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Michelle and DNC Love Talking About Domestic Issues… Except For Debt

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Video – Michelle Obama and the rest of the DNC speakers are going on and on about “equality” and “making sure everyone gets a fair chance”, but what is the white elephant in the room that no one is mentioning?  The DEBT.  And let’s not leave out the RNC either, they barely mentioned it as well, not to mention how much both parties are spending on their own circuses.  So Michelle and the other gals at the DNC can talk all they want about the domestic issues, nothing is going to get fixed until we start talking, and doing something, about the DEBT. If you’re a Founder’s Pass Member you can check out the entire [r]epublican radio podcast for more on the DNC, This Day in Founders History, and much more!  If you’re not a Founder’s Pass member, sign up now!


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Oh….I can’t stand it…I am pulling my red hair out!!!! Please take me out coach..I’ve had enough!!!


Good thing Michelle Obama came along, I was starting to get a little chubby.

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