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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Listener Desires Residence In Citadel Compound, Secedes From Mike’s Audience

Mandeville, LA – You never know what it is that will set off some “listeners” which is why we have carved out the world famous “Hate-mail blog” here on the site. Reluctant site member “Iggy” demands that Mike “rebuild trust with his audience” in the ridiculous exchange below and we wonder if he secedes from our audience over his misunderstanding?

Iggy wrote: “What the heck Mike – you can’t post without logging on.

[Editor] No, you cannot post “anonymously” here in our little [r]epublican community, we like to KNOW our neighbors and not by silly aliases either.

Anyways…Carey’s article at

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is excellent and should be forwarded to all friends and family. I suggest you preface the link with an explanation and cursory background on Burke. Then let it rip. Send it to all Dem and Repubs alike. The article describes the state of our political system succinctly and is EASY to defend. This show was a nice change from Mike’s deplorable show last week where he and side-kick completely fumbled the Idaho group building a guarded town. Side-kick needs to sit down with Mike and figure out what the hell the game plan is….Ohh….but the children…!! What a total botch. Then Mike cuts off the guy at the end of the show who was just calling them on it. Goes to show you – be careful before assigning allegiance to any one individual. Mike’s gotta rebuild trust on that one. Side-kick is… lacking.


  • You come to MY site to tell me I must rebuild trust because you 1. Misheard a conversation and 2. Mis-identified the conversationist “Iggy”. I, quite frankly, would engage you in this conversation if you weren’t so downright rude and misinformed. I NEVER SAID, EYE, ME, NEVER said I had concerns over the children at Citadel and their schooling. You heard what you wanted to hear “Iggy”. “What the game plan is” Iggy is for Andrew and I to stay employed at Sirius/XM by hosting a 3 hour radio show as responsibly as can be done.

    If I have to “rebuild” anything its an audience of not so fair weathered, misinformed reactionaries like You, Sir.

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I don’t get it? What event is he talking about?



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