Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript – Gingrich Has Poisoned the Term "Conservative"

todayJanuary 23, 2012 1

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

AG:  I do think thats an interesting point, and one that Romney has to better explain outside of just being a businessman.  Now, I think Santorum can kind of go with the Im a social conservative, whether or not you agree with that aspect of the conservative party.  I think he can stake his claim on that, and its valid.  I think thats a valid claim that he makes.  And I think you can of course go with the valid claim that Paul has the originalist intention of the Constitution as his stake within the conservative party.  I have not yet seen Romney figure out what his stake for the conservative party is, nor explain it.

Mike:  Well, I dont think it I think its because he cant.  Its not in his DNA.  I dont think he believes it.

AG:  But Gingrich has nothing to stand on, then; right?

Mike:  Youre right.  This is why this is so damn confusing.  This is why.  This is why.  And the exact same thing happened four years ago.  I never thought Id have to live this, relive this misery yet again.  The exact same thing happened, people jumping up and down and protesting mightily about, Oh, come on, man.  It was an ESPN moment.  Oh, come on, man.  Newt Gingrich?  Oh, come on.  Four years ago it was, Oh, come on, man.  John McCain?

I can still remember, Ive talked about this on this show, Andrew, youve heard me talk about it a couple of hundred times, about how Fred Thompson knew he didnt really have a chance in New Hampshire with the more libertarian voters there, so he went straight to South Carolina, he campaigned there, and he said, Ill make my stand in South Carolina.  And Fred Thompson talked an awful lot about federalism.  As a matter of fact, it was one of the big planks in his campaign platform, was about federalism, about restoring the relationship between the states and the federal government, and restoring individual liberties, and taking things away from the feds and sending them back to the states.  Which Gingrich and Romney both love to talk about, but neither one has any record, well, throwing out the welfare reform, unless you consider the welfare reform as the sterling example, has little of a record to defend that.  You know, I…

AG:  Then what becomes the narrative for Florida?  Paul is…

Mike:  Im just tired of the term.  To me, not only is the Constitution dead, AG let me just get this out, and then Ill let you get your then well hear your take.  The Constitution is dead, and so is the term conservative.  It means nothing.  If Newt Gingrich emerges, and has emerged now, as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, then we must, of good conscience, disassociate ourselves from the terminology and disavow it and start the process of breaking away from well, weve already begun the process.  But if you had any doubts as to why party is anathema to actual defense of freedom and liberty, well, let South Carolina be your guide.  1-866-95-PATRIOTs our telephone number.  Okay.  Now, what about Florida?  Whats your concern?

AG:  So Ive got two questions.  What is the narrative then for Florida?  Because weve seen its a winner-take-all primary state, and Paul said hes not going to be campaigning there, and hell just be there for the debates on NBC tonight and CNN on Thursday.  So what is the narrative for the three candidates?  I see Santorum going after that social conservative vote.  Not sure where Romney and Gingrich come down.  And then also the second part of that question is shouldnt Santorum be attacking Gingrich just as heavily as hes attacking Romney?  I mean, I dont understand them being mildly chummy with each other in this election.

Mike:  Well, probably because, again, Mitt, Governor Romney, is a self-made man.  And he made himself in business, in free enterprise.  He didnt make himself in government.  And he has an awful lot to show for his efforts of self-making himself.  And those two do not share that skill, do not share the love of free enterprise.  You know, its always great to talk about free enterprise, but it really is just another one of these things that politicians throw out there and claim to be for, all the while undermining free enterprise with everything that they do, with every action.  The only candidate that consistently talks about free enterprise and doesnt call it free enterprise, and he doesnt talk about this policy and that policy, is Ron Paul.  Hes the only one that consistently says that, look, I dont know how to run your business.  I dont want to run your business.  No politician can run your business.  They cant regulate your business.  Only the market can regulate your business.  And if we want to talk about economics, then we ought to start right now, start talking about debt, start talking about deficits, start talking about the value of the dollar and what have you here.  But people just they just dont want to hear it.  They do not want to hear that there is a simple way to extricate ourselves from the situation here.

