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Lord Christopher Monckton From Paris

road-to-independence-BH-RTI-CD-detailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Lord Monckton is live in Paris, France.   He is at the climate summit, or as I have termed it, Lord, and that’s where I want to turn our conversation for our final round here, as I have termed it, the First Church of Paganism Synod on the Climate.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Lord Christopher Monckton:  . . . having done an allegedly very careful survey and then get the result, then publishes the result directly opposite to what his own notes show that he himself came to as the result.  If he falsifies that result – we’ve actually caught somebody doing this in a very important matter of whether or not there was a consensus about – you hear this endless figure of 97 percent consensus.  It turns out to be based on one of the cheesiest frauds I’ve ever had to investigate.  We have already talked to the police about it in one of the jurisdictions concerned, and the police have said, having looked at it very carefully and the evidence we presented in the form of sworn statements, that a deception was present.

They’re now thinking about – they don’t really want to prosecute.  They’d rather not, but the pressure on them is mounting because now this international theoretics committee, which is eminent professors from all around the world, has said we can no longer allow our earth sciences in which we are all professors to be damaged, and the reputation of science itself destroyed by these communist liars.  They said: We’re not going to have this anymore.  We’re going to set up a fraud investigation team under the committee to investigate a few specific frauds and a few specific fraudsters and put them behind bars.  We’ll get the prosecution done by the public authorities after we have made the case to them very quietly, no names – I won’t be naming anybody on the air.  We won’t do that.  We will do the research responsibly and carefully.  We’ll get relevant professors and doctors of science to check it to make sure that we’ve done it right and that our effort is good and true.  We will then invite them to join with the committee in making the complaint jointly, so that it carries the weight of serious professors of science who are concerned at the way that science has been corrupted by this presence.

We have estimated that it will only take two or three successful prosecutions for outright scientific fraud for the entire global warming scare to collapse.  They’ll all run for cover.  All people who are now thinking I can just get a grant, and as long as I tell the same lies as everybody else they won’t catch me.  That’s what they’re all doing at the moment.  The moment two or three of them get banged up, go to jail for telling lies in their scientific papers so that the rest of us have to pay savage extra taxes and electricity costs – people are dying in the UK because they can no longer afford to heat their houses.

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That is a very serious consequence of this fraud.  In Africa, where they desperately need the cheap, clean, reliable, easy-to-maintain and continuous power that only coal can give them, and nobody is going to build a coal-fired power station there because of this alleged, this pure lie, this scam about global warming, there are tens of millions dying every year because Africa does not have universal electricity.

You can look at Africa by satellite and you can see Europe just to the north of it blazing with light, the whole Arab world blazing with light, and then the whole dark continent, dark in the literal sense, virtually not a single light bulb to be seen anywhere from space on the entire continent.  One of the reasons is, instead of getting together internationally and say: How do we lift these poor and developing countries out of poverty?  The fastest way to do that is to give them cheap, clean, reliable, continuous fossil-fueled electricity, chiefly from coal because that’s the cheapest way to give them electricity.

Mike:  That sounds like a solution –

Lord Monckton:  They’ll say: No, you can’t have that.

Mike:  That sounds like a solution to a problem, and these people aren’t about solving problems unless the problem is a deficit in their banking accounts.  I wanted to move the conversation to another subject that I know you are very familiar with and a bit of an expert on.  That is, when we hear about the ice caps have all melted, there’s no ice left on the North Pole and all the polar bears are swimming and all this sort of nonsense here, you have documented that this geographical place that we can find on a globe called the Northwest Passage, it seems to always close up when they say that the world has gotten the hottest.  What can you tell us about that?

Lord Monckton:  The Northwest Passage, of course, has been open in various previous periods in history.  Most recently, for instance, it was actually sailed through in 1903 by an intrepid Norwegian.  In a little sailing boat he got through.  In 1945 it was open again.  Since then, it’s been firmly shut.  That means that there hasn’t been sufficient warming to reopen the Northwest Passage, which has twice in the past century been open.  The ice in the North Sea is a very interesting story.  You’ve got the north polar and the south polar ice caps.  The south polar ice cap has been growing inexorably more or less throughout the last 35 years.  Satellites have been able to give us proper monitoring of it.  If you take, therefore, the global extent of sea ice, it’s actually greater now, or very nearly greater now, than any time in the satellite record.  There’s been a little bit of a decline globally if you take the two and add them together.  There has been a little bit of ice in the Arctic but not very much.  It’s not really that serious.  Besides, actually losing ice in the Antarctic or the Arctic is a good thing.

