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My_Story_of_America_1920_1080Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Marc Morano, the producer and the creator behind the fantastic movie Climate Hustle, and proprietor of is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  By the way, our threat is not the Russians or terrorism or Islam; it is climate change, the greatest threat to our life according to the whole Democratic [unintelligible], according to Bernie Sanders, according to President Obama, and according to the James Cameron film played last night.  We live in a bizarro world right now.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s talk to Marc Morano of Climate Depot here.  Speaking of Russians, ex-Russians, ex-Communists currently ply their communism, their evil craft in environmentalism today.  Marc Morano, the producer and the creator behind the fantastic movie Climate Hustle, and proprietor of is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Brother Morano, how are you?

Marc Morano:  I’m doing well, Mike.  Thanks for having me.  By the way, our threat is not the Russians or terrorism or Islam; it is climate change, the greatest threat to our life according to the whole Democratic [unintelligible], according to Bernie Sanders, according to President Obama, and according to the James Cameron film played last night.  We live in a bizarro world right now.

Mike:  I watched the film.  I don’t have the sound on on my television because I would erupt all day long.  I watched it.  I’m sitting here watching it.  I see Sigourney Weaver introduced.  I’m like: Oh, this is going to be great.  Then I’m watching all the smoke and the polar bears and everything else.  Then I see he interviews the usual suspects, Jack Black and whoever else.  I’m going: I’m just going to ask Marc to comment on this because he probably suffered through it.  What was the movie about?

Morano:  The movie was basically about five and a half minutes.  The whole gist of it was we have destabilized our atmosphere, so now every hurricane, flood, drought, storm is now our fault.  They actually had – it was as low as you can go for filmmaking, meaning they had the mother of some daughter who got lost in the waves or something and she’s saying she lost her daughter.  They’re blaming it on mankind’s emissions of carbon dioxide, a mother who lost her daughter.  Then they interview a bunch of, at least one farmer.  He claims the crop yields are down, that he can’t cook, that food is going more expensive.  Meanwhile we’re still having record crop yields.  There’s nothing wrong with our agriculture.  On every single metric, it completely avoided science.

What James Cameron did in this film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver narrated, they went through and just did an appeal to emotion.  It was all just: Because these bad things happen, this is our fault.  It’s due to climate change and there’s evil deniers out there.  Meanwhile, they missed the basic science.  Droughts, which they spent a lot of time on in the short video, there’s actually no trend in global droughts.  In other words, as bad as the California drought is, as bad as any other drought you can point to, we are either on declining or no trend globally on 60 years.  Even in the United States, we’re in a declining trend.  There’s just no scientific data.  You can always go somewhere and find some bad event and say: My gosh, this is due to climate change!  That’s basically what it did.  It was just this scare movie, very short, unscientific, total appeal to emotion.  It’s what Hollywood actually does best.  It was very well-made, good graphics, good images, tugged at your heartstrings.  They made Donald Trump out to be the evil ogre because he doesn’t accept their vision of the science.  That’s your quick recap of the video.

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Mike:  I’m glad I didn’t subject myself to the sound now.  I was watching the president of the Vermont Republic, Bernie Sanders, and I’m thinking to myself: You have this convention.  You have Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.  In the State of Maryland, the people of Maryland – you live in Maryland, don’t you?

Morano:  I live in Virginia, which is much better, but I’m in the home of Tim Kaine.

Mike:  Your neighbors to the north in Maryland actually have to – I know people who moved from Maryland because of this.  They actually suffer under this ridiculous notion that the State of Maryland can turn the global thermostat down by regulating carbon and doing things with water and all this, and then passing taxes and all.  You have O’Malley speaking last night.  On Monday you had Sanders.  They both believe, or profess a faith in, what has to be – you and I are now what, 10, 20, 25 years into the first pronouncement back in the early ‘90s from Al Gore, [mocking] “The planet is gonna set itself on fire.”  We’ve been hearing about the end of mankind, the ozone layers and all this other stuff.  None of it has come to fruition.  What is amazing to me, Marc, is how the craft is still plied for profit.  These people are still more well-funded than our friends at Huntsville are.

