Los Angeles City Council Bans "Hoes" – Mike Church Show Exclusive

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    Los Angeles City Council Bans "Hoes" – Mike Church Show Exclusive TheKingDude

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The City of Los Angeles is out there passing resolutions banningcertain kinds of speech, or calling for a ban on certain kinds of speech on talk radio.  They actually had a vote on it.  This is whats shocking.  They actually voted on it.  They voted for the resolution, which is — I dont know what they hope to accomplish by this.  I see we have a call or two on hold — here it is, L.A. City Council urges end to racist, sexist language on radio.


The Los Angeles City Council called Tuesday for radio outlets to put an end to racist and sexist language on the airwaves.  The resolution, passed on a 13-2 vote, is a symbolic statement decrying a recent comment by John and Ken of KFI-AM (640).  The duo . . . referred to Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston as a crack ho on the air.  Though an original draft of the resolution focused specifically on thestation and its parent company, Clear Channel Media, an amendmentbroadened the target to all local media outlets.

[end reading]

Mike:  So theyre offended by the use of the term ho, H-O, and what John and ken said about Whitney Houston.  I dont know what the Los Angeles City Council — heres what I wouldlike — no, Im about to play for you, while were on the subject ofculture here, Im about to play for you a two-minute montage.  There are radio edits in here.  Im about to play for you a montage of songs that have all appeared onurban or hip-hop stations across the amber waves of field.  These are all Top 40 urban records.  What I want to know of the Los Angeles City Council, if theyre going to ban these. 

[musical montage playing]

Mike:  Anything on your iPod in that mix?

AG:  Yeah, most of them.

Mike:  Shouldnt we ban your iPod?  If youre going to single out these guys, John and Ken — I actually met them.  I know those two.  You lived out in L.A.  Did you ever run into that?

AG:  I did not work out of that Clear Channel office, but I know the show.

Mike:  You know the two.  You know John and Ken?

AG:  Yeah.

Mike:  If youre going to say, [mocking] You cant refer to Whitney Houston like that, well, how come?  Snoop Dogg does.  You heard that montage.  Thats all Top 40 hits.  No one seems to have a problem with that.  Is it the word ho or does it matter the color of the skin or the person that says, or sings, the words?

AG:  The offensive part is that they would make — I mean, when John and Ken said that a couple days after Whitney died or whatever, the offensivepart is that there was an assumption that by using crack ho, they were degrading the black race.  Its such a jump to conclusions that they are ultimately the onesstereotyping what John and Ken said, not John and Ken who are speakingabout an individual.

Mike:  Yeah, but as I just demonstrated to you and the audience, thats not true.  The stereotype has been going on forever and its been going on fromthose that are now, I guess ostensibly some of them, crying andscreaming racism. 


Though an original draft of the resolution focused specifically on thatstation, they then expanded it to all local media outlets.

[Mike: If you play Snoop Dogg out there in L.A., you ought to get fined, too.]

After the controversial comments, KFI ordered seven-day suspensions for the popular . . .

[Mike:  They get suspended all the time.  They do.  These guys have to have the world record in suspensions.]

A message left with the station seeking comment was not returned.  Activist Jasmyn Cannick urged the council to let not only Americaknow, but let the world know that in one of the most diverse cities inthe world that kind of language is not acceptable.

[end reading]

Mike:  Okay, Ill bite.  Again, is it acceptable when its sang?  This is the other part of the problem.  You hear about Pat Buchanan being censored from the MSNBC airwaves because he dared to use the term Balkanized.  This is what Buchanan is talking about.  So basically, wheres Johnny Beefcake Edwards when you need him?  You have two Americas.  [mocking Edwards]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio -The Los Angeles City Council has deemed that you cannot use the term"Hoe" or "Hoes" on talk radio because it is derogatory towards women and racist. But what’s the difference between all of the songs on Top 40radio that sing about "hoes" and talk radio? Check out this clip fromthe Mike Church Show for more about "hoes." And you can listen to the"hoes" montage right here also!

Los Angeles City Council Bans Hoes On TalkRadio|
  I see two Americas there.  Theres one America they can use the word ho and get away with it and another that cant. 

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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