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Lincoln Didn’t Preserve The Union – He Killed It

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – The 17th Amendment says that the Senate ofthe United States shall be composed of two Senators of each State,elected by the people thereof for a six year term, and each Senator hasone vote.

What we can do is pass referendum in the State and say thatan election of the people actually takes place when they elect theirState Representatives – now this is a stretch and a person likeProfessor Gutzman may say "Mike, that’ll never stand in Federal Court".

What we do know is that the 17th Amendment fundamentallyaltered the relationship between the State Legislatures and theSenators. This was the last piece of the puzzle that the corporatistbig banking hacks needed to begin the annihilation of the former Union.

The argument that the modern day NeoCONS, DeceptiCONS and Libtards usethat Lincoln was this great hero who saved the Union couldn’t befurther from the truth. What he did was remake a new Union. The Unionthat was revived after the War of Northern Aggression was nothing likethe Union that adopted and ratified the Constitution in 1789.

In fact afair case could be made that he didn’t preserve the Union at all, he killed the Union.

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