Polar bears originally evolved from the brown bear and went out onto the ice because the weather became too cold and they needed to try and find seals to get enough blubber to keep their body temperature up.  They eventually evolved their transparent fur, which looks white in the reflection from the snow.  It’s actually transparent, of course.  They evolved from the brown bear.  If the weather got warmer, they’d simply go back onto the land and become brown bears again.  That’s how life evolves.  Even if we were to get the complete disappearance of the polar ice cap in the North Sea, the sea level wouldn’t rise by a single millimeter because the north polar ice cap is floating.  If that melts, then the sea level remains exactly the same, the nearest fraction of a millimeter.  It makes no difference at all.  It doesn’t make any difference to the polar bears.  It doesn’t make any difference to anyone.  Only about one percent of all living species on Earth live at the North and South Poles.  Ninety percent live in the tropics, and the rest are all in between.

Mike:  That’s right.

Lord Monkton:  What you learn from that is that the warmer the planet gets, the more species you’re likely to get, the more you’re likely to see life springing across the planet.  That is the truth of it.  It’s a pretty obvious truth at that.  The fact that the left and the climate communists have succeeded in pretending that the most obvious truths are in fact the precise opposite of what they are, that’s what we’re going after.  We’re not going to allow any longer outfits like Greenpeace that tell lies in their advertising – every time they tell a lie now, anyone who sees that lie can report it to our fraud investigation team.  There will be a website in due course where you can do this.  We will then check out the facts, find out whether the people who put that advertisement in knew that they were telling a lie, and if they did know and they still told the lie, we will prosecute.

Mike:  They should be prosecuted.

Lord Monckton:  That’s the way it’s going to go.

Mike:  Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Lord Monckton is live in Paris, France.   He is at the climate summit, or as I have termed it, Lord, and that’s where I want to turn our conversation for our final round here, as I have termed it, the First Church of Paganism Synod on the Climate.  I wanted to ask you, the people who you called communist, and many of them are escaped from old red communist Russia, but there are many that are not in power that are adherents to this, those that in the media, those that are basically global warming and climate scare groupies.  These people actually are, as you pointed out in your email, they’re practicing a form of religion, but it’s more of a form of superstition because there’s nothing to this religion.  What do you say about that?

Lord Monckton:  Let’s draw the distinction between the word religion, which is a belief system, which may or may not be true – and science cannot tell us either way.  So, for instance, the Christian religion comes under that category because science has established that it will never be able to tell how the universe got going.  We know there was a big bang, but we don’t know who or what made the big bang.  We know that we never will know that.  It was Max Planck a hundred years ago who proved that we couldn’t ever establish how that happened.  So that’s religion.  It may or may not be true.  We believe it; other people might now.  That you can’t prove either way.

Climate ChangeA superstition is different in that it can be and has been proven false and yet it’s a system of belief that people still adhere to.  That is what the climate scam is.  So we no longer call them alarmists, or we don’t really call them climate communists anymore.  We just call them “believers.”  That is a deadly term to them because they are the people who tried to say this is all scientific.  We just call them believers.  What they are doing is they are believing in things which we know, and they, many of them, know not to be true.  Now, of course, you can’t prosecute a useful idiot for fraud.  Most of the governments, they come in the category of useful idiots.  They haven’t enough scientific wit or intellect or rigor to understand any of the elementary points on this.  So they’ve just drifted along with the climate communists.

The trouble with the believers is that they are fanatics.  They shriek and they yell and they try to destroy the reputations of anyone who dares to speak out against them.  If you want to do well in government, you learn not to speak out on subjects like this, because, otherwise, you have all these believers shrieking at you and trying to destroy your reputation or rewriting your Wikipedia page, all these kinds of things that they get up to.  There’s a lot of money being paid by these climate believing organizations to destroy the reputations of people like me.  Of course, governments tend, therefore, to keep their heads down.  In doing that, they’re not committing fraud.  They’re committing cowardice, but that’s another matter.  Fraud is where these environmental organizations and a small number of scientists who are deliberately peddling what they know to be not true or what they know may be not true.  They’re saying things are true when they don’t know whether they’re true or not.  That is also fraud if they’re intending thereby to gain money for themselves or to deprive other people because of what they’re saying.  So we’re being very careful to stick only to those cases where it comes within the legal definition of fraud and when we can definitely get it for it.

