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Michael Hichborn – “DIsgruntled Traditional Catholics” Might Break Your Heart But We’ll Never Transplant It!

Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Mr. Hichborn here: Lepanto Institute

@MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Dealing with a water well issue.
  • Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley – ran into him at a little cafe in Rome
  • The forum was put on by Voice of the Family.
  • Old World Order –
  • They always tack on the word “theory”.
  • When you read the book and look at the documentation and see the citations. Taylor Marshall puts into practice the evidence as it is!
  • I am a proud disgruntled Traditionalist. – t-shirt idea
  • JPII Catholics – they take Vatican II and say there is NO going back but they forget the new Mass that came about after Vatican II was NOT part of the council!
  • The changes that were made to the Church is a perversion of what has been previously been taught.
  • When you put it all together you cannot call it a conspiracy THEORY. It is a conspiracy…YES.
  • You want to see the FRUIT of the Vatican II Council, look no further than CRS and Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
  • The Marshall Plan – there isn’t anything like that in this book.
  • BrainDead – multibillion dollar industry.
  • LOPA = Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Seven Pounds
  • This movie shows a man commit suicide to help 7 people.
  • Suicide is a sin, a mortal sin.
  • Catholic Doctrine is very clear, you are NOT TO MUTILATE the body.
  • National Catholic Bioethics Center – the Catholic Church has capitulated in this braindead idea.
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