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Mike Church Show 050916 Seg 3-4-lgBtq Don’t Care About Children, They Care About Their UnNatural Agenda

Mandeville, LA – Deviancy is the New Normal, and We MUST Stop Accepting It As Such. – DC McAllister comes on with Mike to discuss her piece about a naked Bruce Jenner on the cover of a magazine.  Why would Sports Illustrated choose to make this kind of an editorial decision?  It is the politically correct thing to do; SI is advancing an agenda of tolerance and acceptance.  It is about making people accept that this kind of behavior is normal.  Perhaps they believe that this is what people want.  Perhaps they want to give the appearance of being 'good people' for their tolerance.  McAllister contends that the net effect will be regressive to women.  The conversation moves to HB2 and the federal government's threat to North Carolina.  McAllister: LGBTQ individuals do NOT care about children, whatsoever. They only care about their own agendas.Mike asks caller Derek: what is at stake here?  What comes about as a result of our participation in this material life of ours?  A judgement on our eternal souls.  There seem to be few who want to conform their mind to that reality.

It is now requisite that we become little pin-pricks of light — in everything we do.  We can't go along with the way of the world.  Beelzebub is trying to chase the beauty out of the world, and too many of us are helping.  In the final segment, Mike shortly elaborates on GK Chesterton's visit to America: America IS its own religion.  It has its creed and its dogmas.  It is based on a heretical error.

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