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Marc Morano and King Dude Talk Global Warming

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Heres a critical thinker, Marc Morano,, the man that brought the entire Hadley Research Institute to its knees.  How are you, my friend?

Marc Morano:  Im doing well.  I feel very good this morning, as the Cancun summit and U.N. summit collapses.  I feel like oh, never mind, no.  I was going to sing a little song for you there, [indiscernible], no.

Mike:  No, let me refresh this.  Theres a lot of people that maybe dont even know that theres a global warming summit going on down in Cancun.  Thats how effective the pushback from actual real scientists against fake phony scientists have been; right?

Marc:  Yes, in fact, even some of the leading global warming propaganda promoters in the U.S., i.e., Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, Boxer, not only is she not going, shes not even sending staff this year.  Dianne Feinstein was interviewed by the media yesterday, and she said she wasnt even aware there was a summit.  It never even came on her radar.  So theyve lost their own people.  About a month ago the preregistration was 80 percent down from the previous years U.N. climate summit.  And at this point it is just, you know, its left to the people from Bolivia, the Bolivian ambassador, the Bolivian president Evo Morales damning capitalism, attacking it, calling for a declaration of Earths rights.  I mean, it is now just a loonville, purely.  No major world leaders are expected at this thing.  Obamas not showing up, although hes sent a delegation.  I mean, it is hilarious to watch this movement completely disintegrate.

And what have they done?  Theyve responded to all this by upping the ante.  Global warming may, you know, end the human race, threaten the survival of the human race.  Theyre going on and on.  And they had a huge beachside fiesta the other day.  Theyre calling for de-development of developing countries, energy rationing.  I mean, theyre just doing everything they know how.  But even the usual quarters arent even amplifying their message this time.  So its a true and complete victory.  At the moment.  Keep in mind hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in this scam.  And its not going to die just like that.



Marc, was it a great day at the Morano household and a great day at when the carbon exchange in Chicago folded its tent?

Marc:  Yes.  I mean, that was because that was one of the biggest motivators for getting all these companies to lobby Congress.  I mean, we were comparing these companies like DuPont, GE, to Enron.  I mean, they were essentially going out there and lobbying for their own government handouts.  And they were counting on government to create this artificial market, a new entire currency, if you will, by government fiat, and they were going to cash in.  People like Al Gore had invested a billion dollars in 40 different companies, just waiting for the mandates to come from the UN and from Congress.  And they were going to just be sitting pretty.

Well, guess what?  The UNs collapsing.  The congressional climate bill collapsed.  Al Gore, not only did he lose he actually made money, though, in these carbon markets before they folded.  But hes not going to be that billion-dollar man.  He went from the one million-dollar man after the vice presidency to the hundred million-dollar man a few years ago.  Hes not going to make it to a billion.  And its not just the carbon market.  If he divorces Tipper, hes going to be half the man he used to be financially.

Mike:  [Laughing]  All right.  Marc Morano.  Read the blog, the website every day:  But, you know, I think one of the before I let you go, I just wanted to tell you, I think one of the most stellar examples of how this environment has changed, Marc, and I think you wrote an editorial about this, if Im not mistaken, was when those nitwits in England released that stupid TV commercial about going carbon…

Marc:  Yes.

Mike:  Carbon 10 and 10 or whatever it was.  And they exploded those kids heads, and the soccer players heads, and the business peoples heads all over the place, that those people were so detached and devoid of reality that they didnt even realize just how offensive they were.  To them, you know, killing humans was just something that you did to get your way through environmentalism.  And it was what you and I and many others have been saying, and weve been persecuted for it for decades.  And I think that was vindication, dont you?

Marc:  Oh, I do.  In fact, it was actually a honest moment from [beep]

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Ifyou were to travel due south of Pensacola, Florida, straight throughthe Gulf of Oil-ico, you would eventually find land in Quintana Roo,Cancun. You may also find some beach, a few babes and a considerableamount of Bolivian’s making noise at a Global Warming Summit. What youwon’t find there is: The leading global warming propaganda promoters inthe U.S. such as Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Barack Obama; orany other major world leaders. Is this the air inside of the globalwarming movement being leaked faster than some cables on a Wiki page?Marc Morano would like to think yes, but prepare for a comeback.

They’vebeen primed into a corner before and found ways to paint themselvesout. Their latest attempt at a bounce back calls for de-development ofdeveloping countries, energy rationing, declaration of Earth’s rights,and a new platform claiming global warming will be the demise of thehuman race. Question is, will the propaganda fall on deaf ears? Doyourself a solid and listen to Mike and Marc talk it out!

.  They said they were making it into sort of a kitschy humor.  But the bottom line is, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who spoke on Capitol Hill yesterday, has openly called for jailing CEOs.  You have the Grist Magazine, a leading eco publication, environmental publication, calling for Nuremberg-style trials for global warming skeptics, talking points memo posted last year about we need to jail, time to execute these global warming deniers.  I mean, this was their strain that ran through their movement, to get rid of opposition.  Now, what is that similar to?  Its similar to autocratic regimes, to dictators.  They want to get rid of the opposition.  And that is exactly what this was.  No dissent, no debate, weve already spoken.  You have Tom Friedman of The New York Times praising Chinas one-part
y rule because they can do whats right for the people and make critical decisions without the messiness and the sluggishness of democracy.  New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, who lives in a mansion.

Mike:  Yes.

Marc:  Preaching eco rationing at the same time he is praising one party rule.  This was not a fluke.  This was not entertainment.  This was their intellectual honesty laid bare in exploding those schoolchildren.

Mike:  And I think we all saw it, and I think were all better because they did do it.  Look, my friend, Ive got to go.  Always a pleasure.  Keep giving them hell, Marc Morano.

Marc:  Thank you very much, Mike.

Mike:  All right, anytime.  Thats Marc Morano from  You want real climate news, folks, go to

End Mike Church Show Transcript


2010 Mike Church Show

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