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NOLA #BakeToKill


  • Love Life Amendment will be on the ballot this voting cycle.



HEADLINE: Pete Buttigieg says “it’s almost certain” he wouldn’t be first gay president by Caitlin O’Kane

  • “Buttigieg said “statistically, it’s almost certain,” that there has been a gay president before. Of course, they were not openly gay, as almost every president, except for two, have been married to women.”
  • Hamilton was a serial adulterer!
  • Washington asked him to resign the Treasury for fear that one of his FEMALE hookups might blackmail him or ‘Muricah!
  • To claim there were homosexual Presidents is completely fabricated.
  • So basically Buttigieg is outing Founding Fathers. He is assuming the sexual orientation of others. Don’t they protest when heterosexuals do this?


NOLA #BakeToKill


  • In the new era of #clericalism, they are demanding to know “who is heading this up” “does your home parish approve of this”?
  • Parishioners are wondering WHY is the laity having to head this up?
  • Public acts that encourage sodomy and abortion need to be counter protested.







 Radio Committee 1938 Eucharistic Congress

Mike reads the description of the Radio committee.

  • There was a ‘weekly’ Catholic hour on WWL back then!
  • All of these radio stations are still in business.
  • These are not outfits run by precursors.
  • The city of New Orleans has been and can return to being the most Catholic city in all of Louisiana.
  • Mike reads more –

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 AUDIO: Masha Gessen – on the institution of marriage 
Mike continues to read about 1938 Eucharistic Congress in New Orleans –
 AUDIO/VIDEO: Catholic Congress – New Orleans 1938


HEADLINE: HBO’s provocative new teen drama Euphoria kicks off with a graphic first episode featuring a drug overdose, revenge porn and a statutory rape scene between a trans character and a married father-of-three and sets social media alight by Valerie Edwards

  • And if folks are that angry over the first episode, they better not watch the second one that will reportedly feature a locker room scene that shows 30 penises, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
1h33m HEADLINE: Why Sex Work Is Real Work by Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng

  • Last months edition explained to teens how to have an abortion w/o parental consent.
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HEADLINE: Public high school features student drag show, berates parents who object by Martin M. Barillas 

  • “No Place for Hate”
  • So because I don’t agree with your lifestyle, that makes me full of “hate”?
  • Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”
  • They always leave out the ‘mercy’ part.



















Special Guest GC Dilsaver discussing Psychomoralitics

3 Marks of Manhood author

Reconquest Episode 144 and Episode147 are with Dr. Dilsaver on Psychomoralitics

The Institute of Psychomoralitics website

  • The perversion that has invaded our entire culture.
  • The mental health system is the primary provers of perversity.
  • Part of this whole ‘modernism’ movement.
  • There was a desire to acquiesce as much as possible and to side with ‘so called science.’
  • Catholic University of America – this was Bishop Sheen’s big falling out with them.
  • The promotion of Freudianism.
  • There is no recognition of the ‘soul’.
  • Homosexuality is a symptom not the cause.
  • We are rebelling against the God who made us.
  • Pick any barnyard animal you want to be. This is appealing to the pride and ego portion of humanity. Thinking we can be anything we want to be.
  • Government LOVES this b/c barnyard animals can be controlled.
  • This was developed by Protestants.
  • A tooth is different then the soul.
  • If you don’t have philosophy you cannot understand.
  • Psychomoralitics – Thomism
  • From the Mike Church Show Chatroom: Yes! Feminism, sports, environmental activism, materialism, and on and on…
  • BOOK – Celebrating God-Given Gender: Masculinity & Femininity per Nature & Grace by G.C. Dilsaver
  • QUESTION: How is it between the 80’s and today we now have all these mental issues that effect boys?
  • Toxic Masculinity –
  • Traditional Masculinity is unhealthy – according to the APA
  • Where did they ever meet anyone that could be diagnosed w/ Toxic Masculinity?
  • AUDIO: Howard Dean
  • We mean ‘universal’ for everyone. He made the Church for everyone, for all men.

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