too, self-righteous LGBT activism has resulted in effectively banning my children from yet another public place and weaponizing my own tax dollars against my children’s safety.

I Say This Stuff Everyday On Air!

I don’t fancy that Mittus Pullman or any other author reads this little corner of the internet but in the vain hope that someone she knows might, let me offer a solution: WITHDRAW YOUR SUPPORT & COOPERATION, EVERYWHERE YOU CAN. The Masonic, pedo-cult Cabal and their LGBTQ+ pimp cousins have purchased, at the cost of their souls, control over nearly every institution once revered as uniquely ‘Murican and yes, even “Christian” (see the Boy Scouts). The only thing keeping these now corrupted entities afloat are the Graces that men and women of Good Will continue to pour in and valiantly attempt a “reform”.

Recent history and reality says they will lose, will possibly be broken or might even join the enemy in the end. Unless your STATED GOAL is to retake these entities and make them “Religious” as I defined it above, you will become like Sisyphus, enlisted to rolling the same boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down and crush you in the process. As James Corbett has proposed. As I have proposed and as we proposed at The Fellowship of The Clans Congress, the only path forward that promises the only victories that matter, those for the Real Common Good, are in forming what I used to call on my SiriusXM Radio show (I used to be a contenduh!) “our own mainstreams”. As Corbett calls them “parallel economies”.

But let the Bold CRUSADER Knight mount that steed, sword, shield and devotion to Our Lady in hand and heart; then state the case and for what we fight, as Real Men under Christ should: Pro Deo, Familiæ et Patriæ! For New Christendom!

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