The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Microsoft & the NSA, A Match Made in Dante’s Digital Hades

Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_THUMBMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of why the 3rd Amendment should NOT be incorporated plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. A certain politician boasted, that by the science of construction, he could interpret a fragment [single line] of any man’s writing, upon any subject, into treason, and so take away his life. God forbid that this science should attain already in America so wicked a degree of perfection, as to annihilate that spirit, which alone could [can] sustain our political life.”  – John Taylor in an Argument Respecting The Carriage Tax

Put that in your iPad and smoke it, NSA. The Russkies wise up, buy TYPEWRITERS for KGB agents to keep secret notes on.

Greenwald: That “secure…private” software you bought from Microsoft is compromised and your data is sent to NSA BEFORE it is encrypted – Tyrant Kings are a walk in the park aren’t they!?

Judge Napolitano: The Obama Administration is an out of control tyranny, refusing to be bound by the laws he swore an oath to and setting dangerous precedents for the future… the NEAR future

Speaking of the rule of laws, if the  AG for the state of PA can unilaterally declare a law unconstitutional and choose to not execute her oath of office and defend that law in court then why shouldn’t abortion opponents do the same, ignore the law, declare it unconstitutional and then take it into their own hands?

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DeceptiFARMED: House GOP passes porked up, agri-lottery (farm bill) after only TWELVE Republicans bolted from the vote. Obama vows a veto because there were no Food Stamp $$$ in the bill, rambling about “our nation’s nutrition program” as if that is the responsibility of the CIC. Oh, Wait, that IS the responsibility of the CIC!

Here is a very simply put essay that details just how the Federal Reserve works, how despicable its intentions are and WHy there will be no end to their abuse until folks face actual hunger

Sick of hearing about the death of Western civilization? Just want to curl up with some worthless short stories from unskilled authors while watching the latest nudie flick on your 15th day off in a row? Well, pull up a trash can, here’s how it might end

Order Your "Conservative-The Real thing" T-shirt today
Order Your “Conservative-The Real thing” T-shirt today

Patrick J Buchanan: The trial that never should have been is politically motivated by people seeking vengance not justice

DeceptiCON hacks issue dire predictions to Senator Rand Paul over his decision to kepp the Southern Avenger, Jack Hunter on his team after war-mongering hacks fire hit piece volley over Paul’s bow. Apparently the “experts” at Fox News have never heard of Jeremiah Wright or William Ayers as they predict that Jack’s former life as a “shock jock” will DOOM Rand Paul’s 2016 chances-good grief

You cannot even write a story about “locavore” chefs without having to search heaven and earth for a detractor or 40 to “add balance to the discussion” as if a photo spread of (tastefully done) Erin Burnett needs to be balanced on the next page with one of Joy Behar

Sara Palin says that getting attacked in the press, you knowwwww makes her all kind of you knowwwww, cheery!

Wal-Mart to Mordor “…raise the minimum wage to CEO salary all you like, we won’t be open in your town to pay it!”

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