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Masters Of The Universe-How the NSA Spies On Americans AND Earth

Get Mike's "Road to Independence-Directors Edition" while supplies last
Get Mike’s “Road to Independence-Directors Edition” while supplies last (11 reamin)

Mandeville, LA  – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of why the United States is no longer “The greatest country on Earth” as Snowden retreats from the Evil Empire (US) for asylum while our NSA spies on americans AND Earth plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Among other things, that means [Charles] Carroll would have learned that the normal measure of the value of an economic good was the price it would be fetch, in Aquinas’s words, “in the market” (secundum communem forum).” – Samuel Gregg, intercollegiate Review

Catholic Online forgets that Jeff Daniels’ brilliant Peter Finch moment from “Newsroom” needed bleeps but the video and corresponding piece make all the right points about what we should NOT be proud of this Independence month

The Empire is even more evil than we suspected as new Edward Snowden documents, written about by Glenn Greenwald, show that the U.S. and our NSA are spying on the emails of the ENTIRE PLANET. No one is safe from our government and there can be no expectation of privacy anywhere on earth now. Skynet, ala “The Terminator” films, has indeed been launched

Speaking of Snowden, Venezuela has offered hims asylum “from the Empire” according to its President

Meanwhile, members of Congress, beat their chests and bellow out threats to any country that would take in Snowden and grant asylum. Gee, I never saw THAT one coming, did you!?

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Chivalry is indeed very much alive and well in the young men of Louisiana as the TFP “Call to Chivalry camp” demonstrates. Excelsis!

“The Debt Ceiling’s raised for years” – Download Mike Church Show Band’s parody – Here is the latest from Boehner et al on “raising the debt ceiling” while claiming to cut spending, aren’t the two exclusive of each other?

“The Spy Who Love What I Put in Me” – The Feds are now spending tens of millions to track what we EAT now because everyone knows, terrorists have eating patterns that the Bloombergesque food police can detect

Continuing my discussion of the unbelievable waste of resources “education” is today continues just by reading the introductory paragraph to John taylor Gotto’s “The Underground History of American Education”. “The shocking possibility that dumb people don’t exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the millions of careers devoted to tending them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my central proposition: the mass dumbness which justifies official schooling first had to be dreamed of; it isn’t real.”

Independence day flashback, “What is Patriotism” asked Fisher Ames of MA in 1794? Ames answered his own query in a manner fitting the revulsion he felt toward the French Jacobins of the day and we feel toward the Progressive & Neocon interventionist of ours.

Brad Birzer, wants us all to sample the Birzer effect on a daily basis by practicing the old art of promoting Christian charity and the natural rights it promotes but be warned, this kind of conservatism will not fill up your Chase ban account though it will fill up your Bank of God acct

Writer postulates that the 16th & 17th Amendments can be overturned/repealed/nullified by a majority vote in 3/4 of the state legislatures which sounds nice and inspirational but is patently fales. An Amendment IS a part of the Constitution and thus can only be altered by ANOTHER Amendment.

VIDEO: Congressman says that if GOP is dumb enough to do immigration the way it was drawn up by Schumer & his henchmen then it “…will mean the death of the GOP”“. Ahhh, but only inasmuch as the federal union remains together after it becomes apparent that is not in some States’ best interests

Taking a second look at Lincoln’s tyrannical surveillance state

A new book by Thomas Fleming dives into the REAL issues behind the War of Northern Aggression

Free market resaoning notwithstanding, why should middle income “taxpayers” subsidize and “American greatness” project-Tesla luxury electric cars-when they will never receive the benefit of their own contribution?

Walter Williams: The States are starting to wake up to the abuses suffered by the Federal  Government

If Democracy were an end to its self, then the Egyptian experiment in it would be a smashing success instead of a bunch of Islamic fanatics smashing everything in their path

Is employer provided health insurance an actual benefit for the guy in the middle class or a drag on the market, the empolyer AND the employee? Our majestyrial wonk overlords seem to think its the greatest work incentive since witholding and “pay stubs”

Mark Steyn: The Egyptians seem to stink at this Democracy thing and the “free market” is as foreign a concept as “Christian charity” is on rowdy, protested streets of Cairo

Patrick Henry is promoted at The Imaginative Conservative via my latest Project ’76 post on the subject of Henry’s election as Virginia’s first governor after Independence

Stratford Caldecott at TIC: Any attempt to “reform education” is doomed to failure simply because the goal of such attempts is to direct the educational project toward what modern man believes education is for: economic advancement. Yet education is not the means to the advancement through economics and “progress”, education is the process of enlightenment and the structure of virtue

What Catholics and those seeking a return to Christian humility and virtue can learn from the Paula Deen travesty. Our martyrdom is nigh and we will all be Paula Deens if the secular jihad against morality based on religion continues

VIDEO: ObamaCare is “a hideously complicated, Rube Goldberg” exercise that can never work because of its irrationality says George Will

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I typically catch the end of each morning’s show on my way to work. I was glad that I was able to listen your discussion concerning the article at The Imaginative Conservative web site ” The Question of Purpose”. I was eager to read the article and got a lot from it. Thanks for bringing it to your audiences attention.

I’ll close with my motto: Be Just and Fear Not!!!

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