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Mike and David Simpson Discuss the Important Things: Christmas and Kids

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – What is the reason for the season? Buying a present? Giving a gift? Christmas used to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus and the gathering of family and friends but now it’s been replaced by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  And don’t even try to bring faith or religion into the household, it has no place being there, that’s for the Government to run. Check out the rest in today’s Founders TV, sign up for a Founders Pass right here if you need one!

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matt regulski

mike what was the website the david simpson gave on the show. i need some help financially




Matt, go to David’s site

Phil Uzzo

Of course our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. But there’s something else I think needs to be recognized that even I forget sometimes. And that would be what General George Washington did on Christmas eve in 1776. He gave us the greatest gift we’ve had since the birth of Christ and we’ve just squandered it all away.

Andrew Aubrey

King Dude,

Long time listener first time contacting you. I was listening to you and Mike Simpson this morning. I am a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. You showed a level of ignorance and arrogance this morning about a subject you new nothing about. You claim to be a humble man. I would suggest that you do a little homework before you belittle the CFP designation. David as a financial advisor should know better as to the hard work it takes to attain the creditials. His comments regarding the designation are his opinion and that is fine. I took the red pill many years ago and appreciate the perspective you bring to the public. Your hard work and dedication to Liberty and republicanism is to applauded. Keep up the good work in that regard. But it is better to not say anything about a subject you know nothing about than show your ignorance to the world.



First of all I resent the charge that I “know nothing” about financial planning or finances in general. I spend a good deal of time reading Austrian theory and the free enterprisers like Cantillon & Smith who pre-date them. I also hold term life policies secured by someone with a designation like yours. David’s plan which was actually created by Nelson Nash is a PART of a total financial planning scheme.

I also do not have degrees in: History, Law, Political Science or Humanities yet am consistently invited to speak at professional conferences with men who do.

I will continue to share my view and personal success with BYOB and David Simpson and no I do not claim to be an expert. I simply encourage people to examine other opportunities if that is what you think is ignorance, why would you take my word on any other subject Andrew? Keep your suggestions and dubious compliments to yourself and send them when you actually mean them as a humble man would.

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