As a matter of fact, let me hold on.  Lets see here.  I have a speech given at the Southern Republican Liberty Conference on Friday.  And Herman Cain was there.  Then they had a roundtable discussion.  And then there was and Congressman Paul spoke here.  And I have the which one is it?  Here it is.  This is what the voters of South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire although New Hampshire was a far better, at least they made a head fake like they may want to hear this.  Certainly Floridians dont want to hear this.  The campaign will then move to states like my state here of Louisiana, where I think Ron Pauls going to do well here.  And there are some of us Louisianans that want to hear this message, as Im sure there are many South Carolinians and New Hampshirans and Iowans that wanted to hear the message.  But youre in a very small minority here.  He sums all this up here, and it is perhaps AG, maybe its even too simplistic.  Maybe people go, oh, come on, that cant be the way out of this mess.

[Clip] Ron Paul:  My position is that we have to do a lot more.  The status quo today is too much ignoring the Constitution.  People ask me how did we get into this trouble, and what do we have to do?  I dont think that question is difficult to answer.  Weve gotten into this trouble because weve avoided following the Constitution.  It shouldnt be difficult to get out of trouble by just having only people in Washington who obey the Constitution.  Thats what I think we ought to do.  [End clip]

Mike:  Now, AG, now, you heard that.  Now, what is wrong with that statement?  If you are a conservative voter, I want you to call me and tell me, and lets just say that all of a sudden Rick Santorum starts saying it.  What else do you want to hear?  What else is it that you think a president is you see, this is the problem here, 70 years of conditioning and of propagandizing and of party hacks and the buildup of parties, both of them doing such damage to republicanism, the concept of it, and the Constitution, and the limitations placed on the executive, the humbleness that the executive was possessed with so that we could avoid many of the things that happen today, and they happened because we have elected kings.  How can you get a more simple, concise, easy-to-understand and, I would say, generically American message for a campaign than that?  How can you go wrong with what you just heard?

AG:  Difficult to.
< br />Mike:  But you did.  Here, I have the final results.  Gingrich, 40.4; Romney, 27.8, well call it 28.  So thats 68.5 percent of South Carolinians voted for bailouts, voted for candidates that support bailouts, will do it again; voted for candidates that supported individual mandates to force you to buy health insurance, will do it again.  We heard Governor Romney in Thursday nights debate few people picked up on this but I did.  Did you hear when they were talking about the repeal-and-replace aspect of it?  And that there was, lets see here, theres no mandate for a theres no constitutional mandate to require someone to purchase health insurance.  But there is a constitutional mandate and permission to require people to enroll in a healthcare plan.  But were not making them buy anything, though.  Well, youre making me, youre compelling me to participate in it.  So I kind of do have to purchase something, dont I?

I mean, its just its mind-boggling, the mental gymnastics you have to go through to try and make any of this conservative.  I think youre better off just walking away from the term conservative.  1-866-95-PATRIOT is our telephone number.  And look, here, one more modest suggestion from the fourth-place finisher in South Carolina, who was resoundingly rejected because he didnt scream at John King, and he did not promise to try and embarrass Barack Obama on international television.

[Clip] Ron Paul:  But theres nothing, theres nothing we can do in politics, even a president, to promote these views.  The people have to understand a very important issue:  What should the role of government be?  And this is what the Founders fought the Revolution about.  They decided the role of the king was wrong.  They had a revolution.  They wrote a document.  And the role of the federal government was designed to protect our liberties.  No more complicated than that is the purpose of a federal government to provide for a strong national defense and protect our liberties.  That is what were supposed to do.  [End clip]

Mike:  Again, yeah, yeah.  Simple, yeah.  True, yeah.  Principled, yeah.  Yeah, but thats not going to beat Obama, Mike.  We dont quite frankly, Mike, you and your little merry band of constitutionalists, you and your Constitution can just go [bleep] yourselves.  As a matter of fact, the Founding Fathers can just go [bleep] themselves.  If Jefferson were around today, and if he couldnt get into a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate with Barack Obama, he could go [bleep]

himself.  Thats what Im hearing South Carolinians saying today.


End Mike Church Show Transcript

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