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Madness In Manchester: Let’s Hug, Hope And Not Hate, Muslims Are Awesome

Mandeville, LA – After reading the 399th apologetic brief for practicing Islam, I am compelled to bring some historical truth to the matter. But, before proceeding I pose a question to those manning the religious plurality ramparts in, by and for the name of Allah. If Islam is so “peaceful, rich, reverent, respectable, rewarding, positive, endearing, compassionate, powerful, fervent, red-white and green awesome”, why haven’t YOU converted to it? If it is truly the greatest religion in the history of religions save for the 20-30 million “extremist…radicals” it has created, what have you to lose other than a seat next to Eddie Money and “Two Tickets To Paradise”?

Because all the while those forgiving fools in Brussels stood with their stupid hands raised in hearts to the sky, another mischief was in the making. More death was in the pipeline. – Katie Hopkins, 23 March, 2017.

What’s that, it’s not your “cup of tea” or “I prefer to remain non-denominational and non-judgemental”. No, you prefer to remain a coward and refuse to pick up those crossed pieces of wood and bear them like the Nazarethan who bore them for you and your sins…coward. It is far easier to choose the side of consensus and social-media wind direction, whatever that may be today; but the problem with that is you will ultimately run out of choices and the “radical Muslim” standing before you isn’t going to give you one. Go ahead, offer a hug, a #standtogether tweet and a 1 year free subscription to Charlie Hebdo and see if Nonameah Eezlam takes you out for fish and chips.

Let me be clear: the problem at hand IS Islam. Full stop. Don’t ask questions. Read and repeat. Admit the truth then conform your mind to The Truth. You may die but at least you’ll die in the “odor of sanctity”. That’s what the historical record, we might call them “facts” say. That’s what over 10 million devout readers of the Koran say. And the slaughter of little girls and women is as much a part of Islam as blue is a part of the Mediterranean. Witness just one account of “Muslim extremists” from the 16th century.

“Selim II invaded Cyprus, the source of his favorite vintage. Half the population were Greek Orthodox serfs laboring under the exacting rule of their Venetian Catholic masters, and they offered little resistance. The Venetian senate was half-hearted about fighting for the island; upon receiving word of the invasion, senate members voted by the very small margin of 220 to 199 to defend it.

The Turks rolled through Cyprus, and after a forty-six day siege, the capital city of Nicosia fell on September 9, 1570. The 500 Venetians in the garrison surrendered on terms, but once the city gates were opened, the Turks rushed in and slaughtered them. Then they set on the civilian population, massacring twenty thousand people, “some in such bizarre ways that those merely put to the sword were lucky.” Every house was plundered. To protect their daughters from rape, mothers stabbed them and then themselves, or threw themselves from the rooftops. Still, “[t]wo thousand of the prettier boys and girls were gathered and shipped off as sexual provender for the slave markets in Constantinople.”

Awwww, now isn’t that sweet of the “moderates” that must have prevailed over Selim II’s “extremist” views of Islam, taking some of the children in as sex orphans!? Yes, yes, I know, the corner store grocer is an awesome, moderate Muslim and captain of the pee-wee baseball team, and today he may be, but, when the “orthodox” come for the rest of the team he’ll either A. go orthodox and assist in the use and placement of baseball bats among the children and their parents (see above) or B. reject orthodoxy and join you and the ball team in martyrdom thus making him NO LONGER MUSLIM. Yes, then he/she/it becomes a mongrel dog and thus eligible, nay becomes a coveted candidate for elimination that produces a ticket to ride with Eddie Money. Still not convinced? How about this dialogue from Saint John Bosco who cared for children at the near end of the Ottoman-Muslim-empire.

“We could say the Koran (Qur’an) is a series of errors, the most enormous ones being against morality and the worship of the true God. For example, it excuses from sin those who deny God out of fear of death; it permits revenge; it guarantees its followers a Paradise filled only of earthly pleasures. In short, this false prophet’s doctrine permits things so obscene, that the Christian soul is horrified just naming them. Mohammed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. e book of Mohammed’s laws is called the Qur’an i.e. the book par excellence. is religion is also called Turkish (Ottoman) since it is widely used in Turkey; Muslim [Musulmana] derives from Mosul, the name that the Mohammedans give to their prayer director; Islamism, from the name of some of its reformers, at any rate, is still the same religion Mohammed established.”

Oh please, Mitter Bosco, you 19th century “racist”! Where do you get “opinions” like that from?  I’ll tell you: from the readings and ramblings of the madman and his brothers who are now plotting the next terror attack in the UK. Lest they be swayed by a #StandingTogether hashtag and the resignation it fills its sycophants with.

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