You’re quite right, this is a superstition.  It’s extraordinary that in this end of the 21st century, where we were told we were in the age of enlightenment and reason, suddenly, thanks to this totalitarian, hard left believing political movement, suddenly science itself is kicked over, and falls over, and likes it because the left have got control of all the leaders of government cash, taxpayers’ money, and they’re pouring it into the pockets of those scientists who are willing to acquiesce, take the grants, and keep their mouths shut.  There is also a category of fraud certainly recognized in UK law, which is where a circumstance changes, and your responsibility is to point out that this has changed and you don’t, and you intend thereby to cause somebody a loss or to make a profit for yourself, that is fraud.  We’ve now had nearly 19 years with no global warming at all.  The scientific community, a very large proportion of it, is in total denial about this.

Mike:  That’s a lot of fraud, Lord Monckton.

Lord Monckton:  They do not in any sense make any check to their predictions are true, even though it’s blindingly obvious now on the record that what they had predicted was originally wrong.

Mike:  That’s correct.


Lord Monckton:  That silence on the part of scientists who ought to be telling us that they got it wrong and they’ve got to modify their theory, that is fraud.  It is fraud under UK law, and I think under US law, too.  We’ve got a US lawyer here because he’s advising us on this.  We will be asking him to have a look at this.  We are going to go after not only those who have been speaking out and openly lying about this, but also those who, having got things wrong in the past, whether deliberately or otherwise, have failed to correct their original position since then, knowing that they should have done so.  That, too, is fraud.  We’re going to start holding these scientists to exactly the same account as any other member of society would if you were in a corporation –

Mike:  You couldn’t get away with this if you were at a corporation.

Lord Monckton:  – hammered and you didn’t tell your shareholders, that’s fraud.  Now these scientists are going to find their culpable silence, allowing their colleagues to tell the lies and they sit on their hands and don’t do anything about it, they can be done for fraud, too.  We’re going to build up the pressure on the scientific community to police itself.  That’s going to be the most effective way in which this committee is going to work.

Mike:  Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, before you go, a couple things I’d like to just inform the audience.  Number one, read Lord Monckton’s papers at The Heartland Institute and at other popular – you can read them at ClimateDepot.  He


is a good friend of Marc Morano.  We’re going to have Marc Morano on tomorrow, whose wonderful film Climate Hustle is debuting at the Paris summit.  Number two, Lord Christopher Monckton is the best-dressed man in all of climate science.  If you see any of Lord Monckton’s photographs on the internet, you’re always, I believe the English word is dapper.  Is that correct?

Lord Monckton:  I think we would simply say we were aristocratically correct.

Mike:  The third thing, you can always tell what button someone is pushing and whether or not they’re on the right or wrong side of an issue or a movement, a global movement like this one is, by what the opposition says about them.  I was reading the opposition research on you last night.  Did you know that according to the clowns at Climate Asylum and the DeSmogBlog and some of these others, the big knock on you, Lord Monckton, is that your scientific pedigree does not comport with what they say a scientist who’s studying the great arts of climate science and of climate change must have.  It’s not that you don’t have credentials, it’s that you don’t have credentials that they like.  What do you say to that?

Lord Monckton:  Pass me a handkerchief and I’ll send them a violin for Christmas.  The truth of the matter is this, that I write, quite regularly now, papers on the mathematics and predicting of this at a very high level, and in the leading scientific journals.  I’ve had two papers this year, for instance, in the journal of the Chinese Academy of Science.  It’s the largest academy of sciences in the world.  You don’t get into journals of that standing without going through the most rigorous peer review.  But, of course, the reviewers don’t know who I am and I don’t know who they are.  All they’ve got to go on is the science I put in my papers.  If they allow that science to be printed, that means they think it’s science.  Frankly, I don’t care what the corrupt DeSmogBlog thinks.  That was founded and funded by a convicted internet gaming fraudster whom a judge in whatever state it was ordered to pay 185 million pounds in a combination of fines and reparations to the people he’d ripped off in an internet gaming bank that was bogus.  If that’s the kind of people who are saying I’m a bad thing, I’m proud of it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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