The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mike Church Show 051116 Segments 3-4

Mandeville, LA – Wisdom Wednesday and Secession Options. – David Simpson joins Mike for Wisdom Wednesday.  Topics on the table are secession options and solutions, the Veritas Radio Network's Crusade Channel's six-month anniversary, and Loretta Lynch's declaration of war on North Carolina (and all the states).  The problem we have today is that our authorities (federal, state, and local) will not make themselves under God.  We must recognize their authority but we must acknowledge the illegitimacy.  When North Carolina folds like the proverbial accordion, a letter will be sent from the Obama [in]Justice Department to all executive leaders of each state, ordering them to comply.  Is anyone clearly anticipating the magnitude of these decisions, that the government has the authority to change the definition and very nature of the human race??  How is this any different than what the Nazis were attempting to do? It seems that anyone with an ounce of morality will soon have the crosshairs on them.

Caller Rick in Illinois brings up G.K. Chesterton's description of the Fabians– their work was an attack on the family, which was an attack on Christianity, which was an attack on God and nature.  Caller Joss weighs in on what it means to truly seek truth.  Caller Tom in Nebraska speaks of transgender indoctrination in public schools.  Catholic schools and home schools are obvious options to public school.  Caller Jeremiah wishes the Veritas Radio Network a happy birthday and laments the state of our country and its moral decay.  It is not wrong for religion to be involved in state.  We just need to get the order right.  Why not live in the evangelical state of Kreslinsitaville?

Mike details where the station currently stands and makes an appeal for support.


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