Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto Comes To Dublin, Where Will The Irish Build The Pyramid?

todayMay 29, 2018 6

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Mandeville, LA –  John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist and I are in perfect agreement on the tragedy of Ireland’s pro-infanticide vote; to the point where he brings up my oft-cited comparison of the cult of death and their Mayan grandparents featured in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

Apocalypto doctor demonstrating proper use of abortion tools to Irish women and their “doctors” (with an assist from UK and USA Planned parenthood)
Pagan pyramid abortion clinic workers make the patient comfortable while the abortion doctor congratulates him on his “choice”.
The freshly aborted heart of a 30th trimester “inconvenience” shown to the cheering throng of Irish “feminist’s” great grandmothers3.

“The reality that so many of us do not wish to confront, and that the Irish referendum thrusts upon us, is that liberalism divorced from Christianity means nothing less than the reintroduction of the pagan brutality of Rome and Tenochtitlan, where life was cheap and the lives of the weakest were the cheapest.

Indeed, the plain truth is that the Catholic Church civilized the Irish, drawing them out of their paganism and into the light of faith. Now, 15 centuries on, the Irish are abandoning the church in droves. In the space of a few decades, the Catholic Church in Ireland has imploded. Its teachings and rites are now as mysterious to the modern Irish as the lost pagan rituals were to Irish Catholics a generation ago.” – John Daniel Davidson

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