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Michelle Bachmann Finally Does Something Conservative – Claims Citizenship in Switzerland

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio – Well, Michelle Bachmann has finally done something conservative and claimed citizenship in Switzerland, making her eligible to run for office… Maybe she’ll start the Hot Cocoa Party over in her new teeny tiny country? She actually has every right to serve in Congress as a dual citizen of Switzerland, as long as she does not have a title of nobility, which she doesn’t.  Some of the Tea Party “patriots” should stop trying to enforce their idea of patriotism on other people and read more than just the pocket Constitutions that are handed out.  Check out today’s Post Show Show preview for more…



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Jamie Raney - Iowa

The new look to the Post Show Show is very sharp. As is the website. Your ability to put quotes or other info on the left hand side is going to make for a great tool! RETHINKING THE AMERICAN UNION is a great collection of information. Scale everyone, scale.

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