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Marxist Twerps Occupy Wall St, Make Demands Then Get The Munchies

Marxist Twerps Occupy Wall St, Make Demands Then Get The Munchies

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Wall Street has been invaded by occupiers who demand social justice from investors. Well at least the is the Industrial News Complexs description of the scene which owes more to the wishful thinking of network news executives than it does to reality. What is odd is that the occupiers, who I affectionately call Marxist twerps, are perfectly in sync with the sensibilities of network news hacks. Perhaps this explains some in the Fringe Media claiming that no one really knows what the occupiers demands are. That is odd, I was able to find their list of demands hidden away in plain sight at Chalk another one up for the intrepid investigative reporting skills of the I – N – C.

After reading the reading the demands not only do i feel dumber for suffering through the mind numbing exercise, I am shocked that the Laurence ODonnells and Joy Behars of the world have not rushed out to adopt themselves a twerp. Just listen to these crumbs of genius the twerps demand and see if you can imagine Susan Sarandon or Michael Moore saying the same things. Demand one: raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour, wow, talk about upward mobility! Why not really shoot the Marxist mainline and declare that minimum wage is abolished but minimum salary is in! Set at, oh say, $1 million per year.

Next up is demand #4 which Marxist Twerps seem to have overlooked in their welcome to Obama-nomics handbook: Free college education. Perhaps they mean free as in not only do you no longer have to pay tuition but you also dont have to actually go to the classes and can spend the time doing other destructive things like, oh I dont know, protesting and occupying Wall St. I have a counter offer, let us just agree to not prosecute anyone for forging college degrees and transcripts. That way, the Marxist Twerps can skip four years of potty training and advanced Marxist training and get right to the business of getting on unemployment, moving into their parents attics and living the good life their Constitution apparently guarantees for them at our angry expense.

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