Morano:  In fact, the money just keeps rolling – even a scientist named Michael Mann just recently said, one of the ClimateGate professors at Penn State, climate activist / scientist, said we don’t even need the data anymore.  We can see climate change out our windows.  You can see it every night in the news.  If that’s the case, why are we still funding the data?  Why are we still spending millions of dollars for President Obama to fly to these UN conferences?  Why does every agreement and regulation declare we’ve solved it, this is what we need to do?  They pat themselves on the back, then instead of moving onto another issue because they’ve solved global warming, the next cycle a couple months later we hear all about how it’s a grave problem and we need to solve it.  How many times do we have to solve it?  I thought we solved it back in Paris when we signed the UN climate treaty.  I thought we solved it when they announced the EPA climate regulations and shutting down coal plants.  They always act like there’s an air of victory, we’ve done it.  Then a month later they act as though they’ve never done anything and they want to keep solving it.  It’s an endless problem in their minds.  It’s a cash cow, as you said.  It’s not just a cash cow, for the Democrats, and this week at their convention, this is how they shore up their base.  They have to talk about this because they have a huge environmental, left-wing activist base that needs to hear this in order to put all the flyers out and get all excited.

Marc MoranoMike:  One of the funny things, they didn’t announce when Sigourney Weaver introduced the video.  James Cameron is not even an American citizen.

Morano:  That’s right.  Let’s talk about James Cameron.  I don’t know if you remember, but in 2010 James Cameron challenged skeptics to a debate, a street brawl, basically like a gunslinger.  It was going to be one on one.  He was going to shoot us and knock us down.  Then his people contacted me.  I arranged for Andrew Breitbart, a female climate filmmaker, and a couple others to get together in Colorado to debate him.  We were all set.  My plane landed in Colorado for this big James Cameron debate.  He pulled out at the last minute.  I said at the time he went from – what’s that famous line from Titanic?

Mike:  King of the world.

Morano:  King of the world to chicken of the sea.  He backed out.  This guy is all bravado.  He challenged us to a debate.  We agreed.  We flew to Colorado and then he cancelled right as my plane landed the day before the debate and never ever had the debate again.  He was advised by people that it was a no-win situation for him.  We had pictures of his house, which he had two houses put together.  I believe they were Belair mansions.  He drives a Corvette.  He travels around the world.  The idea that we all have to sacrifice, we being the masses, and he being part of the politburo, if you will, the people that make the decisions, James Cameron, Al Gore, John Kerry.  These are the people with the hugest carbon footprints and the people that want to limit our lifestyles because they see a climate crisis that science does not support.

Mike:  Marc Morano, the man behind and the film Climate Hustle is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Let’s switch gears for another favorite subject of yours.  Last night at the Dumbocrat National Circus, if you had to suffer this insufferable fate, at about 6 pm Eastern, I think it was, Ilyse Hogue of the National Abortion Rights Action League took to the stage and in a four-and-a-half-minute speech told the world very proudly and joyously that she had aborted her child several years earlier.  She then went on to say she had a family and child and this is how families come about.

My point is – I’m going to tie this to you.  Several years back there were people, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, that were saying guys like me and you that deny science need to be found, locked up, and maybe even executed, or detained or whatever, suppressed or whatever.  I think that people that actually roam the earth and can go on international television and make professions – she was very proud of it – like Ms. Hogue did, I think Bill Nye the Science Guy ought to turn his attention to her.  She’s responsible for the loss of more human life than I am or you are by advocating this: Hey, why don’t we just look at what the science says about the climate and not worry about what plants crave.  Right?

