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Manufactured Outrage At Confederate Flags Solves Nothing

Mike's famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx
Mike’s famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx

Mandeville, LA – In his still to be refuted or even challenged history lesson on the Constitutional right to secession Is Davis a Traitor?, Albert Taylor Bledsoe reminded readers, still suffering the ravages of Lincoln and his Republican hecnhmen, of the dubious outrage of “the abolitionist North” directed at the Confederate Flag South, that they hated the wrong flag.

“Such was the gentle and persuasive language, and such were the loyal sentiments, of the abolitionists from 1844 to 1861. The following resolutions were passed at a meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society:

Resolved, That secession from the United States Government is the duty of every Abolitionist, since no one can take office or de- posit his vote under the Constitution without violating his anti- slavery principles, and rendering himself an abettor to the slave- holder in his sin.’

Resolved, ‘That years of warfare against the slave power has convinced us that every act done in support of the American Un- ion rivets the chain of the slave—that the only exodus of the slave to freedom, unless it be one of blood, must be over the re- mains of the present American Church and the grave of the ‘present Union.’

Resolved, That the Abolitionists of this country should make it one of the primary objects of this agitation to dissolve the American Union.’

Yet of all the war-spirits in the country, these very men were the loudest and fiercest in their cries for a war of coercion to put down secession, as rebellion and treason. In its burning hate of the Union, the Tribune had become poetical, and addressed The American Flag as follows:

Tear down that flaunting lie! Half-mast the starry flag! Insult no sunny sky With hate’s polluted rag!


I will spare all of you the agony of watching South Carolina descend into a satire of moral courage by beating up on a 2 ft x 4 ft rectangular piece of poly-cotton dyed with Indigo and scarlet ink. Logic dictates that flags are inanimate objects that are neither racist nor sexually active. Cloak yourself in one that blasphemes against the beauty of God’s creation called the rainbow and you are a Saint.

Look upon the rainbow, and bless him that made it: it is very beautiful in its brightness.  It encompasseth the heaven about with the circle of its glory, the hands of the most High have displayed it. – Ecclesiaticus 43; 12-15

Cloak yourself, nay get within a city block of another [flag] that honors and distinguishes the graves of 450,000 men, women and children killed in an UnJust war and you are “symbol of hate”. I have a suggestion for the phony sympathizers outraged at the “loss of black life” (a genuine tragedy). Find an abortion clinic near you to weep and demand an end to the killing of innocent life of ALL races and the monsters that perpetrate the crimes, no flag is needed.

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Hampton Dews

Mike, you are spot on concerning the phoney outrage over the Confederate Battle Flag. I would only add that since the establishment of these states United, it was the Stars & Stripes that flew over American slave ships. Not the Confederate Battle Flag. Moreover, the same Stars & Stripes flew over the Federal Government’s genocidal war against our Native Americans. I could go on….but you’ve already hit it out of the park.

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