The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

LIVE! The Church Doctrine TV Post Show Show- A Founders Pass Members Exclusive

Mandeville, LA – After a 2 year hiatus the old “Post Show Show” is back and rebranded now as The Church Doctrine-LIVE! If you are seeing this page and are logged in as a member then the LIVE audio stream is on and most of the time the companion video stream is on too and Mike Church is LIVE! The new Church Doctrine TV features hard hitting guests you cannot hear anywhere else with a host of Mike’s caliber. The Church Doctrine confronts the Invincible Ignorance of the modern world head on. Mike’s approach is Catholic, Constitutional and [r]epublican and so are many of his guests including:

Dr. Kevin Gutzman – Author James Madison & the Making of America

Christopher Ferrara – Author Liberty The God That Failed

Robert Sungenis – Theologist. Producer, Director & Author of Galileo Was Wrong

David Simpson – Author Financial Sanity and co-host with Mike Church of SiriusXM Patriot, Mike Church Show’s “Wisdom Wednesday”. Co-Host of Mike Church’s Tuesday evening “Philosophia Perennis” class and chatroom.

Brother André Marie – Co-Host of Mike Church’s Tuesday evening “Philosophia Perennis” class and chatroom. Author, blogger and lecturer. Since 2002 Br. André has been Prior of  the St. Benedict Center, in NH.

Rick deLano – Producer of The Principle

Steve Cunningham – Citizen Apologist, Crusader and ‘Murican

J Arthur Bloom – Opinion Page Editor of The Daily Caller, publisher of the Mitrailleuse Blog and fill-in host for The Mike Church Show on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel.

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Church Doctrine
Click for the LIVE Audio Stream. Note, some Windows users MAY have to delete the .pls from this url or use the BACKUP STREAM LINK listed below.

Click THIS LINK to open in Windows Media Players IF the above link does not work

THE RUMBLE CHAT WINDOW SHOULD APPEAR BELOW THIS LINE OF COPY. YOU CAN LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK, TWITTER OR AS A GUEST. You may also try and navigate the circular maze that is Rumble Talk’s website and try and figure out how to make an account there. 3 people have succeeded in this endeavor thus far and RumbleTalk knows they have an awful interface for new users but didn’t design the chat to work with non-hispsters who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter. Complain to THEM, not us, we already complained and you are reading the results.

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