Morano:  Yeah.  In fact, you’re talking about abortion.  Back in the 19th century, they started looking at the science of when a fetus develops into a baby and when human life begins.  That’s when the whole anti-abortion movement really began, back in the 1850, ‘60s, ‘70s when doctors were shocked at it.  In a very similar way now, they’re using that issue, abortion – if you go back, you started out the segment, Mike, talking about all the tipping points and about how we’re all going to die and the end is near.  In the 1960s, this was Paul Ehrlich’s original vision.  It was a sort of eugenics-type vision.  Al Gore is carrying that on today.

The idea was they’re going to use abortion, what they’re calling family planning and other things, in Africa to limit their population so that the Earth can handle our population.  The Earth can’t handle it.  In fact, I actually have Al Gore, in Climate Hustle saying: We need to make family planning in Africa ubiquitous, population control ubiquitous because there’s projected to be basically too many Africans.  He actually gives a number of how many Africans there are going to be.  It’s interesting that white, wealthy people are worried about how many people of color are coming down the pike.  They want to basically get rid of them.  This goes back to Margaret Sanger.  It goes back to all that.  Now they have the opening night, someone proudly proclaiming their abortion.  Here’s the Climate Changequestion for you, Mike.  If black lives matter, why are Black Lives Matter worried about black lives mattering when it comes to unborn children in this country?  That’s the real question.

Mike:  It is a question.  Whenever they pan the crowd at the convention floor, you see all these people with Black Lives Matter t-shirts.  I agree, they do.  So do white lives and Asian lives and every other life.  What the Democrat convention has been about – I’ve been calling it Infanticide Fest 2016 – a string of woman after woman after woman after woman being brought up there.  It’s an obsession.  It seems to me that they have just become obsessed with this idea here.  This is what their calling card is, to fight back and to combat the insurgency or the rise of Trumpism, whatever you wish to call it.  It really is quite a spectacle to watch.  This is your response to the Republican convention?  Not that it was all that, but this is your response to Donald Trump?  Number one, politically, and you worked in politics for years, I don’t get it.  Number two, it’s demented.

Morano:  The other question is: Will it work politically?  I know Trump had a huge, some say record, convention bounce.  I don’t know what kind of bounce they’re going to get out of this convention.  Maybe the polls will go back to even.  Who knows, maybe it’ll stay the same, or Trump’s lead will even increase.  This has always been the Democrats, with these conventions, they always pander to their special interests and their base.  That always has a question of how well that plays in primetime.  We’ll see how this goes.  I thought President Obama’s speech last night – he’s a great speech giver.  The same with Bill Clinton, by the way.  That speech was hilarious in that he basically – I think he plagiarized the Harper Lee book To Kill a Mockingbird.  He took the opening sentence, if I’m not mistaken, right out of the book.  There’s no question whether he plagiarized, like they went after Trump’s wife.

It’s about storytelling.  James Cameron is about as fact-free as Bill Clinton’s love story about he and Hillary.  If you look back, Ben Bradley, the old editor of the Washington Post, said the Clintons has a marriage that you and I would never recognize as a marriage.  This was the liberal media commenting 20 years ago that they didn’t have a real marriage.  It was basically a political arrangement.  For them now to try to sell their marriage as some kind of storybook, fairytale romance, it’s actually a good sort of emblem of the entire Democratic Party Convention.  This is pure fantasy that they’re telling, but, in many ways, a very compelling way.  I thought Clinton’s speech was entertaining, same as President Obama’s.

Mike:  Clinton is always entertaining.  In case you’re keeping track of this, right now, this is polling after Tuesday night, from the Los Angeles Times, Donald Trump 47.4 percent, Hillary Clinton 40.1 percent.  If anything, thus far anyways, the gap is widening.  I think Trump stealing the headline yesterday with the story about the: I don’t know, if the Russians had 30,000 emails, I think it would do a great service if they were to release them.


Morano:  The best part of that was watching CNN and the commentators blowing gaskets.  [mocking] “Donald Trump has to be serious.  You can’t be making these kind of comments.  This is international diplomacy.”  They were beside themselves over what I thought was one of the greatest comments Trump could have made.  It was hilarious.  If you are going to hack stuff, imagine – I bet a hacker has got more chance of getting Hillary’s missing emails than the FBI ever would, especially given the Obama administration’s complete lack of interest in going after her and prosecuting.

