The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Spendora Galaxy to Obama/Biden, come in Obama/Biden…over…. acknowledge that the GM/Chrysler bailouts did NOT work, repeat the cost of the bailout has risen to $25 BILLION

Moderators for the Presidential debates are announced, alas, Dr. Gutzman and I did not make the cut

Oh noooo, Paul Ryan voted FOR the bailout of Chrysler/GM, well so much for having the ol’ conservative-devotee and defender of the Constitution, upper hand

VIDEO: Erskine Bowles is a fan of Ryan, even called him a “genius” and this was AFTER the Simpson/Bowles Commission adjourned with its recommendations that the “genius” Ryan, voted against

Obama inventing news: “Paul Ryan is hurting farmers” by holding up Dear Leader’s irrigation & agricultural relief bill

Speaking of the Constitution, Juan Williams declares this time we live in as “The era of Ron Paul” but I think he MUST have mean this is the era of another Paul … last name Ryan!?

Antle III: Romney’s contradictions are the GOP’s and there is no evidence the Paul Ryan of GW Bush years will be anything but a big talking, big spending Republican

All you need to know: WSJ Headline boasts of Paul Ryan’s “NeoCON Manifesto” as a good thing that makes him our guy!

Should the South secede or should the North “LET” the South out of the deal so we can “be ruled by snake handlers”? (ummm, yeah!)

Helen Gurly Brown the “original Carrie Bradshaw” has died, the author of “Sex and the single girl” Gurley inspired a generation of women to begin undoing 2,500 years of Western Culture, biological fact and virtuous lifestyles

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Bud Myers

I’m glad you read all these articles and make sense of them, Mike. I’m halfway through the article and I would be yelling at my computer if I wasn’t being quiet in a hotel room….


The comments were even more disturbing than the interview. Frightening

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