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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – This alleged doctor, Kermit Gosnell, folks, I watched these videos last night.  I watched a film called 3801 Lancaster.  It’s a short movie, about 20 minutes long, and it’s about the Gosnell indictment and what authorities in Philadelphia ultimately found when they went into this late-term abortion clinic.  This is just — in the abortion rights crowd, they cannot bring themselves to report on this.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This alleged doctor, Kermit Gosnell, folks, I watched these videos last night.  I watched a film called 3801 Lancaster.  It’s a short movie, about 20 minutes long, and it’s about the Gosnell indictment and what authorities in Philadelphia ultimately found when they went into this late-term abortion clinic.  This is just — in the abortion rights crowd, they cannot bring themselves to report on this.  There is a story out there that shows that when Todd Akin, pro-life Todd Akin made the unthinkable mistake of saying something stupid — all he did was say something stupid.  He said something.  He didn’t harm anyone.  No harm came to anyone.  No one was injured, nothing of the sort.  All Todd Akin did was say what people said was a silly thing.  Okay, fine.  There were 866 stories.  If you went to, “Politico and’s turn to explain the Gosnell blackout.”


This man was a butcher, a marauding, murdering butcher.  In jars inside this abortion clinic, they found severed feet from fetuses, the walls were splattered with blood.  The beds inside were soaked with blood.  The DA couldn’t even explain it.  As a matter of fact, I have this video here.  They talked about this on OMSNBC last week.  The libs, the info’d ladies, members of Gal-Qaeda on OMSNBC, there were two of them.  There was one that was an investigative reporter and there was another one that was the anchor on the desk at the time.  They could not bring themselves to even finish their thoughts on this.  That’s how grizzly this is.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signThe people out there that are pro-choice are saying, [mocking] “That’s why abortions ought to be more legal.  We ought to have more of them earlier so we don’t have to have these late-trimester emergency procedures.”  Emergency?  You mean murders?  You mean executions?  For crying out loud, they can’t even bring themselves to admit that even if it’s an early or mid-trimester abortion, there is a human life that is taken.  Something comes out of the woman and it has to be disposed of.  What do you think an abortion looks like?  That’s the amazing thing to me.  People have this mythological image that when an abortion is performed, nothing happens, it just dissolves inside the female; one day she’s pregnant and the next day she’s not.  Bammo!  Kapowee!  Kablooee!  Wow, it’s gone, like magic!  Absolutely horrific and grizzly in all circumstances, regardless of when it’s done.  In the Gosnell case, why the media blackout?  No one wants to be associated with this.  They know that there’s guilt by association.  Like the old saying goes, you can’t be kind of pregnant; either you are or you ain’t.  Well, that baby can’t be kind of aborted; either it is or it ain’t, whether it’s six inches long or 18 inches long.

One of the blog posts I read about this, if you go to and search – here, this gentleman writes:


Earlier I shared what happened when I asked an AP reporter and a Washington Post reporter about their personal Gosnell blackouts.

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtIt was so illuminating that I decided to check out a few other media outlets. I headed over to Politico. Since Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff tried to justify her lack of coverage of the Gosnell trial by calling it a local crime story [Mike: Yeah, right. Was the Randall Terry Trial a local crime story? Will the trial of the murderer of George Tiller be a local crime story to these clowns?] I thought I’d add other local stories into my search. Thanks for the idea! So here’s what I found out. Politico‘s search engine pops out 165 results on Trayvon Martin (local crime story in Florida), 94 stories on Komen, 233 on Sandra Fluke and 866 on Todd Akin.

Guess how many stories Politico has published on Gosnell.

Did you guess zero? You win!

I’d love to ask the reporters in question about the shocking disparity but I noticed that the reporters who wrote some of the histrionic Komen coverage aren’t even around any more. Politico is known for its turnover. So I should probably ask editors. Once I figure out who I should talk to and will let you know how it goes.

Which brings us to my last anecdote. I follow the prolific tweeter Garance Franke-Ruta from Her twitter bio says “Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Your early warning system. Politics, media, breaking.” I know she loved loved loved to tweet about Fluke and Akin and Komen and all that. Couldn’t get enough of it. But I hadn’t seen anything on Gosnell from her. I plugged it into the’s search engine and there was a story about Gosnell! I clicked on it. It wasn’t a story so much as a very brief mention in a lengthy roundup of the day’s news. Back in March.

And that was it. hadn’t covered Gosnell at all. But did they cover Trayvon Martin? (247 hits) What about Komen? (97) Fluke? (131) Should I ask about Akin? (296). So I asked her about it.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailHere’s what she said (before deleting it later):

“Hi Mollie. I have not had a blackout on him; I picked up the story in March and expect to do so again at some point.”