Mike:  This is off the subject of Climate Hustle and Climate Depot.  As I said, you used to work for Senator Inhofe.  You worked on the Hill in Mordor on the Potomac River, as I call it.  There’s going to be high theater tonight, and everybody knows there’s supposed to be high theater with Elizabeth Warren introducing Hillary, and Hillary accepting the coronation that she’s been lusting after for 32 years or for however long.  I’m just theorizing here.  I realize this is a pure act in guessing.  I can’t sit here and think that Trump is not going to – he’s going to pull something.  He’s going to call Fox News in the middle of her speech and read some email that he got from Wikileaks or something to that effect.  Do you share my anticipation that there’s some big surprise coming tonight?

Morano:  Yeah.  One of the most fun of Trump’s candidacy is it’s no rules, just right.  That’s basically the way he’s run this whole thing.  He’s turned political convention on its head.  It’s always fun.  You never know what he’s going to say or do.  I’m not sure.  Maybe he’ll do another one of those world wrestling entrances at some other event.  Maybe he’ll crash the convention for all we know.  It’s the perfect candidate to run against Hillary because the only way, I think, to defeat her is to go after her.  Basically you have to be nasty.  You have to go past the mainstream media, which is climatehustle-picprotecting her.  I think if you look at McCain and Romney, they didn’t stand a chance against Obama because they were basically polite, used decorum, considered him their colleague, and they allowed the media to frame the whole debate.  They went down in defeat twice.  I think Trump has the best shot at defeating Hillary because he knows how to play the game outside of their rulebook.

Mike:  I’m going to give you the perfect example of that.  Yesterday during the press conference, when he was taking questions, I don’t know who he called to because they don’t pan the audience and he didn’t say who – he said first name but I didn’t recognize the name.  Whoever the questioner was asked him a question.  It had something to do with something he had previously said.  Before Trump answered he said: First of all, that’s not what I said.  What I said was, this is how I said it exactly.  Believe me, I know what I said and this is what I said.  Then he said it.  Then the reporter goes: Okay, all right.  Whatever.  However you said it, can you just answer?  Then Trump answers the question.  He does not allow himself to be defined by them.  That’s the difference.

Morano:  I’ve always said since the beginning, Donald Trump deserved the Republican nomination for one simple reason.  He’s the only Republican that knows how to treat the national media.  If for no other reason, he needs to be rewarded for that so that future Republican candidates can learn from him.  You don’t take any guff from the media.  That is what Trump’s number one asset is right now to the Republican Party.  They need to take notes and pay attention.  It’s amazing to watch him with the media.

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Mike:  That’s a great analysis.  Marc Morano, who is the proprietor of – how is the movie doing, Climate Hustle?

Morano:  The movie is doing great.  Actually, August 11 you can go to  It makes its world debut on DVD and Blu-ray.  You can own your own copy.  Any parents out there with kids in school being forced to watch Al Gore’s film, being forced to be told there’s a 97 percent consensus, every parent needs to make sure their kids see it.  Every American who cares about this issue – I’m trying to get this to Donald Trump, actually.  I want him to see the film.  Donald Trump is saying all the right things.  I just hope he follows through on this.  He’s saying all the right things.  He’s talking about withdrawing.  We’re calling it a Clexit, climate exit from the UN climate treaty that President Obama and John Kerry got us entangled into.  Defund the UN climate panel and withdraw from the UN climate panel and overturn the EPA regulations.  The movie will lay out the scientific case and all the politics and intimidation, the threats to put skeptics in jail.  You’ll see scientists who used to believe in global warming and have now converted.  It’s and you can order your copy today.

Mike:  If you’re available, we’ll have you back on the 10th or 11th for the grand opening.  Can’t wait to see it.

Morano:  Thank you very much, Mike.  I appreciate it.

Mike:  Thanks for the call.  That’s Marc Morano from

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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