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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mail: Mike, You Need To Listen To Rush & Stop Confronting NeoCons On-Air

Mandeville, LA – Here is your daily dose of “Mike if you only did your show the way Rush does it and toed the NeoCon/DeceptiCON line, you’d be a success, email.

Boy it is really you against your listeners lately

You seem to be taking the opposite position of what anyone says- I hear people calling and AGREEING with you and you jump all over them and “you people” in the  audience

There was a discussion on just about this same thing- several people said they hoped Michael Savage came to satellite radio in your time slot

When you are doing the little known history of The Constitution stuff you are THE BEST

But lately you have been jumping all over any caller.

It seems you have forgotten your primary job is to be entertaining and attract and keep an audience.   Cranky and irritable is not a good on-air persona.

Listen to Rush- he is the best at that. Listen to what he SAYS about that.  He is funny AND  entertaining AND enlightening. I laugh out loud AND learn news.  Glenn Beck is enlightening too- and HILARIOUS.  Mark Levin is cranky and irritable but in very amusing ways (“Get off my show I don’t have time for mental patients”)  When I listen to these shows I am ENJOYING it, even when I don’t agree with everything they say.

You are enlightening, but getting less and less funny and entertaining, and getting more bitter and angry at “you people” (your audience)

If you ONLY want to teach you should apply for a job at a college, you are certainly very knowledgeable on this topic, I often wonder if you have an actual PhD in History. (you never said your education, that I am aware of)

Believe it or not I LIKE YOUR SHOW and want to keep you on the air and growing as successful as Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc…. but I don’t think you like criticism or react to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism well.

Lighten up Francis- we got a war to win, against the liberal media whorenalists 5th column.

Mike K.

P.S.  Your music is ….amateurish.  (What is “eh-NER-gy”?  you can’t just reparse words and syllables and put emphasis wherever you like)  it is painful to listen to sometimes


Mike Church responds to Mike K.

Dear Michael,

If you don’t like my “direction” lately than it is YOU who have changed, I have not wavered one millimeter from previous stands or positions. For the record, I actually LIKE what you seem to be so pissed off about. I LIKE confrontation with callers because it elevates the yes man discourse to actual debate, is there a problem with that?

Could any of us, me included, do a better job at all that we do, certainly. The fact that you have written such a long list of grievances tells me that you highly value your own opinion and take on doing things very highly. You can draw your own psychological conclusion as to what that says of your thoughts on my practices were it smilier (which you obviously disapprove of).

I appreciate the effort on my behalf and will work to Improve but I must say, your childish, nitpicking over pronunciation is what is amateurish about this entire episode. “P.S.  Your music is ….amateurish.  (What is “eh-NER-gy”?  you can’t just reparse words and syllables and put emphasis wherever you like)  it is painful to listen to sometimes”

I am posting your letter to my site and Facebook as I type, if you advise me I will not publish your last name.

I will remain then, your humble deviant,

Mike Church


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Edward G Kamieniak Jr


Thank You for what you do every day for our country sir. I just hope we may keep it.

Jeff in Vegas

Mike, I for one appreciate your insight and commentary. I’ve been levying the same complaints about the GOP for several years and have only become more frustrated with that alleged Grand Ol’ Party over the last two presidential cycles. I find myself particularly frustrated by the consistant beating of the drum that we have to continue to “vote for the lesser of two evils” speak so that we can “Elect them and hold their feet to the fire” I find what you are doing just that holding their feet to the fire and I can’t get over the number of GOP hacks who continue to keep supporting the poor efforts that their party continues to throw at the wall in an effort to see what sticks.

The biggest indicator of the decline of the Republican Party is the ineptitude of the House of Representin’ since the midterm election in 2010 which gave them the power in the House and how well they have done since that point. Way to go Boehner you are really cutting spending and leading the party in a path forward.

I know I keep hearing a lot of the talking heads from the Neocon media saying that they are upset with the GOP but they continue to support the same candidates year after year. Can you really show me a sincere difference between any of the acceptable candidates that they threw at us in the last election. With the obvious exception of Dr. Ron Paul everyone of them was the same empty suit full of pseudo hawkishness, cut the size of government, repeal and replace “Obamacare”, tax reform and get small business going again reformers that we’ve been hearing about for decades now.

I’m not going to say that I think Dr. Paul would have won against Obama but I do think he was finally a voice for the honest citizenry and it’s a shame that the GOP can’t recognize that the United States is yearning for a change from the government growth that they have been party too at best and creators of at worst. I think it would be really enlightening to see how much better most of the Neocon medias alleged positions line up with Dr. Paul’s platform and have them point out that their only true criticism of him was that he was “weak on defense” defined as he didn’t think we should bomb the Iranians back into the biblical age.

I’m tired of them and their B.S. Mike keep up the good work and know that you’ve got a sincere fan here speaking the truth whenever he sees it. If the GOP faithful are serious about holding the feet of their politicians to the fire they can start by repealing and replacing the likes of John Boehner and the rest of the GOP hacks who won’t do what the people have elected them to do “Cut, Cut, Cut” Cut spending, Cut Government Programs, Cut the Deficit, Cut out the business as usual and get to the work of the people.

I know I’m preaching to the choir but the reality is that the political class does not appear to be able to be unseated and it’s about time that we concider the words of the decleration.

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

I think that you are doing the founders work every day when I listen to your show but I fear that the growth of Glen Becks programs are a result that many believe it is already to late to stop it. Thanks for your efforts.

Steve W

I sort of understand what this guy Mike K. is saying about Mr. Church beating up on people that echo his own sentiments, but I believe that it is mostly due to the fact that listeners are nervous about being live on the radio and do not clearly state their positions. Listen to the on demand show after the live show and I am sure you will see my point.

That being said, how can anyone compare Mike Church to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck – the pom pom waving cheerleaders of NeoCon High School!?! I can’t stand listening to either of those Bush Republican, party first, yes men.

I have great respect for Mr. Church’s view points because he bases his opinions on fact; the principals that the founding fathers of our nation set forth in their writings and the numerous historical documents that he presents on a daily basis.

If you want simple entertainment and the unwavering edification of the Republican party line, then by all means, listen to Rush and Glenn, but if you actually want to learn something and you can handle a challenge to the warm-fuzzy comforts of the status quo, then the Mike Church Show is the only choice.

Don Collins

Rock on Mike…….I have to tell my lib friends the same thing all the time and alot of my so called conservative friends the same thing. I always tell them when it comes to true freedom, Their is but a hairs breath of difference between the 2 partys…..but there is a wide swath of difference in the propaganda. I know I didnt make this up, but I cant seem to find who said it……Tyranny by the lesser of 2 evils is still tyranny and it is still evil.

Steve Cunningham

King Dude,
I’ve been loving the show recently & when I hear these people call in I’m going ‘what the heck are you guys talking about?!” this “toe the line” & “we must unite behind Mitt” stuff is unreal. What is with this trying to silence debate? As GK Chesterton said in an argument both sides should learn something. It doesn’t seem they want to learn anything but just get Dear Leader out. Great but replace him with what? Another tyrant? The establishment radio is unlistenable no matter what ‘energy’ in their music is (what is that he meant anyways?).
Keep pounding!


Mike, please keep doing what it is you do best. I just don’t understand why some people want you to be more like the rest of the radio talk mafia. The way see it. The more variety in radio host the better, in order to get an alternative point view.


i agree. I sense that some of this critisism is a result of the frustration of see-ing poll numbers reflecting poorly for Romney

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