[end reading]

Mike:  I’d like to play for you — ladies and gentlemen, this is really grizzly.  Even though this is broadcast on OMSNBC, you may not want young, young children to hear the following.  Here is OMSNBC’s partial coverage of the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia.

[start audio clip]

Chris Jansing: Now to a horrifying story of the arrest of a doctor at an abortion clinic, and maybe the Philadelphia district attorney described it best. I’m quoting him here, “My comprehension of the English language can’t adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell.” He’s talking about Kermit Gosnell, the owner and operator of a women’s clinic where police say hundreds of babies were likely murdered over three decades, two women, at least, died, while he made millions of dollars in the process in the most gruesome ways possible. Investigative crime reporter Michelle Sigona joins me now. I know that you have got the very latest information on this. It started — they went in there looking for some drug charges. What did they find when they went inside this clinic?

Michelle Sigona: Initially they had some reports that there were some illegal drugs going on and some activity. So, you know, they went in and got the search warrants and they started to search over some things. That’s when they discovered babies’ feets inside of jars, fetuses all over the place. There were women in the waiting room that were moaning and in pain. There was blood on the furniture.

Chris: You described them as dazed, confused.

fabfour-shirtMichelle: Dazed and confused. There was blood all over the furniture, all over the place. The disposable medical material that you’re supposed to throw away had been used time and time and time again. There were cats running around that had urinated all over the office.

Chris: This was known as a place where women could go for late-term abortions.

Michelle: Late-term abortions. Inside the grand jury documents, what I read was by day this was basically a pill mill. So folks could come in and there would be prescriptions sort of ready and written and they could pay a certain amount of money and be able to receive their pills. And at night, allegedly, the doctor would come in and perform late-night abortions in the sixth and seventh months. Now, the bigger the baby, and this is quoted in the documents, the bigger the baby, the higher the cash values. He would bring those patients in on Sundays with his wife and that’s when those abortions would be performed.

Chris: Nobody there had any kind of medical experience or licensing?

Michelle: No. Not one person had a license or certification. They were working there during the day. When the initial investigators went in, Chris, and they started on this drug investigation, they found a 15-year-old, a 15-year-old working and passing out prescription information. This was a one-year-long investigation. I spoke with the DA’s office within the last hour. They started this investigation in February 2010 and then they worked all the way up to this point, until the arrests were made.

Chris: We should say that he, allegedly, lied to a lot of these women who thought they were less than 24 weeks, which is illegal.

Michelle: Yes, he did. He used the sonograms.

Chris: The babies might be seven months old. This quote, they said he would joke about these babies that he would deliver live and they say murder them —

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Michelle: With scissors.

Chris:saying, “One was so large, it could walk me to the bus stop.”

Michelle: That was a quote from the doctor, that these babies could, that they were that large. They were coming out. They were living, they were breathing, they were squirming, and allegedly, this is very graphic, I just want to warn you now, he would take the scissors, sever their spines and he would call that “snipping.” I don’t think — it’s 281 pages on the internet that you can read —

Chris: Of charges.

Michelle: — of the jury’s, of the grand jury investigation that you can go on the internet right now and read. I could barely even — there were times last night when I would have to stop and just sort of walk away from it and come back. I didn’t even get through all of it because it makes me sick. I’ve never seen anything like it.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Again, what do people think happens inside these places?  Here’s the most damning part for all you pro-choicers out there.  On the outside of the clinic, there are signs that say “family planning.”  I’m reading the sign.  I’ll read it to you.  They keep showing file footage of the sign.  They have a shot of the outside of the abortion mill.  It says: “Prenatal Care, Family Planning, Family Practice, OBGYN, Physical Therapy.”  There’s some therapy going on in there all right.  Those that are pro-choicers have no explanation for this.  Those that are in the baby-killing industry have no explanation for this.  The reason they don’t is because they know there is not an explanation for it.  They know to concede that this is grizzly and horrible is to concede that the ones that people don’t see and that there aren’t grand jury indictments of and no one gets to inspect all the jars and stuff that’s put into medical waste bags, that those are also — humans that are alive, unless they’re monsters like this Gosnell and his supporters are, cannot — the lib women on OMSNBC couldn’t bring themselves to talk about it.  The woman said: I had to walk away; I had to stop reading it.  When abortion becomes end of life and termination of life, grizzly termination of life — they’re all grizzly — then there is, not even for those most ardent supporters and promoters of it, there is no defense.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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