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todayJuly 26, 2012 1

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This is the first of what we hope will be many, many Mike Church Show listeners editorials here in a new section of the site created just for you: The Listeners Lounge. You can hang out, chat with other listeners, post your own articles, comment on other articles and generally make this place your own “Committee of Correspondence”.Our submission guidelines are simple: Submit & edit your own work about subjects Mike has covered on any of his media for review. We cannot publish all submissions but we do review them all. Authors are encouraged to apply for a free account here at so they can interact with others here in the comments section. Send your submission to editors

By listener – Alan High

Greetings & Salutations – I’m a new fan & (without realizing it a reforming big “R” republican) now working on reformation via your guidance.

Listening to your show, the easy command of history you display, you’re absolute rightness & passion for the cause has knocked loose some of the rigid Big R ideas that were placed in my head.

That being said I was able to listen to a good chunk of the first hour on the drive into work & it got the ol’cranial gasses bubbling away – I had to share.

You hit several themes but I could see the pattern you were weaving & I believe the overarching message.

Ultimately the shooting incident & all the fallout reactions on both sides are symptoms of something larger that has afflicted the nation, the body politic, and the very spirit of America.

Like a cancer it eats away at the nation & erodes the foundations of what makes our country great. The source is liberalism in all its various versions, names, and forms. The ideal of Utopia, centrally managed happiness, fairness doctrines, socialism,  speech codes, political correctness, and all of ideologies that reduce man to a commodity to be managed, owned, and directed.

I read a piece a few years ago where the author told the story of Cain & Abel. After telling the story briefly he said this is the battle we (Humanity) faces. The sons of Cain still exist & they are forever locked in a battle against everything that is good, just, and kind in the hearts of man. In its simplest terms the battle between good & evil let loose in the world by the sons of Adam.

With this as a template for the battle what liberalism does & how it operates begins to make sense. The sons of Cain have attacked every societal anchor the founders put in place & work actively to undermine, destroy, and reduce the country to ruin. As you said on the show one day “some people just like to see the world burn”

We see this everywhere we turn:

Hollywood has succeeded in sexualizing children, raised gory slasher movies to the height of pop culture & black balled anyone in the industry who didn’t toe the party line. Like you, I don’t watch movies that glorify death & guts for the sake of it. I think it desensitizes you & when a real event take place you’re going to stand there & not react.

I like a good Arnold “shoot em up” movie where the violence isn’t gory & has a purpose in the story. I love the old Twilight zone shows because you have to “think” about what’s being said. the human imagination is much more vivid that any Hollywood effect & Hitchcock was the master at making the willies go up your spine.

The passion of Christ, Star Wars, & Brave heart are all examples of movies that exemplify everything liberals hate.  Self sacrifice, duty to god, duty to country, freedom, saving the princess, loyalty between brothers, living up to your word, & learning from the wise (noble & moral) master teacher are all traditional themes in human story telling for centuries.

These were all movies Hollywood wouldn’t touch but were made anyway & were HUGE blockbusters.

Look at the drivel the turn out now. Comic books movies (which I love when they are good), remakes of old movies (that were usually better), and TV shows made into movies. It’s a vapid wasteland because liberalism inspires nullification. A line from a comedy “yeah, we’re off to celebrate mediocrity”

Young black youth denigrate & find getting an education to be laughable, un-cool, and a race card check mark against being “real” black. Where did they get such a notion? It’s so engrained when successful black citizens speak out for conservative ideals, education, responsibility, and good citizens ship they are called uncle Tom’s.

Football programs & churches hide the fact that children are being raped by members of their organization because the “image & reputation” are more important. God always knows what you’re doing so if you’re hiding it, making excuses, and then trying to cover it up who are you trying to please?

Both are great examples of “when good men do nothing”

Schools enforce uniformity of thought & indoctrinate kids into a specific anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-religious world view. When you’re filled with hate & believe there are no consequences why are we surprised when someone goes nuts & kills a bunch of people?

The current education system is an American madras for liberal foot soldiers. it takes 12 to 16 years to produce one & they won’t go out and blow themselves up. Even better they’ll join an organization & work from the inside to destroy it.

Look at the serial sexcapades of teachers having sex with their students. World Net Daily has done profiles on many of the cases. the guilty are rarely punished, protected by the unions, or moved to new districts to make the problem go away. Some serve jail time, some lose their teaching certificate, but many don’t. Where does this baseless, complete lack of morality come from?

The moral decay is everywhere because they’ve had 50 years to entrench themselves in the places where a little control & effort can affect the most people. It would seem to be by design since it’s so effective but how do you explain it? How do you fight it?

The old adage – people come in (3) varieties.  these are Sheep, Sheep Dog, & Wolves. I’m a sheep dog, always have been, and won’t ever change. I think people that are born wolves are the sons of Cain – forever trying kill & eat all the sheep. They ‘flock’ to liberalism because it suits their natural inclination & purpose. Sheep dogs bend the other way to freedom, liberty, and truth….so we can run free, pee on any tree we want, and still spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to sneak into the meadow – after all their natural inclination is to protect the sheep.

I don’t know what the answer is but my sheep dog senses tell me Mike Church is on the right track.

I’ll keep listening – you keep talking.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Scott Thomson

Well done.

I too, am a “sheep dog” who, coincidently, was raised and nurtured by wolves! Thanks to the work of “a few good men who did something”, like Mike Church, I share your painful observations and endeavor to encourage others to “take the red pill”.

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