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Megan Kelly -Newscaster, Mother and Socialist

(EDITOR’S NOTE- This story originally appeared on 09 August, 2011)

Megan Kelly – Newscaster, Mother and Socialist

2011 Mike Church – Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine. On a recent broadcast1, the jubilant yet youthful doyenne of Fox News, Megan Kelly  instigated a debate with pundit Mike Gallagher over something Gallagher had said. To wit The Family & Medical Leave Act is a racket for women. Kelly , clad in her best power suit and shoulder pads, demanded a retraction while hectoring Gallagher, and I am paraphrasing here: Every industrialized country in the world mandates Family & Medical Leave AND Maternity leave so why shouldnt the united States?Kelly  then pontificated about Gallagher, and those who think like hims devotion to a return to the dark ages. Of course the evolved and enlightened citizenry, Kelly among them, experience the joys of motherhood courtesy of Rupert Murdochs benevolent leave policy and therein lies part of the rub: The Family Leave Act is the law of the land so Murdoch has nothing to say about his purported generosity. I will leave aside the unconstitutional status of the Leave Act for now and focus instead on the Momstitutionality of it.Kelly  proceeds from the false assumption that she is entitled to bring children into the world at least partially at an employers expense and at her convenience not the employers. Had Murdoch operated in a synchronous manner at NewCorps inception he may have chosen to operate the worlds most successful DayCare center instead of wading into media. A critical thinking antagonist might ask whether or not Kelly would assist in promoting the Acquiring a Family Copulation and Stimulation Act after all shouldnt employers make room for, indeed reward those attempting to keep up with the Kellys and provide some romantic aphrodisiacs like a trip to Rome if the father-to-be fancies the exposed bosoms of so many Florentine statues?In 6 years time, wont Ms. Kelly be entitled to participation in the Nutrition and Curricula Supplemental Leave Act, you know the one where Congress orders the Rupert Murdochs of the world to pay employees to ditch the old reporting for work routine because there are lunches to pack and home tutoring to be done. Whats that you say? Mike, youre being ridiculous!? I reply here that ridiculous is expecting the entrepreneurial class of this country to clobber foreign competition with a workforce that is, by law, only available part-time yet paid full-time. When the state mandates these types of things, they are usually practicing socialism which I thought was a four letter word at Fox News. Mike Gallagher withered at Megan Kelly s demand to defend the Maternity leave racket. I will do Gallagher one better and also be happy to debate Ms Kelly by stating that: pregnancy should be a justifiable firing offense left up to the wishes of the business owner. And there wont be any retractions here momma.

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john thames

I enclose some famous quotations about the achievements of women workers from an old book called “Women and Communism” published back in 1950. The comments by Lenin and Stalin from the 1920’s sound exactly like Megan Kelly. How deliciously ironic!


“We want women workers to achieve equality with men workers not only in law, but in life as well. For this, it is essential that women workers take an ever increasing part in the administration of public enterprises and in the administration of the state.

By engaging in the work of administration women will learn quickly and they will catch up with the men.

Therefore, elect more women workers, both Communist and non-party, to the Soviet.

(Lenin, February 21, 1920.)

“Our country has a population of nearly 140 million and no less than half are women, mainly women workers and peasants, backward, down trodden and with little political consciousness.

In our country has begun the construction of the new Soviet life in earnest, then surely it is clear that the women of this country, constituting half its population, would act as a drag on any advance if they remained backward, downtrodden and politically undeveloped in the future also?

The woman worker stands shoulder to shoulder with the man worker…”

(Stalin, on Fifth Anniversary of First Women Workers and Peasants’ Congress, 1923.)

john thames

A woman’s “right” to reproduce on the compay’s time is rather likea man’s “right” to sleep on the company’s time. Both are nonsense.

john thames

I just read an old 1950’s book called “Communism and Women”. The book quoted numerous speeches by Joseph Stalin praising the achievments of Soviet women workers, waxing eloquent over maternity leave on the factories time and lavish work place protections for women and children. Why, “Uncle Joe” sounded exactly like Megan Kelley.

If Megan Kelley knew where her “ideas” really come from, her jaw would hit the floor.

john thamesjohn thames
john thames

I enclose the relevant sections of the Soviet Constitution; I thought you might find it useful for future use.

I recently got kicked off a Canadian site for pointing out the obvious. The end came when I recounted how, in the late 1960’s, the feminists dealt with employers complaing about the possibility of maternity disruptions. The “Party line” back then was that Motherhood was obsolete in an overcrowded world and no more babies were necessary. Every politically correct bimbo was reading “The Population Bomb” and “The Parent Trap”. Women would never reproduce on the company’s time because that would disrupt the office and violate the “equal work” half of the equation.

Now, if you remind them, they tell you that you are a “social-fascist” reactionary and that you have committed the ideological deviation called consistent thinking. No more posting.

john thames

My compliments, Mr. Church for telling it the way it really is. I would like to point out that Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Constitution of 1936 , in article 122, guaranteed the ‘right’ of women to equality in the work place s well as paid maternity leave. How amusing that a so-called “conservative” takes the Communist position.



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